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Oct. 6. 1936.
Filed NOV. 30, 1934
‘ 15/7/24 C15 00 TH,
Patented Oct. 6, 1936
Earl C. Booth, Columbus, Ind., assignor to Nob
litt-Sparks Industri s, Inc., Columbus, Ind., a
corporation of Indiana
Application November 30, 1934, Serial No. 755,285
5 Claims. (01. 250-16)’
My invention is concerned with radio appa
ratus and has for its particular object the mount
ing of ?xed condensers and similar parts in the
chassis of the radio set. More speci?cally, it is
5» I. my object to produce a mounting for a condenser
or similar part which will provide ?rm support
and which may be economically and simply con
structed._ ‘
In carrying out my invention I provide on the
10 condenser or other part to be supported an out
wardly extending annular ?ange which may be
formed on a. ring which is secured to the sup
ported part. At the place where the part is to
be mounted, Iprovide the chassis-frame with an
15 opening of a diameter larger than the part itself
but smaller than the outer diameter of the annu
lar ?angeon the ring; and, I provide means for
‘ clamping the ?ange to the chassis-frame.
The accompanying drawing illustrates three
20 embodiments of my invention: Figs. 1 and 2 are
end and side elevations respectively of a condens
er mounted in a chassis-frame; Figs. 3 and 4 are
views similar respectively to Figs. 1 and 2, but
showing a modi?ed form of mounting; Fig. 5 is
25 a view similar to Fig. 3, but showing the condens
er in the process of being inserted into its mount~
ing; and Figs. 6 and 7 are views similar respec
tively to Figs. 1 and 2, but showing a modi?ed
form of condenser.
In the arrangement illustrated in Fig. 1, my
may be removed from its mounting without the
necessity for completely removing the screws 16
from the chassis-frame M.
The arrangement illustrated in Figs. 3, 4, and
5 is similar to that shown in Figs. 1 and 2 ex
cept for the means employed to hold the ?ange
[5 on the ring 12 against the face of the chassis
frame I4. In this arrangement, the chassis
frame 14. is provided at diametrically opposite
points withv two struck-up ?ngers 20, the free 10
ends of which are directed inwardly to overlap the
?ange l5 when the condenser is in place. The
?ange 15 on the ring is interrupted or notched
at diametrically opposite points, as indicated at
2|, so that by rotating the condenser to bring 15
the interruptions or notches into juxtaposition
with the. ?ngers 20 the condenser can be re
moved from association with its mounting by
axial movement. If desired, the condenser-re
ceiving opening in the chassis-frame may be
shaped, as indicated in Fig. 5, where the con
denser is shown in process of being inserted, to
permit the complete passage of the condenser
and its ?ange I5 through the chassis-frame, thus
making it possible to insert the condenser into 25
its mounting from either side of the frame.
The construction illustrated in Figs. 6 and '7
is substantially identical with that shown in Figs.
1 and 2 except that the condenser, instead of
having a metal enclosing shell, is provided exte- 30
mounting is shown as supporting a ?xed con
riorly with a covering 25 of paper or other simi
denser having an outer sheet-metal shell 10. lar
material suitably impregnated with an insu
Intermediate its ends, the shell I0 is provided
exteriorly with a peripheral bead ll forming a lating agent. In this case, the bead I I is omitted
35 shoulder against which is located a ring l2 and friction between the ring 12 and the cover
ing 25 is depended upon for preventing relative 35
which, like the shell in, is conveniently of sheet
axial movement of the condenser and ring. To
metal. The ring 12 is ?rmly secured to the shell secure
a ?rm engagement of the ring upon the
10, as by having a press-?t thereon.
condenser, the body of the ring may be collapsed
The chassis-frame of the radio set, a portion of by radial pressure when in place on the condenser.
40 which is indicated at 14 in the drawing, is con
In the case of the condenser illustrated in Figs. 40
veniently of sheet-metal and provided with an
opening large enough to permit the insertion of 1 to 5 inclusive, the shell 10, ring I 2, and chassis
frame 14 are all of metal, so that those elements
the shell l0 and the seating against the chassis
frame 14 of an annular ?ange l5 on the ring. of the condenser which require grounding may
45 The ?ange I5 is secured against the face of the be connected internally to the shell It]. In the
chassis-frame [4 by means of screws 16 which case of the condenser illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7, 45
the covering 25 of insulating material prevents
are screw-threadedly received in the chassis
frame and the heads of which overlap the ?ange this method of grounding elements of the con
l5. Conveniently there are two of the screws [6 denser; and to secure the desired grounding, a
lea-d 26 may be brought out from the condenser
50 located at diametrically opposite points.
electrically connected to the ring 12.
If desired, the ?ange l5 may be provided at
While I have illustrated and described my in
diametrically opposite points with notches I‘!
vention as employed for the purpose of mounting
which, by rotation of the condenser, can be
brought respectively into juxtaposition with the a condenser, it will be obvious that it can be em
for mounting other elements of a radio set.
55 heads of the screws I6, whereby the condenser ployed
I claim as my invention:
1. In a radio set, a condenser having a cylindri
cal metal shell provided with an outwardly pro
jecting annular ?ange disposed between the ends
of the shell, a metal chassis frame having an open
ing for the reception of said shell, and a plurality
of screws mounted in said frame in angularly
space-d relation about said opening and having
against said frame, said ?ange being cut away at
intervals corresponding to the spacing of said
screws to permit axial removal of the condenser
when such cut-away portions of the ?ange are
in respective alinement with said screw-heads.
4. In a radio set, a condenser having a cylin
drical metal shell provided with an outwardly pro
jecting: annular" ?ange disposedfbetween the ends
seated against said frame, said ?ange being cut, of=the shell, a metal .chassisframexhaving an open 10
ing for the reception of said shell, and means on
10 away at intervals corresponding to the spacing of said frame for securing said shell in place, said
said screws to permit axial removal of the cone means. comprising parts disposed in angularly
denser when such cut-away portionstoi. the?ange.
spaced‘ relation about said opening and spaced
are in respective alinement with said’screw-heads‘,
from-said. frame fon‘the reception of said ?ange,
said condenser having one orvm'ore leads extendsaidi?‘angea being cut away at intervals corre 15
15 ing through an end of said shell; .
t'o1the spacing of said parts to permit
2. In a radio set, a condenser having a cylindri
condenser when such cut
cal metal shell provided with-.anxoutwardly-prol away portions ofthe
of‘ the ?ange are in respective
jecting annular ?ange, a metal chassis frame hav
ing an opening, and a plurality of screws mounted. ‘ alinement with said parts.
5. In a.radiow set, a condenserhaving a cylin 20
20 in said frame in angularly, spaced‘ relation about
metal‘ shell provided‘ with an, outwardly
said opening and havingheads adapted to engage
heads adapted -' to' engage‘ said‘ ?ange 1' and: hold itiz
said ?ange and hold‘it‘seated?against said frame” projecting annular ?ange; ameta'l‘chassis'frame
said,v ?ange beinglcut ‘away,- at" intervals corre
sponding .to the spacinglof'said‘screws to’ permit
25 axialremoval of‘the condenser when suchcut
away portions of ‘ the ?ange are» in respective.
havingan opening, and means on saidiframe for
securing .said' shell in place, said‘ means. comprise
inglparts disposed, in. angularly spacedmelation. 252
about said opening ;. and. spaced .irom._ saidirame .
for the reception of said ?ange, said ?angebeing.
having one or more, leads extending through and: cut? away» at intervalscorresponding to 'v-thezspac
longitudinally beyond ‘an _end of 'said'shell, the as-, ing-of said-parts to permit axialcremoval-lofithec 30-;
30 ‘sembly of condenser andilea'ds extending through condenser‘ when such , cut-away portions: of T the:..
said. opening;
?ange are in‘ respectiveialinement with said parts,‘-~
3; In a radio set, aicondenser having a.cylin
said condenserhaving one-ore more leadsrextending
drical' metal‘ shell provided with an outwardly through andllongitudinally beyondian end? of l'said’ '
alinement with said screw-heads, said condenser
projecting annular ?angepa metal'chassisframe,
andla plurality of " screws mounted in said ‘frame.
in angularly spaced relation and'having'heads
adapted to engage said‘ ?ange and‘hold it. seated‘
shell, the ‘assembly of condenser and leads-extendi 3515
ing through said'opening;
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