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Nov. 17, 1936.
Filed April 25, 1955
Patented Nov. 17, 1936
Rufus W. Pratt, Philadelphia, Pa.
Application April 25, 1935, Serial No. 18,225
1 eiaim'. (c1. 12a-fast)
This invention relates to an improved water
heater, and one object of the invention is to
provide a heater wherein water will be very
quickly heated as it flows through coils disposed
in a housing over burners and be delivered from
a faucet as a continuous supply of very hot
Another object of the invention is to provide
an improved arrangement of heating coils and
burners and also an improved housing enclos
ing the burners and the coils and so arranged
and constructed that hot gases rising from the
burners for heating the coils will be retarded in
their upward movement in the housing and thus
15 caused to more effectively act upon the coils.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an apparatus of this character wherein the water
first passes through a coil which may be termed
a preheater and then through a second coil or
heater after which the water is delivered into
a pipe of smaller diameter than the pipe or tub
ing from which the coils are formed and thus
cause the water to be conveyed to a faucet with
out appreciable loss of heat.
The invention is illustrated in the accom
panying drawing, wherein
of the coil l by a coupling l2. Other couplings
i3 are provided between the coils and the walls
of the housing 3 in order that the coils may be
easily detached and removed when cleaning or
repairs are necessary. Referring to Figures 1
and 3 it will be seen that the outlet portion l@ of
the coil 2 has its outer end, which projects from
the housing, connected with a tube or pipe M
through which hot water iiows to a faucet at a`
sink or other point at which the water is to be 10
used. This pipe iii is also formed of copper and
is of -less diameter than the tubing from whichy
the coils are formed. Therefore, the water pass
ing through the pipe Eil will not be liable to cool
quickly and will be delivered in a very hot state
when the faucet is opened. The hood or hous
ing 3 which encloses the coils and the burners ß
and e' is formed of strong sheet metal and has a
tapered top l5 terminating in a neck it which
extends upwardly and is received in a flue il 20
leading to a chimney it so that products of com
bustion will be delivered into the chimney and
danger of carbon monoxide poisoning prevented.
Supporting legs 3a depend from corners» of the
housing and doors 3b are provided in the front 25
wall so that access may be had to the interior of
Figure 1 is a view showing the improved heat
er in vertical section with portions thereof in
the housing in order to light the burners, make
repairs and clean the burners and coils when
The bottom i9 of the housing is formed with 30
large openings 2t through which air may pass
in order to supply the necessary oxygen to the
burners and above the coils there has been pro
vided a partition 2i formed of sheet metal and
resting upon a suitable number of brackets 22 35
carried by the walls of the housing. Openings
23, which are smaller than the openings 2Q, are
Figure 2 is a plan vi-ew of the heating coils.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view illustrating the
difference in diameter between the tube or pipe
from which the coils are formed and the tube
or pipe leading to a faucet.
This improved water heater consists of a pair
of coils I and 2 which are enclosed in a housing
3 and disposed over burners Il and 5 carried by
pipes 6 leading upwardly from a main gas sup
ply pipe l, flow of gas through the pipes 6 being
40 controlled by valves 8.
The coil l constitutes a
preheater and the coil 2 a heater and each of
these heaters consists of a length of tubing
formed of copper or other suitable metal which
is bent to form a series of ñat coils disposed one
4 above another, as shown clearly in Figure 1.
Each heater has an inlet portion 9 leading from
the inner convolution of its upper coil and an
outlet portion lli extending from the outer con
50 volution of its lower coil. The inlet portion 9 of
the coil or heater l is connected with a pipe Il
leading from the street main or other source of
supply from which water is delivered under
pressure and the inlet portion 9 of the coil or
55 heater 2 is connected with the outlet portion I0
formed in the partition. By providing the perfo
rated partition, hot gases and other products of
combustion may pass from the burners to the 40
upper portion of the housing and out through
the neck i6 but upward movement thereof will
be retarded and, therefore, the products of com
bustion, to a certain extent, will be held in the 45
lower portion of the housing and assist in heat
ing the coils l and 2. ft will thus be seen that
when the heater is in use and the burners 4
and 5 lighted,_ the coils will be highly heated by
the flame and products of combustion rising from 50
the burners and as the water passes through the
coil l and then through the coil 2, it will be pre
heated in the coil l and heated as it passes
through the coil 2. Additional coils and corn
panion heating burners may be provided 'be 55
tween the coils l and 2, if so desired, it being
understood that if additional coils are used the
housing may be made of greater length. As the
pipe Il is of appreciably greater diameter than
the tubing from which the coils are formed, the
Water will be forced through the coils at high
pressure and at a good rate of speed and since
the pipe or tube I4 is of smaller diameter than
the tubing from which the coils are formed, the
10 speed will be increased as the water passes
through the pipe
Therefore the water
will not have time to cool appreciably before
In a Water heater, a housing having an out
let at its top and having a perforated bottom, a
perforated partition extending horizontally in
said housing in spaced relation to the top and
bottom thereof, coils in said housing located be
tween the partition and bottom of the housing
and spaced from Walls of the housing and also
spaced from each other transversely of the hous
ing and interconnected, one coil constituting a
preheater and extending through an end wall 10
of the housing and having an inlet adapted for
connection with a Water supply pipe and the
flowing out of a faucet at the end of the pipe
other coil constituting a heater and having an
outlet extending through the opposite end wall
It is preferred to have the coils formed from
15 copper tubing, one-fourth of an inch in diameter
Y of the housing and adapted for connection with 15
and the tube I 4 three-sixteenths of an inch in a distributing pipe, and burners in the housing
diameter, the tube from which each coil is formed
being preferably about twenty-six feet in length
and the length of the pipe or tube I4 being de
20 termined by pressure» from the water main.
Having thus described the invention', what is
claimed as new is:
under the coils having valve controlled feed pipes
extending through the bottom of the housing
and adapted for connection with a supply pipe.
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