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I 'iPatentecl Apr. 13, 1937
'Application'fDecembei-i s1, l935,rSerial\
inventionlrelates‘toimprovements Iin‘con‘r‘: '
tainerforioods and beverages; “especially the type
all metal“
of this
or type‘
1 comprise
I ‘ one
5 having ?at ends and another having a spout.1“>“In
which‘can" beeasily‘stacked for dis
play, shipping or storage purposes, it requires
Fig.2‘ shows alpa’rtly sectional and partly‘ “bro
ken away," view" of the-‘r-inventioni'in‘v‘a I-mo‘di?ed
forr'n éinlwhich the container‘botto‘m is‘ provided. '
with projections'=' to ‘register witlilc'or‘respon'din‘g' ‘ I
tion may be applied.
2 invention is concerned.
The spout type of container-is, however, diffi
cult to stack for shipping, display and other
purposes, as the crown or screw cap closure does
20 notprovide asatisfactory base upon which to
rest the next can.
The ‘present invention overcomes
The container Ill may have the conventional 10
cylindrical shell or wall comprising the body II
and top l3, and further has a substantially an—
nular bottom l2. The bottom I2 and the top
l3 may be secured at opposite ends to body H
in the conventional manner of seam construc- 15
tion I4 providing a rim 20 on bottom l2 and a
rim 2| on top l3. ‘The top l3‘of the container
comprises the substantially frustro-conical ‘wall
forming shoulder S and a substantially cylindri-
cal wall protruding from shoulder S forming a 20
neck or spout l5. Spout l5 may be closed in
these and
the conventional manner by means of a crown
cap 16 or screw cap (not shown) in the latter
It is an object of this invention to provide a
25 container made of metal‘ or other suitable mate
rial with a bottom, which will ?t over the top of
case threads being provided on the spout l5 for
other di?iculties.
an adjacent alinedsimllar container, thereby per
- mitting the rims of the two containers to contact
and to give a secure resting surface.
the "lower
~ »
or dispensing means to withdraw the contents.
ficulties in pouring, and once punctured cannot
be closed again. For this reason the container
with a spout is preferable and becoming more
.15 Popular. It is with this spout type of can‘ this
1? ; ' ‘f
depressions on the top of a similar container.
The drawing shows examples of how the inven
?at end containers are unsanitary and cause dif
r, thebottom‘iof
the puncturing of one end to provide an outlet
10 Although satisfactory for stacking purposes, these
container-being broken away.
It is another object of this invention to provide
in a \container a recessed bottom which will ?t
closely over the. ‘crown or screw cap closure of a
preceding similar container, thereby preventing
any shifting of the containers in relation to each
35 other when the containers are stacked while, at
the same time, maintaining the rigidity of the
bottom against weakening thereof, or‘ of its
seamed joint with the wall of the container.
It iS‘B, still further object of this invention to
40 provide the container tops with corrugations, as
projections, which will coincide with depressions
in the bottom of the adjacent alined cans, there
by preventing the rotation of the various stacked
containers in relation to each other.
45 »To enable others skilled in the art so fully to
interengagement'with those on the cap.
‘ 25
Bottom l2 may be provided with a‘ recess I1
de?ned by wall W (Fig. 1), or a recess l1’ de?ned
by wall W’ (Fig. 2), or anyother suitable wall
for the purpose intended.
‘These walls, W, W'nare formed such that the 30
recesses ll, l1’, will house that portion of top
l3 which protrudes above'rim 2|‘ of a companion
stacked container. The bottom l2 or l2’ extends
downwardly from the seam M in an inverted con
ical portion, terminating in an-upwardly extend- 35
ing conical portion [8, complementary with the
conical top l3. These walls, therefore act'as re
inforcing means for the bottom of the container‘
and prevent opening of the seamed joint thereof.
In recess l'l de?ned by wall W, the angular por- 40
tion I8 of the latter is adapted to rest against
the portiori IQ of shoulder S of a similar container.
Figurev 1 shows two adjacent‘ly alined or stacked
similar containers wherein the bottom rim 20
of the upper container rests on ‘the top rim 2| 45’
comprehend the underlying features thereof that ' of. the loweryco'ntainenand"portion? iii of wall W
restson portion 119" of shoulder. Sf‘ .The cap It
they may embody the same by the numerous
modi?cations instructure and relation contem
plated by this invention, a drawing depicting
50 certain forms of the invention has been annexed
as a part of this disclosure, and in such drawing,
like characters of reference denote corresponding
parts throughout all the views, of which:
\Fig. 1 represents a side elevational view, half_
55 in section, of two alined similar containers in
> is within ‘the cylindrical"portionfi?‘9f ,wall w
which extendsffromzportioiiisland’ which is the
I ,deepes't portionof recess-I1.’ f Portion 22 of're'cess ' 5°
i1. provides a‘ clearancev for cap ' l6.
In the arrangement illustrated in Fig. 2, the _ -'
wall W’ ofibottom IZ’Vis provided with projec-"
tions 23 which are adapted to ?t into depressions
24 of the top I3’ of a similar container. The 55
edges or rims 20 and 2! will also contact in this
wall providing end rims thereon, the top rising
in frustro-conicai shape from its seamed juncture
Although I have here shown the application of
with the wall, and the bottom having an inverted
my invention to a cylindrical container it is
understood that the same is applicable to any type
conical portion extending'irom the seamed joint
and terminating in an upwardly extending coni
cal portion complementary with the frustro
of container of the spout class.
I desire it understood that the invention is not “conical top to ?t on the top of a similar container
to be con?ned to the particular forms shown stacked therewith.
2. A container comprising a wall having top
and described, the same being merely illustrative,
10 and that the invention can be carried out in and bottom attached thereto by seamed joints
other ways without departing from the spirit extending inwardly of the extreme ends of said
thereof, and therefore, I claim broadly the right wall providing end rims thereon for stacking a
plurality of said containers, the top rising in
to employ all equivalent instrumentalities com
ing within the scope of the appended claims, and frustro-conical shape from its seamed juncture
15 by means of which objects of my invention are with the wall with a neck at its upper end, and
attained and new results accomplished, as it is‘ the bottom having an inverted conical portion
obvious that the particular embodiments herein extending from the seamed joint and terminating
shown and described are only some of many that in an upwardly extending conical portion com
plementary with the frustro-conicai top to ?t
can be employed to attain these objects and ac
--_'-on'the top of a similar container stacked there 20
20 complish these results. '
Having described my invention, what I claim" "with, said- upwardly extending conical portion- .
as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is: ‘having a cylindrical portion at the upper end
1. A container comprising a wall having top thereof to enclose the neck 01' the stacked con
and bottom attached theretotby seamed joints
extending inwardly of the extreme ends of said
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