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Jan. 19, 1937.
Filed Nov. „26, 1955 ’
2 sheets-sheet 1
Jan. 19, 1937.l
lFiled Nov. 26,._`1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
L'. L. ‘Ära/wer».
By @um
APatented Jan. 19, 12.937>
Lyle L. xrîïlïläìnonn, Nev.
Application November 26,' 1835, Serial No. 51,675
' l Claim.
The present invention relates to newrand use
- ful improvements'in baby >strollers and has for
-its primary object »to provide, in a manner as
hereinafter set forth, a device of this char
acter embodying a novel construction, >combina
. tion and arrangement of parts through the me
. dlum of which the same may be expeditiously
folded when not in use, as when it is
y to transport it, or unfolded.
Other objects of the invention are to provide
a stroller of the aforementioned character which
tions of the pairs of arms I4 are supporting.
wheels I6. _The back rest 8 includes a. pair or
bars I1 which are mounted on a panel I8 in
a manner to provide free end portions con-v
stituting arms projecting into the body l». The 5
back rest 8 is hingedly connected, as at I9, on
thebo‘dy I. The aforementioned'arms are des
ignated by the reference numeral 28. Angular
links 2| operatively connect the wheel support
ing- arms I4 to the back rest 8 for actuation 10
thereby, said links being Apivotally connected
will be simple in construction, strong, durable,
with the arms 28 w’through substantiallyQ semi
eii‘lcient and reliable in use, light in weight, circular openings' 22 which are -provided there
compact, attractive in appearance, and which vfor in the adjacent upper portions of the parti
15 may be manufactured at low cost.
tions 8.
All of the foregoing and still further objects
' and advantages of the invention will become ap
-parent from. astudy of the following speciñc'a-v
tion, taken in connection with theaccompanying
20 drawings wherein like characters of reference
securing the back rest 8 in raised position, as 20
designate corresponding parts throughout the
suggested in. Figure 2 of the drawings. The free
several views,v and wherein:
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of ' a
are formedto provide shoulders 25 for abutting
stroller constructed in accordance with the pres
engagement with said arms for preventing
ent invention, showing the same unfolded for
swinging movement of the back rest toward 25 .
substantially on the line 2-2 of Figure l.
‘ Figure 1 is a view in bottom plan of the
stroller, with a portion of the bottom’of the body
broken away to expose one of the supporting
wheels in retracted position.
ends of the arms 28 ride on the latches 24 which
closed position. The wheel compartments I0 are
Figure 2 is a view in vertical section, taken
The other ends ofthe links 2| are 15
Journaled on pins 23 extending between inter
mediate portions of the pairs of larms I4.
Resilient latches 24 extend rearwardly from'
the front wall 2 of `the body I for releasably „
provided with hinged bottom doors 26, said _doors
being hinged, as at 21,- on the sides 3 of the
-body I. >Coil springs _28 are‘ connected to the.l
doors 28 for yieldingly urging said` doors toward 30
-closed position at all times.
The reference numeral 28 designates a de
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view through tachable and foldable tongue which is connect
one end portion of the stroller in folded position.v ible, as at 88, to the body I. The seat structure
Referring now to the drawings in detail. it I2 is provided Awith a socket which receives one 35
-will be seen that the embodiment of the inven
end portion of the tongue 28 and said seat struc
tion which has been illustrated comprises a body ture is further- provided with a substantially
which is designated generally by the reference U-shaped bracket in which the tongue is en- _‘
numeral I, said body being substantially rec
gageable, as best seen in Figure 1 ot the draw- _
tangular in plan and formed of any suitable ma
ings. The tongue 28 -comprisesca plurality of 40
terial. The body I includes a front _2, sides 8, sections which are hingedly connected together,a bottom 4, and -a reary 5 which is hingedly ' asat 32.
A foot rest 88 is hingedly mounted
I further includes a top 1 having an opening>
therein in which aback rest designated gener
on the free en'd portion of' the swinging rear
wall 5 of the body I'. It will be noted that the
'swinging rear wall 5 ofthe body I terminates 45
ally by the 4reference numeral 8 is operable.
at the partitions 8, as best seen in Figure '3 of
` mounted, as at 6, on the bottom 4. - The body
Spaced from the sides 3 of the body I are par
titions 8 which divide said body into wheel com
partments 'I_III and a passenger compartment II.
50 A seat structure I2 is provided in the 'passenger
the drawings. -Any suitable means may bepro
the wheel compartments I8 -and have mounted
vided for securing the rear wall 5 Vin closed po
sition. A hanger 34 ishingedly mounted on the
swinging rear wall 5 and is detachably. connect- 50
ible with the tongue 28 for supporting said rear
wall in an inclined open position when the stroll
thereon pair's of spaced, opposed arms I4 which
er is in use.
compartment II of thehbody. _Pins I3 traverse
are rigidly secured'together, as by a ‘connecting-block I5. Journaled between the free end por
Also mounted on' the rear wall 5
is a'carrying handle 85.
Inuse, when the beck lrest 8isswungto55
open position, the links 2I swing the wheels I6
downwardly out of the compartments I0,” said
wheels swinging the doors 26 to open position
against the tension of the coil springs 28. When
the free ends of the arms 20 move past the
shoulders 25 of the resilient latches 24, said
may be attractively painted or provided with a
suitable covering. The rear ends of the wheel
compartments III are closed by stationary wall
sections 3G.
It is believed that the many advantages of a
stroller constructed in accordance with the pres
latches snap into operative engagement> with
ent invention will be readily understood, and
said arms for releasably securing the back rest
in raised or operative position. The wall 5 of the'
although the preferred embodiment of the in
vention is as illustrated and described, it is to
10 body is swung to open'position, as is also the _ be understood that changes in the details of con
foot rest 33 on said Wall 5. 'I'he sectional tongue struction and in the combination and arrange
29, which may be stored in the body I, is mount
ment of parts may be resorted to which will fall
ed in position and the brace u connected there- _ within the scope o! the invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:
to. The device is then ready for use. To fold
A foldable stroller'comprising a body, retract
15 the stroller, the brace 34 is disconnected from
the tongue 29 and the said tongue is removed,
folded and placed in the body I. The member
ible supporting wheels mounted for swinging
movement on the body, a back rest pivotally
5 is then swung to closed position and the latches » mounted on the body for movement to operative
24 are depressed to release the back rest 8 which
20 is swung to folded position, this movement ofv
‘or inoperative position, means operatively con
necting the -wheels to the back rest for actua 20
the back rest raising the wheels I6 to retracted tion thereby to operative or inoperative posi
or inoperative position in the compartments I0. tion, said back rest including a pair of arms
As' the wheels enter the compartments Il, the ;- projecting into the body, and resilient latches
coil springs 28 close the doors 26. Any suitable mounted in the ‘body and engageable with the
25 means may be provided for latching the back ‘ free ends or the arms for releasably securing 25
' rest 8 in closed position. When folded, the body
I is substantially in the form of a suitcase which
the back rest in operative position, 'said resilient
latches including retaining shoulders for abut
may be conveniently carried through the me -ting engagement with said arms.
dium of the handle Il. It desired, the body I
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