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i March 23, 1937.
P. l.. PATERsoN
Filed Sept. 5, 1934
Patented Mar. 23, 1937
Peter Lindsay Paterson, London, England
Application September 5, 1934, Serial No. 742,832
In Great Britain September 12, 1933
1 Claim.
This invention relates to improvements in or
(C1. 12S-286)
stamping them from large composite sheets and
connected with catamenial appliances.
It has already been proposed to provide a flex
stitching the edges either before or after the
ible rubber bag or the like for the purpose of
accommodating a pad of absorbent material, the
bag being fitted with suitable means for attach
ment to a suitable support. Such devices have,
The aforesaid pad may be fitted with one or
more tabs, loops or the like for facilitating its
however, proved to be unsatisfactory, owing to
the difficulty of securing a good nt, and one which
10 was not impaired when the article was subjected
to pressure, as from the thighs.
One of the objects of the present invention is
to provide an appliance which is so designed as
to maintain tight contact with the body.
A further object is to provide an appliance
which is comfortable in use and can be main
tained in the desired position even though the
user undergoes athletic movements.
Yet another object is to provide a device of
20 small dimensions which can be Worn under bath
ing costumes or the like.
A still further object is to provide an appli
ance of a very hygienic character and one in
which carriage and disposal of the pads or the
IC Ul like employed therewith are very greatly facili
With the above and other objects in view the
present invention resides in the features herein
after fully described and claimed in the appended
According to one feature of the present inven
tion, I provide a catamenial appliance, includ
ing a suitable waterproof, and preferably flexible,
holder or container, adapted to receive a pad or
the like of absorbent material, said container
being secured or adapted to be secured to, or
formed integrally with, a suitably shaped cush
ion-like contact member, or sealing rim. Said
contact member or sealing rim is so constructed
as to be soft and pleasant to wear, whilst at the
same time having sufficient resilience or rigidity
to maintain its shape under pressure, as from
the thighs.
According to another feature of the present
“ invention, I provide a pad for insertion within
the above mentioned container, said pad being
substantially of oval shape, and formed from
wood cellulose or other suitable absorbent mate
rial, preferably of low cohesiveness. Said pad is
preferably reinforced on its upper and lower
faces, for example, by means of one or more
sheets of permeable material, for example, gauze
fabric, muslin or the like. These sheets may be
stitched together at a plurality of points around
Cn Cx their outer edges, but the space between such
edges is preferably open, so that disintegration
of the cellulose pad can be easily brought about
by'immersion in water, and disposal of the rem
nants of the pad is thereby greatly facilitated.
6 O These pads may conveniently be formed by
stamping operation.
withdrawal from the container, and if desired.
an opening in said container may be provided
for facilitating the insertion and removal of the
pad, such opening being for instance closed by
a Zip-fastener, or in any other convenient man
ner, although said pad is preferably of such size
that it can be urged past a re-entrant rim into
and from an enlarged pocket portion of the con
tainer without necessitating any additional open
ing therein.
According to yet another feature of the present
invention, I provide means for supporting the
aforesaid catamenial appliance, said means com
prising a belt, for example, of silk-covered elas
tic material, adapted to encircle the waist, and 20
having dependent and extensible straps, tapes or
the like, having hooks, clips or the like for en
gagement with strap-like extensions of the con
tainer, or with said container itself. I prefer
ably provide one strap, tape or the like, at the 25
back of the belt, and two straps, tapes or the
like, at the front thereof, so as to ensure secure
positioning of the appliance.
The above mentioned contact member of the
container is preferably in the nature of a sealing 30
rim, of such size and contour, that it surrounds
the vulva or labia pudendi, and extends from the
under-surface of the arch of the pubic bones to
the natal cleft distal to the cocyx bone. Said
sealing rim may be made of any suitable resilient 35
material, for example, sponge rubber, although
it is preferably in the form of a pneumatic cush
ion, tube or the like, which may be of rubber, silk
covered rubber or the like, and may be reinforced
in any suitable manner. Thus for instance, a 40
wound steel-wire may be fitted to or housed with
in the tubular ring, and so serve to reinforce said
rim, and cause the desired shape to be main
tained. The aforesaid rim may for instance coin
cide approximately with the external contour of 45
a longitudinal section through a pear, but other
shapes, such for example as oval or elliptical
form may be employed.
The bag portion of the aforesaid container is
preferably longer and wider than the rim or seal 50
ing portion, and may be made of rubber, silk
covered rubber, or other suitable flexible and wa
terproof material. Said bag portion may more
over, be formed integrally with the rim portion ..
or be secured thereto, either permanently or de 55
tachably, in any convenient manner.
In order that my invention may be well under
stood I will now describe by way of example one
embodiment thereof with reference to the ac
companying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 shows a perspective view of the complete
appliance in approximately the position it oc
cupies when in use,
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional elevation of
Ul the appliance,
Fig. 3 is a plan view of one form of pad which
may be employed, and,
Fig. 4 is a side sectional elevation of said pad.
Referring to the drawing, the supporting means
for the appliance consist of a belt I of resilient
material, for example silk-covered rubber, and
having three dependent extensible tapes or the
like 2, 3, II each of which carries a fastening de
vice, for instance a clip 5. A subsidiary tape 5’
of silk or other suitable material is preferably
provided behind each clip so as to prevent such
clip from contacting with the body. 'I'he afore
said clips 5 are adapted to engage small eyelets
6', -I', 8' carried by bands S, 'I and 8, extending
20 from a pouch or container 9.
Said container is
preferably made of rubber and the bands 6, 'I and
8 may be formed integrally therewith' or be se
cured thereto in any convenient manner.
The above mentioned container 9 is adapted
to receive a pad I0 of more or less oval form
which can be urged past the upper rim II of the
device into the lower portion which is of slightly
greater width and length. Said sealing rim con
forms more or less with the contour of a vertical
30 section through a pear and is adapted to make
tight contact around the vulva. In order to in
crease the desired sealing effect said rim is in
this example of tubular form and the interior
is filled with air so as to form a pneumatic cush
i' ion. The aforesaid air-cushioned rim may be
formed integrally with the container 9 by rolling
and sealing the upper edge or a separate rim por
tion may be secured to said container in any con
venient way. Moreover instead of ñlling the
40 tubular portion of the rim directly with air, an
inner tube may be inserted within said tubular
In order to prevent any inadvertent rucking of
the aforesaid sealing rim II, due for instance to
closing together of the legs, I preferably provide
resilient reinforcing means. Thus for instance a
ring I2 of wound steel-wire may be fitted to said
rim in any convenient manner.
Said ring con
forms with the desired shape of the opening but
50 is preferably appreciably smaller than the outer
limit of the rim I I, and forms a recessed portion
I3 below which the side walls of the container di
verge. 'I'he pad Il! can be urged past the rein
forced rim into the enlarged container and will
55 be securely held therein until its withdrawal is
desired. In order to facilitate withdrawal of said
pad a loop I4, for instance of silk tape, is secured
to one end thereof.
The aforesaid pad III is of such a size that it
60 covers the vulva and is thus very much smaller,
and in particular, very much shorter than equiv
alent devices usually employed. VThe pad is
preferably of a composite nature including a cen
tral portion III consisting of several, for instance
65 eighteen, layers of wood-cellulose or other suit
able absorbent material, and two covering sheets
of gauze or muslin I5, I 5. The ends of said sheets
E5, I5 are secured together in any convenient
manner, for instance by means of stitches I 6, I l’,
70 but the side portions are preferably not intercon
nected so that disintegration of the pad results
very readily when it is immersed in water and
the ultimate disposal of the pad is thereby great
ly facilitated.
The two front bands 2, 6 and 3, 'I of the sup
porting means are so positioned that they lie
in the folds of the thighs and the single rear
band, formed by the parts 4 and 8, is so disposed
that it lies in the rima ani.
In this way the
device is comfortably and securely supported and
inadvertent displacement is very strongly op
In a modification of the above example, in
stead of providing a rim II including an air 10
cushion, the desired resiliency may be attained
in other ways. Thus vfor instance, said rim may
be ñlled with sponge rubber or textile or ñbrous
material or the like. Moreover, instead of mak
ing the container of rubber, any other suitable
material, for example, rubberized fabric, may be
employed and the container may be covered
with any suitable material, for instance silk or
artificial silk.
The aforesaid container 9 and the securing
means may be of any desired shape and size and
in some cases an opening may be provided in the
side or base of the container for facilitating th
insertion 01‘ removal of the pad IIJ.
In a modification of the above-described sup
porting means, instead of employing an elastic
belt I of endless form, I may provide a, belt the
ends of which can be detachably secured to
gether by any convenient clasp, buckle or the
A device as above described in addition to
possessing the advantage of carrying out its
functions in a very secure and comfortable man
ner, due inter alia to its adaptability for main
taining tight contact and its resilient nature,
also possesses the great advantage of being of
small dimensions, so rendering its use possible
Under bathing costumes and the like. Further
the possibility of using small pads enables a
number of such devices to be easily carried and 40
very greatly facilitates the step of utlimately
disposing of them.
The supporting device employed in carrying
out the present invention may in some cases be
adapted to serve other purposes. Thus for in
stance, it may be adapted to serve as a scrotum
suspensory device or the like.
Whilst I have hereinbefore given some exam
ples of appliances according to the present in
vention, it is to be understood that the partic
ular details may be varied or modified within
the scope of the appended claim.
I claim:
A catamenial appliance including a ñexible
waterproof pouch adapted to receive a pad of
absorbent material and having an open top, a
pneumatic sealing rim operatively related to said
pouch and disposed about said open top, said
rim being substantially of pear-shaped contour
and concaved in side elevation, a reinforcing wire
for said rim which conforms to the shape there
of, the Wire being disposed between the rim and
the pouch proper and within the outer limits of
-the rim, the narrow end which constitutes the
rear of said appliance being provided with a sin
gle strap-like support connected at a point below
the rim, whereby the rear part of the rim may
be securely supported against a user, and the
wide end which constitutes the front of said ap
pliance being provided with two Strap-like sup
ports, whereby to support the front part of the
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