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Nov, 3, 1936
Filed-May 28/ 1955
‘ afamwm Y
Patented Nov. 3, 1936
2,059,858 ‘
Ernst, Woodridge, N. vJ.
Application May 28, 1935,’ Serial No. 23,813
2 Claims. (Cl. 248-223)
the-?xture in its illustrated form as previously
stated being of the type commonly referred to ‘as
a towel rack; the details and type of the‘?xture
5% are also of no importanceein' connection with
The invention relates to supports for ?xtures
and has for its object to provide a support of
novel construction whereby the ?xture may be
mounted upon a wall or equivalent element in
5 an e?icient and simple manner.
The invention
contemplates further the provision of a device of
the indicated type which may be economically
produced and which, in use, presents an orna
mental and attractive appearance and requires
10 no particular skill in the operation of mounting
and dismounting the various elements. Other
more speci?c objects will appear from the de
scription hereinafter and the features of novelty
will be pointed out in the claims.
In the accompanying drawing, which illus
trates an example of the invention without de
?ning its limits, Fig. 1 is 'a fragmentary front
view of the novel ?xture support; Fig. 2 is a
rear view of the ?xture showing parts of the
20 ?xture support; Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the
the instant invention and may be of many difé
ferent forms dependent upon the use for which
the ?xture is designed. In all of its forms the
?xture is “provided with the co-operating ele
ments of the ?xture support and accordingly is
providedwith an undercut seat I6 which, in the 10
illustrated example, is located at the upper end
of a recess H for the accommodation of the
supporting member ID and in such case corre
sponding to the shape thereof. To facilitate the
mounting of the ?xture l5 upon the supporting
device the supporting member IO- may be formed
with bevelled sides We, as shown in Figs. 5 and
7. When the ?xture support is constructed in
the form illustrated, the supporting member It!
may be formed upon the outer surface vof the
line 3~—‘3 of Fig. l with parts shown in elevation;
Fig. 4 is a: similar view onthe line 4-4 of Fig.
supporting disk i2 in diametric relation thereto
and the recess H with‘ its undercut seat [6’ may
2;:Fig. 5 is a face view of the supporting device
extend in diametral relation to a plate H! which
in the form shown includes a recess 19 and is
forming part of the ?xture support; Fig. 6 is
aside View oi‘said device, and Fig. '7 is a sec
tional view on the line 1-1 of Fig. 5. '
In the illustrated. example the novel ?xture
support is shown in a form adapted particularly
for that type of ?xture commonly referred to
30 as a towel rack as customarily installed in bath
rooms and the like; it is to be understood that
this form has been selected for purposes of il
lustration and description only and that it ac
cordingly is not intended to de?ne the limits of
35 the invention.
As shown, the ?xture support comprises a
supporting device consisting of a supporting
member H) which may be of elongated form and
in any case is provided with an outwardly bev
40 elled upper end ll, said supporting member in
cluding attaching means whereby said member
is secured to a wall or other element on which
it is desired to mount the ?xture; in the illus
trated example the attaching means is shown in
45 the form of a disk 12 provided with openings
l3 for the accommodation of screws M whereby
said supporting disk l2 may be fastened in place’
on the wall or its equivalent. It will be under
stood that the supporting disk !2 may be replaced
50 by other means adapted to perform the intended
functions and that other fastening devices may
be substituted for the screws M if this should
be desired. The ?xture 15 in the drawing com
prises a bracket adapted to co-operate with a
55 duplicate bracket for the support of a bar l6,
adapted in the connected condition of the ele
ments‘ to set over and conceal the supporting
member H) and ‘the supporting disk I2 or its
equivalent. In all forms of the ?xture support
the connecting means permanently carried by
the supporting device and the ?xture respec
tively are adapted to co-operate with each other
to develop a camming action whereby the ?xture
is forced toward said supporting device and
?rmly ?xed in operative position thereon as will
be more particularly pointed out hereinafter.
For this purpose the speci?c construction shown
in the drawing illustrates the angle of the bev
elled upper end H of the supporting member [0
as less than the angle of the bevelled undercut
seat It with which the ?xture i5 is provided.
With this arrangement any downward movement
of the ?xture l5 relatively to the supporting
member I!) when the parts occupy the position
shown in Fig. 3 will cause the bevelled undercut
seat [6 in co-operation with the bevelled upper
end I l to develop a camming action which tends
to force the ?xture l5 toward said supporting
member or, in other words, toward the wall A
or equivalent element on which the ?xture sup
port and ?xture are mounted to thereby ?rmly 50
?x said ?xture in operative position on the sup
porting device. To attain this result the ?xture
i5 is provided with fastening means which in
the illustrated example is shown in the form of
a set screw 20 located in registry with the under
out seat l6 and in the speci?c illustration in
registry with the recess [1. The set screw 20 is
adapted to engage the lower end of the support
ing member ID and to thereby not only connect
the ?xture l5 with the supporting device but to
plished and require no particular skill in their
performance. The novel ?xture support may be
utilized for ef?ciently mounting all types of
bathroom and equivalent ?xtures, and further
more may be utilized for correspondingly 5
force the bevelled upper end H of the support
ing member Ill into the undercut seat Hi to thereby
force the ?xture toward the supporting device
mounting many other types of ?xtures or their
and toward the wall A or its equivalent.
In practice the screw 29 or equivalent fas
tening means is adjusted to a position to permit
and described may be made within the scope of
the ?xture to be placed over the supporting
device with the bevelled upper end H extend
ing into the undercut seat I6, it being under
15 stood that the parts are so dimensioned and
designed as to readily permit these operations.
Various changes in the speci?c forms shown
the claims without departing from the spirit
of the invention.
I claim:
1. A ?xture support comprising a supporting
member having an outwardly bevelled upper
end, a ?xture having a recess adapted to ac
The set screw 20 or equivalent fastening means
vided at one end with an outwardly bevelled
is then adjusted as will be readily apparent to
engage and screw against the lower end of
20 the supporting member In and to thereby ?rmly
?x the ?xture in operative position thereon, as
previously set forth. The diametral recess [1
undercut seat adapted to receive said bevelled
upper end, the angle of said bevelled upper end
being less than the angle of said bevelled under~
cut seat whereby said bevels co-operate to de
of the ?xture plate l8 in addition to accommo
dating the supporting member ID serves in co
25 operation therewith to facilitate the desired
introduction of the bevelled upper end ll into
the undercut seat I6. When removal of the
?xture is desired for any reason the screw 20
or equivalent fastening means is adjusted or
30 unscrewed sufficiently to permit the plate l8
with the ?xture IE to be raised relatively to the
supporting device to thereby withdraw the bev
elled upper end I I from the undercut seat I6
and thus to disconnect the elements of the
35 ?xture support from each other and permit the
ready removal of the ?xture IS.
The ?xture support is simple in construction
and capable of being economically produced
and when the elements of said ?xture support
are connected with each other the assembly
presents a highly ornamental and attractive ap
pearance in which the supporting elements are
completely hidden from View and the ?xture is
?rmly secured in place. The arrangement fur
45 thermore is such that the operations of mount
’ ing and dismounting the ?xture IS on or from
the supporting device may be readily accom
commodate said supporting member and pro
velop a camming action, and a screw carried
by said ?xture in registry with said recess and
adapted to engage the lower end of said sup
porting member whereby said bevelled undercut
seat is drawn against said bevelled upper end to
force said ?xture toward said supporting mem
ber and ?rmly ?x said ?xture in operative posi
tion thereon.
2. A ?xture
support comprising an elon 30
gated supporting member having a bevelled up
per end, a ?xture having an elongated recess
adapted to accommodate said supporting mem
her and provided with a bevelled undercut seat
at one end adapted to receive said bevelled up
per end, the angles of said bevelled upper end
and bevelled undercut seat being di?erent from
each other to develop a camming action in co
operation with each other, and a screw carried
by said ?xture in registry with said recess and 40
adapted to engage the lower end of said Sup
porting member whereby said bevelled undercut
seat and bevelled upper end are drawn together
to force said ?xture toward said supporting
member and ?rmly ?x said ?xture in opera 45
tive position thereon.
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