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обычаи и традиции Котов

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Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к
Котов Вадим Сергеевич
ГОУ СПО Таштагольский горный техникум
Эксплуатация и ремонт электрического и
электромеханического обородования
Очное отделение
2 курс
Руководитель проекта : Губарева И. В.
2)Ghosts and Witches
3)Guy Fawkes' Night
5) The Tower
6) Parliament
7) Trafalgar Square
When I hear the word "England", I
remember its traditions and customs.
The images of the British Parliament
and the traditional cricket play emerge
in my mind. I feel the smell of strong
English tea. This presentation will tell
about it.
The English know how to make tea and what it
does for you. Seven cups of it wake you up in
the morning; nine cups will put you to sleep at
night. If you are hot, tea will cool you off, and
if you are cold, it will warm you up.
Ghosts and Witches
Guy Fawkes' Night
However, one of the plotters spoke about these plans and
Fawkes was discovered, arrested and later hanged. Since
that day the English traditionally celebrate 5th November
by burning a dummy, made of straw and old clothes, on a
bonfire, at the same time letting off fireworks.
English people love cricket. Summer isn't
summer without it. Every Sunday morning
from May to the end of September many
Englishmen get up very early, and take a lot
of sandwiches with them. It is necessary
because the games are very long.
The Tower
Every night at 21.30 at the Tower of London the
Ceremony of the Keys or locking up of the Tower
for the night takes place.
It goes back to the Middle Ages. Five minutes
before the hour the Headwarder comes out
with a bunch of keys and an old lantern. He
goes to the guardhouse and cries: 'Escort for
the keys'. Then he closes the three gates and
goes to the sentry, who calls: 'Halt, who
comes there?' The Headwarder replies: 'The
Keys'. 'Whose Keys? demands the sentry.
'Queen Elizabeth's Keys', comes the answer.
'Advance Queen Elizabeth's Keys. All's well'.
The keys are finally carried to the Queen's
House where they are safe for the night. After
the ceremony everyone who approaches the
gate must give the password or turn away.
The annual opening of Parliament in November
involving the Queen is very colorful ceremony.
The first meeting of the House of Lords is the
official start of the new political year in
parliament. It is unfortunately not available to the
public, but the TV these days may well
compensate for this.
Trafalgar Square
October 21 - Day of the
Navy. This day is the
traditional parade, street
procession from the Mall
to Trafalgar Square. End
column Admiral Nelson,
British admiral of the
Navy, who was killed in
the Battle of Trafalgar, in
which he fought against
In conclusion I would like to say that Britain
has more living symbols of its past than
many countries .It still has a royal family and
a small nobility. Its capital, other cities and
countryside have preserved many ancient
palaces , castles , and cathedrals. These
symbols are a true representation of the
glorious past.
The British are very proud of their customs
and traditions and keep them very carefully.
These customs and traditions tie the Past and
the Future. It is a way to distinguish
themselves from foreigners. I think that they
are really worth seeing and speaking about.
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