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Jan. 12, 1937.
H_ p, C, KEULS
Filed Feb. 18, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet ‘l
Jan. 12, 1937.
H. P. c. KEULs
Filed Feb. 1s, 1_956
2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Jan. 12, 1937
Henry P. C. Keuls, New York, N. Y.
` > ¿ì 4
Application., February 18, 1936-, Sernin-@tensor f
2' Claims. (C1. 215-12)"
‘ 'I'his` invention._ relates to ornamental molded shown> in‘Fig. 1, vwith the upperv portion removed
ñgures hollowed-out to receive a- bottle or other
similar container, particularly for beverages.
In many instances, it. is desirable to have liquid
refreshments on display or handy for serving, but
as the commercial bottles or containersiin- which
they are sold are rather unsightly, the custom is
usually followed of transferring the. beverage to
some other container more` ornamental. in design.
This inconvenience, coupled with thev fact: that
the identity of the brand` may be forgotten, makes
the practice not quite as-satisfactory as it: might
be. Then, too, in the caseof alcoholic-beverages,
it is quite illegal to transfer the beverage from
one bottle to another. The law requires that the
beverage be dispensed from its original container.
In accordance with the present invention, an
ornamental molded figure is provided which can
be attractively displayed, and which is hollowed
20 out to receive the commercial container in which
the beverage is sold and with the label in its
original condition. While not in use the con
tainer is thus completely hidden from view,
whereas when the beverage is served the knowl
edge of its particular brand is at once available.
In addition the inconvenience of transferring the
beverage from one container to another is ob
The design of the molded figure is, in most
cases, dictated by the shape of the hollowed-out
portion in order that the walls of the ornamental
ñgure may be made substantially uniform in
thickness, thus rendering the article light in
weight and economical to manufacture. Above
the base, the iigure is formed in two parts, in the
present embodiment the split occurring in a
horizontal plane substantially at the center of the
iigure, so that the upper portion thereof may be
separated from the lower portion to give access to
the interior for the removal and replacement of
the bottle. The lower portion which is hollowed
out to receive the larger body portion of the
bottle, if desired, may be equipped `with resilient
means capable of conforming to bottles of dif
ferent sizes and shapes, and which serve also to
to expose the bottle; and
Fig.. 5 is a transverse sectional view taken on
line 5-i5‘of Fig. 3'.
. _
In the embodiment of the invention illustrated, 5
thereis provided an ornamental ñgure molded in
two parts A and B, the'lower part A being hol
lowedeout to receivethe‘larger or body portion of
a bottle C and formed integral with a base portion
A1 on which the bottle rests when in the orna- 10
mental figure. The upper portion B ofthe ngure
likewise is hollowed-out .toî receive thev bottle neck
and for this reason the dimensions of the` upper
hollowed-’out portioni are' substantially smaller
than those of the lower portion.
In the lower hollowed-out portion A of the
figure, there are provided longitudinal leaf springs
a fastened at their upper ends, as by spot-welding,
to a ring a1 fitted and secured to the inner wall
of the lower portion A of the figure. The ring a1 20
extends above the edge of the portion A and fits
within the upper portion B of the figure when
the latter is in place. The leaf springs a., at their
lower ends, are bent inwardly beneath a circular
plate a2 which is arranged in slight spaced rela- 25
tion with the base of the ñgure to give a degree
of movement suñìcient to provide for the flexing
of the springs as the bottle is inserted in place.
This arrangement not only holds the bottle firmly
in place and alines the neck portion centrally 30
with the upper smaller hollowed-out portion, but
in addition serves as a shock absorber to prevent
breakage of the bottle when the latter is inserted
in place.
It is desirable that the walls of the figure be 35
molded to substantially the same thickness
throughout in order to save material and to make
the figure as light as possible. It will be seen
therefore, that the shape of the interior hollowed
out portion of the ñgure at once dictates the 40
character of the exterior design and, by way of il
lustration, a Janus-faced statuette of a man has
been depicted, the trunk portion of which will
house the large body portion of the bottle, and
the head portion the neck of the bottle. The 45
aline the upper portion or neck of the bottle with smaller head portion of the ñgure also permits it
the upper smaller hollowed-out portion of the' to be readily ygrasped so that the upper portion
of the figure can be removed, exposing the neck
Referring to the drawings:
of the bottle by which the same may be readily
Fig. 1 is a face view of an ornamental figure
embodying .the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a side view of the ornamental ñgure
shown in Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on line 3--3 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is a. side View of the ornamental figure
removed from and replaced in the lower portion 50
of the figure.
Since, in the present embodiment, the upper
portion B is entirely removable from the lower
portion A, means in the nature of a dowel pin
a3 has been provided on the upper edge of the low- 55
` 2,067,766
er portion of the ligure and which is adapted to
cooperate with a corresponding recess b formed
in the lower edge of the upper portion of the
figure, to insure that the parts are properly lo
cated when fitted together to maintain the con
tinuity of design.
The design of the ornament is further selected
with the idea of providing some portion thereof
` that will efface or render diñicult of discernment,
10 the place where the parts ñt together, and in the
present instanceit will be noted that the belt ‘.B1
of the figure effectively accomplishes this- pur
pose, the lower edge of the belt, which protrudes
beyond the outer surface of the trunk, being in
15 alinement with the place where the parts come
From the foregoing it will be apparent that
the invention satisfies a need long felt for a de
vice that will hide a beverage bottle while hav
20 ing it always available, and which at the same
er integral portion hollowed-out to receive the
body portion of a bottle, an upper integral por
tion arranged to iit on the lower portion and hol
loWed-out to receive the upper or neck portion of
the bottle, said portions when fitted together com
pletely hiding the bottle from View, means ex
tending beyond the edge of one of the portions
and fitting within the other portion for holding
said portions against lateral displacement and
including a cylindrical element secured to the 10
inner‘wall of the lower portion, and means for
holding the bottle in place in said lower portion,
said means including a plurality of longitudinal
inwardly bowed leaf springs fastened at their up
per ends to said cylindrical element and adapted 15
resiliently to engage the lower body portion of
the bottle so as securely to hold it in place.
2. An article of manufacture, comprising a ‘
lower integral potion hollowed-out to receive the
body portion of a bottle, an upper integral por
time serves as a handsome ornament for purposes
tion arranged to ñt on the lower portion and hol
of display.
lowed-out to receive the upper or neck portion of `
' In the accompanying drawings, the invention
the bottle, said portions when fitted together
has been shown merely by way of example and
25 in preferred form, and obviously, many varia
tions and modiñcations mayv be made therein
which will still be comprised within its spirit. It
is to be understood therefore, vthat the invention
is not limited to any speciñc form or embodiment,
30 except insofar as such limitations are speciñed in
completely hiding the bottle from view, a ring
the appended claims.
Having lthus described my invention, what I
claim is:
1. An article of manufacture, comprising a low
arranged at the top of said lower portion project 25
ing above the upper edge thereof, and adapted to
ñt into the upper portion,- and means for holding
the bottle in place in said lower portion, said
means including a plurality of'longitudinal in
wardly bowed leaf springs >fastened at their up 30
per ends to said ring and adapted resiliently to .
engage the lower body portion of the bottle so as
securely to hold it in'place.
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