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Dec. 29, 1936.
Filed Oct. 25, 1955
v /
Warren Clemens -
Patented Dec. 29, 1936
2,066,251; >
Warren Clemens, Pavilion, N.‘ Y;
Application October 125, 1935', lSerialNo. 45,751
1 Claim. ‘(01. 34-38)
This invention relates to aidrier, and has for
its object more particularly to afford an appa
ratus' of economical construction and simple in
its operation and control, for the drying of beans
or othermaterials.
that will dry beans effectively and thoroughly,=
at the same time preventing drying at such a
10 speed as would be detrimental to the product.
A further purpose is to afford an apparatus in
which the beans are properly agitated and
caused to travel through the drier by gravity, in
a manner that subjects them to increasing heat
15 as they progress through the machine and their
To these and other ends, the invention con
sists in the arrangement and construction of
parts that will appear clearly from the follow
will be described presently.
The housing 3 is provided interiorly with a _se-_ 5 ~
In a more speci?c aspect, the invention has for
its purpose to afford an e?icient arrangement
moisture is exhausted.
members 4 being such as to permit the necessary
back and forth .horizontal movement of they
housing 3, which is imparted ina mannerlthat
ing description when read in conjunction with
the accompanying drawing, the novel features
being‘pointed out in the claim at the end of the
In the drawing:
ries of perforate ba?ies 5 and 6, which may be
of sheet metal or wire screen material, or other-_
wise constructed to support the material pass
ing through and to permit movement of air
upwardly through the baffles for drying. Them;
ba?ies 5 and 6 are arranged in staggered relation
and inclined preferably at about the angle
shown, each ba?ie terminating at its lower end
at a point spaced from but in close proximity to
the adjacent wall of the housing and to the ad- 15:
jacent portion of the ba?ie immediately below.
This arrangement of the ba?ies causes the de
sired continuous movement of the product to be
dried from top to bottom and at the same time
prevents the passage of any substantial propor- 20
tion of the upwardly moving air around the ends
of the ba?ies and forces such air currents to
travel through the central portions of the baffles
and thereby to impart a maximum drying effect
to the beans or other material traveling down- 25
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a drying
apparatus constructed in accordance with a pre
ferred embodiment of the invention;
Fig. 2 is a partial side elevation, and
The housing is provided with an inlet opening-7
‘I and hopper 8 at the top through which the
Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken on
.30 the line 3—3 of Fig. 1.
Referring more particularly to the drawing in
which like reference characters refer to the same
parts throughout the several views, the struc
ture comprises a supporting frame including up
rights I and horizontal connecting portions 2,
and within this supporting frame is arranged a
gravity conveyor that is constructed in the fol
lowing manner.
3 designates a housing that is preferably rec
4-0 tangular in cross-section as shown, and is ar
ranged vertically within the supporting frame,
said housing being carried by a series of leaf
spring members or ?exible metal bars 4, the
upper end of each of which is ?xedly connected
' to one of the cross members 2 of the sup-porting
frame, while the lower end of each leaf spring
member 4 is rigidly connected to- the adjacent
side wall of the housing 3.
Preferably there are two sets of such spring
50 supporting elements, one at the top of the hous
ing 3 and one at the bottom thereof, and it will
be observed that these spring members 4 suspend
the housing 3 from the supporting frame and
hold it ?rmly in place, affording a stiff but yield
able suspension, the resiliency of the spring
beans or other material is fed into the drier and
an outlet 9 at the bottom from which they are 30
delivered into any suitable receptacle. I0 desig
nates an air inlet at the bottom 'of the housing,
the same being connected by a ?exible joint II
with a conduit I2 into which heated air is forced
from any convenient source of supply.
nates a vertical de?ector at the bottom of the
housing to direct the incoming current of air up
wardly through the horizontal ba?ies 5 and 6,
while I4 designates an air outlet provided at the
top of the housing through which the damp cool 40
air is exhausted.
The housing 3 is actuated back and forth dur
ing the drying operation by any suitable mech
anism, in order to impart a shaking action to
the ba?ies and cause the beans or other'material 45
to travel by gravity over the several baffles suc
cessively from the top to the bottom of the hous
ing. This may be accomplished by a vertically
arranged rotatable shaft I5 suitably journalled on
the supporting frame I in parallel relation to the 50
housing 3 and provided with a pulley I6 to which
a belt may be applied for rotating the shaft I5.
I‘! designates a plurality of cranks pivotally con
nected to a side wall of the housing 3 and oper
atively associated with the shaft I5 by means of 55
' eccentrics l8, or otherwise, so that rotation of ture permits a continuous operation at a low .
the shaft [5 imparts the necessary horizontal - cost, and requires litle attention on thepart of I
back’and forth movement to the housing 3. HIv the operator.
While the invention has been described with
designates a series of pivoted doors in a side wall
of the housing to permit access, when ‘desired, reference to a particular embodiment,’ it is not
to the interior thereof and to the spaces between con?ned to the details shown and described, and
the adjacent ba?ies 5 and 6 for cleaning or re
pairing .the ba?ies, or otherwise’ as needed.
It willrbe understood that when the drier is in
10 operation, the housing 3__and with it-the baf?es
5 and 6 are‘ moved backtand forth ina generally
horizontal direction while supported on'the spring
this application is intended to cover such modi?- .
cations as may come within the contemplated
purposes of the improvement or the scope of the‘ ' I
'A drier comprising a supporting frame includ
inguprights and horizontal connecting portions
‘ members
the housing
4, andduring
beans ‘or
other may”
of ‘spaced one above the other, of ahousing closed.
15 ‘terial introduced through the inlet 1, travel ~ ' on four sides and inclined perforate baf?es ar
downwardly through the housing overitherba?les franged in staggered relation in said housing one”
5 and 6 alternately,rpassing outwardly through , above the other,.each ‘of saidba?les extending v
the opening 9 at the bottom of: the housing. At along three wallsof the housing and being spaced,
the same time,-air is forced into the'bottom of
320 the housing through the opening I!) and travels
' thence-upwardly through“ the central zones» of
theba?les and‘ outwardlyiat ‘the'op'ening l4 at‘
Vthe'top'of'the housing;
With this arrangement, the beans as‘. they en
ter‘ the‘mach'ine when in their dampest condition
first contact with the coolest air, and as they
from one wall thereof, said housing having an '
inlet at the top and an outlet at the bottom for
material to‘ be driediand an air inlet at the bot
tom, a source of, hot air supply, a ?exible con- '
nection between saidsource of hot air supply and
‘said air ‘inlet, leaf spring suspension members
rigidly attached to said horizontal‘ cor'inectingv
portionsof the frame and having their lower:
,travel downwardly, and become drier, they meet, ends rigidly attached to the housingatpoints
drier, the driest beans being met at the bottom of
thejhousing-by the air in its hottest and driest
near the top andbottom thereof, said leaf spring‘
members being relatively short anddisposed with 6 7
their ?at surfaces at right angles to the direction
condition. With this ‘arrangement and proced
ure, slow drying of the beans is ‘assured, that is
posed rotary shaft mounted on s'aid‘supporting
" ,'currents of air which are increasingly hotter'and
of movement of the housing, a ‘vertically disi .
to say, they are'not subjected when'in a damp 7 frame, and operating meansconnecting said shaft
state to excessivelyrhot air that would otherwise with the housing at points near the top and bot-. ea or
35 ; split, damage, or deteriorate the product, and tom of the latter for imparting horizontal move- _ '
when the beans emergefrom the bottom of the " ment thereto. .
housing, they are thoroughly dried. The struc-V‘
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