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June 1, 1937.
P. w. MlEssLER
Filed April l5, 1935
2,082,254 "
Patented June 1, 1937
Cleveland, Ohio, assignor
Paul W. Miessler,
The Hankins Container Company,
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application April 15, 1 935, Serial No. 16,386
1 Claim.
(Cl. 229-52)
The present invention relates to baskets and
more particularly to baskets adapted for use
in connection with the transportation of fruits
and vegetables.
One object of the invention is to provide a
sturdy and durable form of basket which can
be conveniently fabricated from inexpensive ma
reference to Fig. l it will be noted that the naps
lû and Il at each end of the basket are folded
inwardly so as to lie flat against the inner sur
faces of the end wallsrß and 9.
The reinforcing strip 3 may advantageously
be formed of a* thin, relatively stiff strip of wood.
This reinforcing strip is preferably formed of
two separate pieces 3', 3", each of such a length
terials without requiring any special form of
as to extend the entire length of one of the
tools or machinery.
elongated, single-thickness side walls and over
a substantial portion of each end Wall. The
Another object is to provide a basket formed
'separate strips 3', 3" are secured to the side
rugated paperboard, which can be quickly folded and end walls as by means of staples l2, I2.
from a blank of sheet material, such as cor
into basket form and can be readily assembled
with a reinforcing strip which not only rein
forces the basket walls but which at the same
time serves to secure the blank into permanent
basket form and to retain the basket handle in
In the present instance, the strips 3', 3” extend 15
in overlapping relation with each other over
a major portion of the end walls B and 9. It
will be understood that the staples l2, l2 extend
through the flaps lll, IG and Il, il so as to secure
these flaps directly to their adjacent end walls.
Another object is to make possible the utili
It will thus be noted that the end walls> are
Zation of relatively
not only of double thickness but have a rein
fruit and vegetable walls that the assembly of forcing strip thereon, a substantial portion of
which is also double', accordingly, even using thel
ing the narrow end
side and end walls will cause
relatively thin corrugated board, the end walls
a rim on to the
the load imposed upon the side walls to be will be exceedingly stiff and rigid and capable' 25
a manner that, even with
of bearing a relatively heavy load upon their
distributed in such
the side walls'of a single thickness, the tendency upper edges which is the case when the baskets
are piled one on top of the other in a freight
of the side walls to be deflected o-r distorted,
even under relatively ,heavy loads due to stack
car or truck.
The handle 4 'is formed of flat material such
ing, will be reduced.
To these and other ends the invention resides as a strip of wood, the ends of the handle being 30 in certain improvements and combinations of
of such length as to terminate substantially at
the lower edge of the reinforcing strip. The ends
parts, all as will be hereinafter more fully de
scribed, the novel features being pointed out in of the handle are secured in place between the
reinforcing strip and the side wall as by means
the claim at the end of the specification.
of staples, I2, or other securing means. Thus,
In the drawing:
Figure l is a perspective view of a basket made
the handle will present no rough or uneven sur
faces either on the inside or on the outside of
in accordance with the present invention;
Figure 2 is a plan view of the blank.
the basket.
Due to the stiffness of the reinforcing strip the 40
The basket, indicated as a whole at l, com
prises a blank 2 constituting a body portion, a load imposed upon the handle while the basket
is being carried will not be limited merely to
reinforcing rim 3 and a handle â.
the fastening means which secures the handley
The blank or body portion 2, as shown in
Fig. 2, is preferably formed of sheet material in place but will be distributed on both sides 45
such as corrugated paperboard. In the present of the handle along the side walls and an appre
may very advantageously be
ciable amount of the load imposed upon the
instance, the basket
formed from a relatively thin corrugated board handle will be transmitted t0 the end walls.
The tendency of the handle to become detached
sometimes designated as board formed with low
from the basket is thus avoided.
Any load resting upon the side walls of the
The blank ‘Z is scored and cut to form a bot
and '1, and end walls basket will be distributed substantially evenly
tom wall 5, side walls 8 instance
it is preferred therealong due to the rigidity of the reinforcing
8 and 9. In the present
strip and a certain amount of the load imposed
to form the narrow end walls of more than one
for this purpose flaps
thickness of board and formed respectively at upon an intermediate portion of the side walls 55
will be transmitted to the end walls. It is there
l0, l0 and H, H are
ated side walls t and l. By
55 the ends of the elong
fore apparent that the basket of the present in
vention is admirably suited for shipment in box
cars or trucks where it is desired to stack the
baskets one upon the other to a considerable
which relatively light and inexpensive materials
may be employed. Due to the reinforcing rim
and the manner of associating it With the
double-thickness end walls, the tendency of the
By reason of the fact that loads imposed upon
the edges of the side Walls
single-thickness side Walls' to collapse or become
distorted under normal loads is eliminated; and,
due to the effective construction of the basket,
double-thickness, rigid end walls, it will be seen
that the body portion of the basket may be con
structed from thinner paperboard than would
otherwise be possible. Thus, the cost of the
basket may be reduced Without impairing its
it is possible to employ thinner and weaker paper
board than would otherwise be possible with
other types of constructions.
While the present description sets forth a pre
ferred embodiment of the invention, certain
the construction With
out departing from the spirit of the invention,
and it is therefore desired that the present em 15
bodiment is considered in all respects as illustra
tive and not restrictive, reference being had to
Y changes may be made in
By the utilization of the relatively stiff rein
forcing strip 3 it is to be noted that it is not
necessary to bring the ends of the handle down
along the sides of the basket and the ends of .the
handle may therefore be terminated at substan
tially the lower edge of the strip 3.
As stated above, the weight on the handle is
not only supported by the staple or other means
the appended claim rather than to the foregoing
description to indicate the scope of the inven
I claim:
directly to the side wall
and the end Walls.
Terminating the handle at about the lower
edge of the reinforcing strip 3 also insures that
the major portion of the side walls willV be .un~
of a length substantially equal _to one-half the
width of said end Walls and lying against the
inner surface of said end Walls to
thus permitting the side walls to be
ends of the handle are secured between the side
walls and the reinforcing strips not only provides
for a smooth exterior but provides a smooth in
40 terior as well whereby there is no likelihood of
the handle injuring the contents of the basket.
side Wall, said strips overlapping each other to
forni double thickness strips across the end walls, 35
means extending through said strips, end walls
and end wall ñaps to hold said basket in assem
bled relation, a. U-shaped handle member of fiat
material, said handle member having its ends
disposed between said strips and the side Walls
of said basket, means extending through each 40
of said strips, handle member and side wall to
hold said handle member in ñxed relation to said
basket, said strips serving to reinforce the entire
upper edge surface of said basket whereby when
a number of such baskets are stacked one upon 45
jacent to a similar basket.
From the foregoing it is apparent that the
50 present invention provides an effective basket
which can be quickly and easily formed and in
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