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Dec. 8, 1936.
Filed Dec. 14, 1954
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‘Be-‘29min W
Patented Dec. 8', 1936
Benjamin W. Davis, Chicago, 111.
Application December 14, 1934, Serial No. 757,533
2 Claims. (01. 126-439)
The present invention relates to an improvement in heating apparatus for buildings and like
structures and for all other purposes, and has for
an object to provide an improved apparatus which
5 ‘is adapted for use in heat exchange from all
products of combustion.
One purpose of the present invention is to provide an apparatus wherein the medium of heat
exchange is broken up into separate and inde10 ‘pendent streams and independently heated from
different successive portions of the source of heat
supply and wherein the surface area of contact
substantially twice its diameter or enlarged to
any extent desired with the transverse axis of the
leg 21 inclined at an angle which may be of 40°
or of any degree desired with respect to the hori
zontal so as to provide an extensive inclined 5
surface area over which air or other suitable heat
transferring medium may pass about the upper
and lower sides and about the ends of the leg 21.
The upper end of the leg 27 is turned upwardly
between the heat exchange mediums is materially
increased and segregated to effect the practically
15 ‘complete and thorough interchange of heat be-
at a desired angle with respect to the heater and
the leg 27- ThiS leg 23 is Oil-Set laterally With
respect to the leg 27 so that the leg 28 will re- 15‘
tween the mediums.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an apparatus wherein at all times the coldest
stream of air or other medium is brought into
EEO-contact with the successive zones of the heat
emanating medium so as to insure the complete
interchange of the heat between the mediums and
to complete the wide-spread distribution of the
A further object of the invention is to provide
a heating apparatus which may be operated with
great economy in that arelatively high percentage
of heat exchange is accomplished so that there
Will be practically but little waste heat carried
30 off in the smoke and gases through the chimney,
or otherwise
With the foregoing and other objects in view,
the invention will be more fully described herein-after, and will be more particularly pointed out
35 in the claims appended hereto,
In the drawing, wherein like symbols refer to
like or corresponding parts throughout the several views,
Figure 1 is a transverse section taken through
40 aheating apparatus instaned in an enclosure and
embodying the features of the present invention.
Figure 2 is a transverse section taken through
the same on the line 2—2 in Figure 1.
Referring. now to the drawing and to the
45 embodiment Shown in Figures 1 and 2, 25 designates a, heater of any suitable type and may be
a coal, gas, or oil burner or constructed for use
with any suitable source of heat energy_ The
heater 25 is provided with a, ?ue or pipe 25 which,
and then returned in spaced relation to the leg 10
to provide a' second spaced leg 28 which is of
similar construction and which may be disposed
ceive thereagainst and thereabout a stream of
air which is laterally disposed with respect to the
Stream Of ail‘ Coming in Contact With the leg 27,
and any desired number of these legs 2? and 28
may be employed, according t0 the Size of the 20
heating apparatus and other Conditions met with
and these legs are all not Only Vertically Spaced
apart hilt also laterally Off-Set to provide S110
cessive zones of contact of the heating medium
such as smoke and other products of combustion ;
passing through the flue 26, into different streams
01' Portions of the Cold all‘ which is admitted to
the apparatus- The uppermost leg 29 is con
neotod to a chimney 30 through Which the
products of combustion are carried out of the
building after substantially all of the useful heat
has been extracted therefrom
In order to promote circulation of air upward
is’ about the heater and its heat emanating legs
21, 28 and 29, a casing 3| may be placed about 35
these parts and may be of any Suitable Con?gura
tion and 0f any Suitable height but as shown in
the present instance as having one wall 32 curved
upwardly and inwardly toward the Opposite Wall
to form a contracted mouth or outlet for the 40
heated all’ 01' other medium for passage into the
room 01‘ encloslii‘e
The heating apparatus and the casing 3i are
mounted upon a suitable flooring or base 34 and
the casing 3! is provided in its straight wall or 45
at any other suitable point with an air inlet open
mg 35 of Suitable‘ Size and which is preferably
closely adjacent the floor 34 so that the coldest
50 as shown in Figure 2, rises from one end portion
of the heater and which, a short distance above
the heater, is carried substantially horizontally
but with a slight incline backwardly over the
major portion of the heater to form a heating leg
air in the enclosure will be drawn into the casing.
This Opening 35 is‘ Preferably disposed Opposite 50
the Wall 32 and the heater 25 is provided through
its lower or base portion with two air passages
36 and 31 separated by a partition 38 which ex
tends to the wall 32 for the purpose of completely
55 21. This heating leg 21 is laterally enlarged to
segregating the passages 36 and 31.
The pas- 55
sages 36 and 31 open at their inlet ends opposite
the casing opening 35 so that the cold air enter
ing the opening 35 may be divided into several
cold air streams, including an upper relatively
clean air stream which enters the passage 36
above the partition 38 and is carried through the
lower portion of the heater and freed between
the heater and the wall 32. This upper stream
of cold air is divided at the entrance to the pas
10 sage 36 and passes in part upwardly‘about the
adjacent side of the heater 25, and a baffle plate
39 may be placed in spaced relation about the
adjacent side of the heater 25 and may extend
upwardly into partly overlapping relation with
15 respect to the leg 21 so as to con?ne the cold air
stream against the heater and also de?ect it about
the underside of the leg 21.
The baf?e 39 may of course be disposed at any
suitable angle and may be otherwise positioned
20 with respect to the leg 21 and as herein shown
in order to de?ect the cold air stream to the de
sired points of the apparatus.
The second cold air stream, adjacent the floor
34, is the dust-laden air stream and also contains
25 impure air and gases which gravitate to the floor
and this second air stream is carried along the
?oor 34 through the passage 31 and through'the
wall 32 beneath the partition 38, an outlet pipe
40 being connected to the lower portion of the
30 wall 32 for carrying off this impure and dust
laden air directly to the chimney or stack 30.
As shown in Figures 1 and 2 this heating appa
ratus may be installed in a room having walls 4|
and provided with a ceiling 42. The ceiling 42
85 may have a false ceiling 43 providing an air space
44 beneath the ceiling 42. The false ceiling 43
is provided with a desired number of openings
45 through which fresh air from outside the
building, or other suitable source, may be ad
40 mitted to the room or enclosure to displace the
impure and dust-laden air which is extracted
from the room or enclosure through the pipe 40
and stack 30.
This serves as a ventilator and as
a supply for fresh air to the room.
This inflow
45 of fresh air thus properly conditions the air within
the room. The opening 44 may be supplied with
air through a suitable ventilator 46 or the like
as shown.
The cold air entering the ventilator 46 passes
into the compartment or space 44 between the
ceilings 42 and 43, and by virtue of the warm air
in the room this fresh air is partially preheated
to some extent before it is freed through the
openings 45 into the room. It is of course under
stood that wherever it is required or found con~
venient clean-out doors, hand holes or other suit
able devices or structures may be used for facili
tating the cleaning out of the various ?ues and
passages in the apparatus.
While I have herein shown and described a
preferred form of my invention, it is nevertheless
to be understood that various changes may be
made in the details of construction, proportion
and arrangement of parts within thescope of the 15
claims herewith appended.
What is claimed is:
1. Heating apparatus including a casing having
an opening in the top and bottom thereof, one
wall of the casing being inclined upwardly and 20
in the direction of the opposing wall, said opposing
wall being substantially vertical and the bottom
opening being in said vertical wall, a heater in
the casing, a plurality of interconnected heat
radiating ?ues connected at one end to the heater,
said ?ues being of ?attened form with their lon
gitudinal axes horizontal and with their ?attened
faces substantially parallel and inclined to the
vertical in the direction of said one inclined wall,
said ?ues being disposed in spaced apart stepped
relation in such a manner that the lower walls
thereof form a heat exchanging baffle for the
rising current of air.
2. Heating apparatus including a casing having
an opening in the top thereof and an opening 35
adjacent the bottom of a vertical wall thereof,
a heater in the casing, a plurality of intercon
nected heat radiating ?ues connected at one end
to the heater, said ?ues being of ?attened form
with their longitudinal axes horizontal and with 40
their ?attened faces substantially parallel and
inclined to the vertical in the direction of the
wall opposite from said one vertical wall, said
?ues being disposed in spaced apart stepped rela
tion in such a manner that the lower walls thereof 45
form a heat exchanging ba?le for the current of
air rising substantially vertically from said bottom
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