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Nov. 10, 1936.
“Filed March 1, 1935
10, 1936
'rsnrrnne'rnan commenter) swrrcn.
worst, Detroit, Mich.
Application March 1, 1935, Serial No. $3296
5 Claims.
(@l. 200-;137) .
This invention relates to temperature controlled
A vertical rod i5 is movable longitudinally through
switches and the object of the invention is to pro
the housing 8 and the rod |5 is secured to the
arm il by the screw l6 which extends through~
the arm l l and is threaded through the rod I5, as .
shown more-particularly in Fig. 3. ‘The lower 5
end oi‘ the rod i5 extends} below the housing and
a coiled spring I’! is positioned about this lower
end and may be adjusted in tension by means of
the not i B threaded onto the lower end of the rod.
vide a switch for use in connection with a. hot
water tank and arranged to turn oil“ or on. in ac
5 cordance with the expansion or contraction of
the tank.
Another object of'the invention is to provide
a temperature controlled switch having a longi-~
tudinally movable rod operating through a toggle
10 joint to actuate the switch.
vThe bracket l0 carries an insulation block IS in _
»A further object of the invention is to provide
which a contact screw 26 is threaded and the
an arm pivotally supported on the top ‘of the tank _ upper’end 2| of this contact screw is adapted to
in which one end of the arm is connected to' the “ be contacted by the contact 6 carried in the arm
bottom of the tank and the other end of the arm _5._ A wire 22 leads from the contact screw 20
is connected to the temperature controlled switch through an insulator provided in the housing wall 15
which is connected to the bottom of the tank so and is connected into the control circuit. The
that expansion of the tank to a predetermined
cover 2, as shownin Fig. 3, is provided with a
slot 23 so that the cover 2 maybe slipped under
extent will move ‘the ‘ temperature controlled
‘switch to the open position’ and contraction ofv
the tank will allow movement of the switch to the
closed position.
neath the head of the screw 4 and the opposite‘
side or‘ the cover is held in place by a screw 24
shown in Fig. ‘2 which is threaded into the lug
These objects and the several novel features of > . ‘25 extending inwardly from the housing wall. - As
the invention are heneinafter more fully described
shown in Fig. 3, a coiled spring 41 is positioned
about the screw: 4 and one end of the-spring is an
tion by which theseobjects are attained is shown '1 chored in the housing I while the other end of the
and claimed and the preferred‘term of construc
in the accompanying drawinggin which
spring is secured beneath the head‘of the screw
it. This spring urges the arm 5 to turn toposi
Fig. l is an elevation of " a ' hot wa'ter‘jtank
equipped with my temperature controlled switch.
Fig. 2 is
enlarged section taken on line 2--2
05*’ Fig. l and showing the switch mechanism.
tion to bring the contact'ti into engagement with the end 2| of the'contact screw 2|].
As shown in Fig. 1, ‘an arm "2% is pivotally 30
‘ . 3 is a section taken on ‘line 3-3 of'Fig. 2.‘
mounted in a bracket 21 on the pipe 28 extending
Fig. 4 is’ an enlarged section taken on line ?—4 u from the top of the hot water tank 29. The end
The switch comprises a housing I which may
30 of the arm 26 is connected by means of a wire
3| with a clip 32 which is hooked under the bot- L
be octagonal in form, as shown in Fig. 2, and . tom edge of the tank 29, while the, opposite end 35
‘which may be provided with a cover 2-,‘ a portion
of which is shown ‘in ‘Fig. 2.. The housing | is
provided with a lug 3 and a screw 4 shown in Fig.
of the arm 26 is connected by means of a. wire 33 .
to the turnbuckle 34 which in turn is connected
to the upper end of the rod |5.- A wire 35 shown
3 extends through the lug 3,andis threaded into. in Figs. 1 and 2 is connected .to the’ housing I
the bottom of the housing. T‘An arm 5 is pivotally‘ behind the rod l5 and the lower end of the wire 40
mounted on the screw 4 and the end of the-arm 5 _ 35 is provided with a clip“ engaging under‘the
opposite the 'screw 4 is provided vwith a con
lower edge of the'tank.
tact member 6, shown in Figs. 2 and 4, which is
secured ini'the end of. the arm 5 and insulated
45 therefrom by the insulator 1.. A wire 8, shown in
Fig. 2; is connected to the contact 6 and this wire
extends through an insulator 9 in the wall of the
housing and is connected in the electric circuit to
In operation, when the tank is cold,/ the tum
buckle 34 is adjusted to allow the spring I‘! to draw the rod ' l5 downwardly and allow the con- '45
tact vIi to‘ engage the point 2| of the contact‘v
screw‘v 20. This allows current to flow through
the wire 8, through the contacts 6 and 2| to the
be controlled. A bracket i0 is secured to the wall ~ wire 22 and while not here shown, thiscircuit. is
50 of “the housing | on the opposite side of the hous
connected to operate the‘gas valve for heating 50
ing from the ‘lug 3 and this, bracket provides a water. -, As the water in the [tank becomes warm,
support for theoarm H which is pivotally connect
the tank is warmed and as the tank becomes
'ed/ to thebracket Ill at the point l2. The end of
the arm ll opposite the pivot l2 carries a screw
' i3 which extends through a slot M in’ the arm 5.
warmed, it expands slightly moving the pivot 3iv
for the arm 26- upwardly "in relation to the tem-, I
perature controlled switch. This is due tofthe Q5
fact that the opposite ends of the arm 28 are.
anchored to the bottom of the tank and any
expansion of the tank will cause movement of
trical circuit and a turnbuckle for adjusting said
connecting means above the temperature con
trolled switch.
2. In a temperature controlled switch, a con
the pivot ill upwardly in relation to the clips I2 .
and 35 at the bottom of the tank. Due to the tainer, a support extending from the top of the
wire 3i, this upward movement of the pivot 31
container, an arm pivotally mounted on the 8129'
causes the arm 26 to turn slightly in a counter
port, a wire connecting one end of the arm with
the bottom of the container, a temperature con
clockwise direction thus raising the rod it against
trolled switch including a housing connected to
the bottom of the container, a rod movable 11
As the rod II is turned. the screw II therein longitudinally in the housing. a toggle switch
turns the arm 6 on the pivot 4 against the tension movable to open position upon movement 0! till
oi’ the spring 41 to quickly move the contact 8 rod in one direction and movable to the closed
away from the contact point 1| thus quickly position upon movement of the rod in the oppo
site direction, a spring tending to move the rod 14
15 breaking the circuit without drawing an are be
tween the contact
lnts. As the hot water is to close the switch and means connecting the
used out of the tan , the tank will‘ cool oi! and rod with the opposite end or the arm.
3. In a temperature controlled switch, a con
as it cools and contracts, the arm It will turn in
a clockwise direction on the pivot I1 and this‘ tainer, a support extending Irom the top of the
20 turning movement will be taken up by the spring container. an arm pivotally mounted on the sup
port. a wire connecting one end oi’ the arm with
II to move the rod II downwardly.
As the rod II is moved downwardly, the arm II the bottom or the container, 0. temperature con
is turned downwardly and by means oi the screw trolled switch, a wire connecting the temperature
it riding in the slot it this toggle action quickly controlled switch to the bottom of the container.
25 moves the arm 8 assisted by the spring 41 to the pressure switch being provided with a mov
bring the contact 8 back against the contact able operating member. a wire connecting ‘said
point 21 and re-establish the circuit. By means operating member with the opposite end of the
of the turnbuckle Q4, the amount of expansion arm, the arrangement being such that as the con
the tension of the spring l1 and by means of the
10 screw It the rod H is turned on the pivot l2.
required to operate the temperature controlled
tainer expands the temperature controlled switch
30 switch may be accurately adjusted so that the
is moved to the open position and as the container
tank may be one~halt or three-‘quarters full of
contracts the temperature controlled switch ll
moved to the closed position.
water before su?icient expansion has occurred to
operate the switch.
4. In a temperature controlled switch. a con
From the foregoing description it becomes evi
35 dent that the device is very simple and e?lcient
in operation, will not easily get out of order. is
composed of few parts and provides a device
which accomplishes the objects described
Having thus fully described my invention. its
40 utility and mode of operation, what I claim and
desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United
States is-
1. In a temperature controlled switch, a con
tainer. an arm pivotally supported on the top of
v45 the container, means connecting both ends of
the arm with the bottom 0! the container, a pres
sure switch included in one connecting means and
including a housing, a rod mo'vsble longitudinally
through the housing. a spring tending to move
50 the'rod in one direction. the connecting means
being connected to one end of the rod to move the
tainer. a support extending from the top of the
container, an arm pivotally mounted on the support. means connecting one end of the arm with
the bottom oi the container. a temperature ooh
trolled switch. means connecting the tempest
ture controlled switch with the bottom of the
‘container and means connecting the temperatme
controlled switch with the opposite end of the
arm whereby expansion or contraction of the con
tainer moves the arm pivot and arm to open or
close the temperature controlled switch.
'5. In a temperature controlled switch. a ous
tainer. an arm pivotally supported on the top 6
the container. means connecting the opposite
endsotthe armvnththebottom'of thecontlhsd'.
one means including a switch. spring means
tendingto move the switehto the closed positlm
and the arrangement being such that ll tb ous
rod against the tension or thespring. a, pair 0! tsinerexpendsthearmisturnedonltsplvotto
toggle arms movable by the rod. a contact carriedv move the switch to the open podtion W
by one 0! the'toggle arms. a contact in the hook the tension of said spring.
55 ing.‘ the contactsbeing connected into an. elee-.
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