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Feb. 23, 1937.
2,071,779“v '
Original Filed Sept. 5, 1935
/7 /4
f5 2% v 23
H5 147' rozlws rs.
Patented Feb. 23, E937
umrao STATES.»
to The
Joel Hektner, Canton, Ohio, assignor
Canton, Ohio,
Timken Roller Bearing Company,
a . corporation of Ohio
Original application September 3, 1935, Serial No.
38,866. Divided and this application July 10,
1936, Serial No. 89,924
3 Claim5._v (Cl. 105-223)
the innermost bearing cone I3 is‘ mounted
_ This application is a division of my applica
against a closure and abutment ring I5 which
tion Serial No. 38,866 ?led September 3, 1935 for is seated against a shoulder IE on the axle.
Railway car truck.
Bearing rollers I1 aremounted on' said cones
> The invention relates to trucks for railway
, l3 and the cups l8 or outer bearing members 5
5 cars whose axles are mounted in antifriction
bearings and it has for its principal object to
relieve the bearings of such an axle of torsional
strains due to‘ individual wheel or axle move
ments relative to other parts of the truck. The
are mounted in said housing ll, whose outer
end is closed by a cap 19 that is secured to the
housing by screws 20 and that has an inward
ly extending sleeve portion 2! that abuts.
against the outermost bearingv cup I8. The in- 10
loinvention consists principally in mounting the nermost end of the bearing housing II is closed
bearing housing of‘ such an axle or frame ‘in ‘by a ring‘22 ‘that is secured to the housing by
vsuch a way as to permit such housing to have
a pivotal movement about an axis transverse to
the axle and also about a vertical axis, such
15 double pivoting of the bearing housing permit
ting self-alining movement of the bearings and
thus relieving them of .torsional strains. The
screws 23_ and has a sleeve portion 24 extending
inwardly into the bearing housing, abutting
against the innermost bearing cup l8 to hold 15
it in position. The drawing shows only one ‘end
portion of one axle, it being'understood that
the other end portion of the other axle will be of
similar construction and that the. truck side
truck and in the parts and combinations and ar-" frame member may be of any well-known type. 20
invention further consists in the railway car
0 rangements of parts hereinafter described and
In the accompanying drawing,
Fig. 1 isa partial vertical sectional view of
" a railway car axle and the adjacent portion of
25 a car truck embodying my invention,
Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical sectional view
on the line 2-2 in Fig. 1, looking in the direc
tion of the arrows ;v and
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on theline 3--3 in
30 Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the‘ arrows.
In the drawing is shown a truck side frame
I of common construction provided with an end
portion that has spaced perforated bosses 2 on
its under side to receive a‘ pin 3 that is disposed
35 transversely of the axle 4. Mounted’on vsaid
While the bearing arrangement just described
is a preferred arrangement, it is understood that
the invention is not limited to any specific hear
ing arrangement, but is concerned with the piv
otal mounting of the-bearing housing.
The above described mounting of the bearing
housing permits swinging movement of the bear
ings and housing about an axis transverse to the
axle and also about a vertical axis. Thus self
alining movement of the bearings and housing '30
is permitted while maintaining tightness of ?t of
the parts underallconditions. Obviously, numer- ' '
ous' changes might be made, particularly in the
truck side frame construction and in the bearing
arrangement, without departing from the inven- 35
tion. and I do not wish to be limited to the pre
construction shown.
portion 6 of cylindrical con?guration oscillatable cise
.What I claim is:
in a concave‘seat ‘I provided on the under side
1. A car truck comprising a frame member, an
of the end portion of said side frame between axle, a bearing housing receiving said axle, anti- 40
40 said bosses 2 and which has projectingv bot- , friction bearings between said axle and said hous
tom ?ange portions 8 that are received in slots . ing, the top of said housing having spaced over
9 formed by' upstanding lugs l8 onthe bearing hanging lugs, a pivot block having ?anges ?tting
'pin3 is av pivot block 5 that has a central stem
housing ll,vsaid lugs having ?anged portions l2
overlapping the sides of said pivot block ?anges
beneath said lugs, said ?anges being convexly
curved endwise and a pivot pin supporting said 45
4'5 8. Said ?anges 8 are convexly curved from end ' pivot block, said-pin being secured to said frame
.to end, whereby said'bearing housing is per
and extending transversely of the axle.
mitted swinging movement on said ?anges 8
2. A car truck comprising a frame member, an .
' of said pivot block 5. A
axle, a bearing housing receiving said axle, anti
. ‘Extending into the'bearing housing It is the friction bearings between said axle and said hous- 50
50 end portion ‘of the axle 4 of a railway car or ing, said frame having spaced perforated bosses
the like, on which are mounted spaced tapered disposed transversely of said axle, the top of
‘roller bearings. The cones l3 or inner bearing
members are spaced apart by a sleeve l4 mounted
on the axle. The bearing. cones iii are arranged
55 with their large ends disposed inwardly and
said housing having-spaced overhanging lugs, a
pivot block having .a portion disposed between
said bosses and having ?anges ?tting beneath 55
said lugs, said ?anges being convexiy curved end
wise and a “pivot pin extending through said
bosses and said pivot block.
3. A car truck comprising a frame member, an
axle, a bearing housing receiving said axle, anti
friction bearings between ‘said axle and said
housing, said frame having a concave seat ex
tending transversely of the axle and spaced per
forated bosses at the ends of said-seat, the top
of said housing having spaced overhanging lugs,
a pivot block having a portion disposed between
said bosses and convexly curved on its top to fit
said concave seat and said block having ?anges
?tting beneath said lugs, said ?anges being con 5
vexly curved endwise and a‘pivot pin extending
into‘ said boss perforations and supporting said
pivot block.
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