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- 1, 1936-
P. N. DANN -
Filed Nov. 1, 1935
z /%
‘ Patented Dec. 1, 1936
Paul N. Dann, New Haven, Comm, assignor to
_The Rattan Manufacturing Company, New
Haven, Conn., a corporation of Connecticut
Application November 1, 1935, Serial No. 47,808
1 Claim. (Cl. 247-18)
This invention relates to improvements in
Screws or bolts it extend through cars it
water-tight connecters for electric-connection
formed on the clamping-hood l6 and threadedly
engage in the threaded ears it of the compres=
sion-member it. By adjusting the screws l8 to
the desired degree, the sealing-member i7 is 5
One object of this invention is to provide an
5 improved water-tight connecter for electric-con
nection boxes which will effectively prevent the
- entrance of water past the cable and into the box.
‘Another object of this invention is to provide
an improved water-tight connecter formed of
10 simple elements readily manufactured and read
ily assembled to produce a durable e?icient con
struction at minimum cost.
With the above and other objects in View, this
invention includes all improvements over the
15 prior art which are disclosed in this application.
In the accompanying drawing, in which certain
ways of carrying out the invention are shown for
‘illustrative purposes:
Fig. 1 is aifront elevation‘ illustrating a water
tight connecter made in accordance with this in
20 vention applied on a portion of a connection
Fig. 2 is a right-side elevation of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of Fig. l, with the
connection-box omitted;
Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional View on line
4-4 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 5 is a perspective ‘view of the clamping
Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the compression
Fig. '7 is a perspective view of one form of seal
ing-member; and
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of another form of
In the description and claim, the various parts
are identi?ed by speci?c names for convenience,
but they are intended to be as generic in their ap
plication as the prior art will permit.
‘Referring to the drawing, I0 is a plate or part
of an electric-connection box which is provided
with an internally-threaded cable-hole ll there
through. I2 is a compression-member or bushing‘
having a cable-hole l28L therethrough and an ex
45 ternally-threaded portion l3 adapted to thread
edly engage in the threaded opening I I. The corn
pression-member l2‘at its opposite end has a con
tinuous end-?ange or compression-?ange H and
a pair of ears liheach having a threaded hole
50 therethrough. A clamping-hood I6 is preferably
made hollow or concave, as shown, and has ?t
ting therein a sealing-member I‘! of readily de
formable material, preferably elastic material
such as Soft rubber or the like. Clamping-hood
“ I. has a cable-hole I!‘ therethrough.
crowded or compressed and caused to seal water»
tight, the area between the sealing-member ‘Ill
and the surface of the cable 2t, and the area be
tween the sealing-member ill and the compres
sion-?ange it of the compression-member I12, it
thus preventing the entrance of water to the in
terior of the compression-member i2.
The threaded joint ll, 83 can readily be made
water-tight in any suitable well-known way, as
by means of white lead or equivalent material. it
Thus, all possible paths for the entrance of water
past the wall it and to the interior of the box are
rendered water-tight against the entrance of such
water. It will beappreciated that the compres~
slop-member it? may be connected in water-tight
fashion in any other suitable manner to the wall
The sealing-member ll has an elliptical cable=
hole 2i therethrough to conform to elliptically=
shaped cables when they are used. But Where
a round cable is used, a slightly-di?erent seal
ing-member 22 is employed, in which a cable-hole
23 of round form is provided to make proper seal
ing contact with a round cable extending there-=1
through. Either of these sealing-members ll or
22 may be used in the same connecter, as the
outside contour of both sealing-members is the
same and ?ts in the cavity of the clamping=
The invention may be carried out in other spe- 35
ci?c ways than those herein set forth without _
departing from the spirit and essential charac
teristics of the invention, and the present em
bodiments are therefore to be considered in all
respects as illustrative and not restrictive, and all 40
changes coming within the meaning and equiva
lency range of the appended claim are intended to
be embraced therein.
A water-tight connecter for electric-connection 45
boxes comprising: a hollow clamping-hood hav
ing a cable-hole therethrough, a ?ange at one
end, a pair of ears spaced back‘ from the front
edge of said ?ange, and slots in and extending
through the front edge of said ?ange in front of 50
said ears; a sealing-memberofreadily-deformable
material and having a cable-hole therethrough
and adapted to ?t in said clamping-hood; a com
pression-member having a cable-hole there
through, a compression-?ange adapted to at 56
,within the ?ange of said clamping-hood. and a
pair of ears adapted to fit within said slots. said
compression-member being adapted to be con
sion-member and adapted to be adjusted to com
press said sealing-member between the ‘clamping
hole through the plate and with said sealing
hood and the compression-?ange oi the compres
sion-member and cause said sealing-member to
seal water-tight, the area between said sealing
member between said clamping-hood and said
compression-member and with said cable-holes
member and a cable extending through the cable
hole of the sealing-member and the area between
of the clamping-hood, sealing-member, compres
sion-member and plate in general alignment; and
adjustable ~clamping-bolts threadedly connect
in: the ears of said clamping-hood and compres
said sealing-member and the compression-?ange
of the compression-member surrounding the
cable-hole through the compression-member.
nected to a plate of a box provided with a cable
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