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June 1, 1937.
Filed Dec. '7, 1934 -
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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1 MW
\ June 1, 1937-.’
2,082,453 ,
Filed mm. 7,. 1954
2 "Sheets-‘Sheet 2 ’
Patented June 1, 1937
'amc'rnrcar. comma.
Howard C. KisseLGreen Bay, Wis.
Application December '1, 1934, Serial in. 756,884
2 Qlaims.
(01. 113-343) '
-This'invention appertains to electrical con
necters, and more particularly to a novel out
above character, which will be durable and ef
flcient in use, one that will be simple and easy
to manufacture, and one which can be placed
let socket. or receptacle, and plug therefor.
With the use of the customary pronged plug; ‘ upon the market at a reasonable cost.
considerable diillculty is experienced in prop
With these and other objects in view, the in- 5
erly alining the prongs with the socket recesses vention consists in the novel construction, ar
for making the desired connection. This is par
rangement andformation of parts, asl'will be .
ticularly true in the night time or where the hereinafter more specifically described, claimed
socket is located in the baseboard at an incon
and illustrated in the accompanying drawings,
venient point (such as behind articles of furni
connected together, the socket being of the lamp ,
out necessitating the careful alining of conduc
Another object of my inventionis the provi
sion of an outlet socket, or receptacle, having an
improved plug and socket, showing the same
base type.
Figure 2 is a side ‘elevation of the improved 15
Figure 3- is a central vertical section through
the improved socket, the view being taken at
right angles to Figure 1.
enlarged opening and av wide ?aring mouth, or'
Figure 4 is a fragmentary side elevation of 20
entrance throat, leading to said opening, and a the base of the plug, looking at right angles from
plug having a tapered inner end- for ?tting in Figure 2 and illustrating the formation of the
- said opening and guided therein by the throat,
having novel contacts for engagement with nov
25 elly arranged contacts in the socket.
Another important object of my invention is
the provision of an outlet socket, or receptacle,
having an enlarged opening with bayonet slots
formed in the side walls thereof, and a plug for .
Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through my
Therefore, one of the salient objects of my
invention is to provide an outlet socket and plug
which can be quickly and conveniently coupled
together and make the desired connection with
_ tor prongs and recesses.
in which drawingsz-
?tting in the opening having lugs for reception.
in the bayonet slots, .the lugs forming contacts
connecter lugs carried thereby.
Figure 5 is a top plan view of my‘novel socket,
showing a part of the plug in- dotted lines.
Figure 6 is a top plan view of a-socket of the '
?ush baseboard type embodying my improve
Figure 7 is a bottom
shown in Figure 6.
plan‘ view of the socket
30 v
Figure 8 is a central section taken subs-tan‘
for engagement with conductor membersiidiss. tially on the line‘ 1-! of Figure -6.‘
posed ‘in the slots 'for forming one connection,
Referring to the drawings in detail, wherein
the other connection being made/by centrally similar reference characters designate corre- \
located contacts carried respectively by the plug spending parts throughout the several views, the 35
and socket,.the provision of the bayonet slots, letter 8 generally indicates my improved socket,
and lugs preventing the accidental pulling apart and the letter P the novel plug used in connec
' of the plug and socket.
A further object of my invention is to provide
tion therewith.
The socket 8 comprises a' porcelain or other
I novel means for arranging the contacts in the insulating body l0 having an axially disposed
socket, or receptacle, whereby the accidental re- > cavity, or opening. II. This cavity, or opening.
ceiving of shocks is prevented, even though a
person should inadvertently insert his ?nger in
the opening of the socket.
Afurther object of my invention is to pro
ll terminates short of the inner end of the sock
et and opens out through the outer endcf the
socket. If preferred, the socket can be sur
rounded at its outer end by an annular ?ange 45
vide novel means for forming the plug itself, ‘ It for facilitating‘the gripping of the socket by
whereby a convenient grip can be obtained there- the operator. Embedded in the inner wall of the
on for facilitating the insertion and removal
thereof from the socket.
A further object of my invention is the pro
vision of novel means for leading the cord into
the plug and for connecting the conductor wires
thereof to the contacts carried by the plug.
A still further object of my invention is to
provide a quick coupling plug and socket of the
body in at the axial center thereof is the cen
tral contact ll, and it is to be noted that this
contact is exposed both interiorly and exteriorly 50
of the socket.
In. accordance with my invention, the outer
end of the opening Ii is beveled. or curved, to
provide the wide ?aring entrance mouth, or
throat, it, which facilitates thelguiding of the N
plug P into the opening without undue effort on
tral bore 33, through which is adapted tobe
the part of the operator.
from an electric iron or other electrical appliance.
This central bore 33 has communicating there
The opposite sides of the socket S are provided
with bayonet slots l5, and thus the inner faces
of the wall Ii at diametrically opposed points
are provided with vertical grooves 13 and oppo
' sitely extending arcuate grooves l1. Either one
or both of the arcuate grooves l1 can be pro
inserted the electric cord (not shown) leading
with diverging bores 31 which open out through,
the forward end of the plug body 2i between
the cavities 32.
Grooves 33 are formed in the outer face of the
vided'with U—shaped conductor strips i3, and
body and communicate with‘ the cavities 32 and
threaded metallic conductor shell IS.
P is gripped by the handle 34, and the plug pro
iection 22 is inserted in the socket. The plug
projection will be guided in place by the ?aring 20
with the forward ends of thediverging bores 31.
10 these strips are preferably tapered and inclined I When the electric cord is placed in the bore 33,
toward one end,- for’ a purpose which will‘ be the conductor wires thereof are threaded through
later- set forth. It will be noted that the inner
the bores 31 and are then brought into the grooves
faces of the conductor strips are covered by in
38 and into the cavities 32 and electrically‘ con
sulation to prevent shocks from being inad
with the conductor strlps.21 and 23 by 15
15 vertently received.
33 heretofore mentioned.
As the socket S is of the lamp base type, the
In use of my novel plug and socket, the‘ plug.
outer ‘face thereof has rigidly secured thereto the
A drop
of solder or the like 20 is employed for electri
20 cally. and rigidly connecting the shell with the
U-shaped conductor strip ‘l8.
- From the description so far, it can be seen that
mouth, and the. terminals of~ the conductor rod
24 will strike this mouth and the plug can be
the socket is provided with'a centrally disposed ~ rotated until the terminals of the conductor rod
conductor, or button, l3 and a side conductor IS. ride into the longitudinal grooves IS of the bayo
The improved plug ‘P is also formed from porce
The plug isnow pushed all the wavinto the
lain or other insulating material, and includes a
main body 2i having, formed thereon the for
wardly extending, axially disposed'plug projec
tion proper 22. The diameter of the plug pro
30 jection 22 is the same as, or slightly less than
‘the interior diameter of the socket S, and the
plug projection is adapted to ?t within the open
ing ll.
As is clearly shown in Figure 1 of the draw
35 ings, the insertion of'the plug projection in the
opening is considerably facilitated byv the ?aring
guide mouth l4. If desired, the plug P at the
juncture of the body 2i and the plug projection
22 can be shaped, as at 23, to fit in said ?aring
40 mouth when the plug and socket are coupled, so
as to completely close the opening.
Extending diametrically through the plug pro
jection 22 at a point intermediate its ends is a
conductor rod 24. Theterminals of the conduc
tor rod. 24 are extended a material distance be
yond the opposite sides of the plug projection, so
‘as to form connecter lugs 25.
By referring to Figure 4 ofithe drawings, it
‘will be noted that theinner, or rear, face of the
50 lugs are beveled, as' at 26, so as to form a sub
stantially wedge-shaped structure for reception
in the tapered arcuate ways i1 formed in the
socket and is again turned, so as to move the con
necter lugs, or terminals, of the conductor rod 24
into the arcuate ways I‘! of the bayonet slots.
Obviously, the conductor strip 23 electrically con
tacts with the button l3, and the conductor strip
20 through the medium of the conductor rod 24
electrically connects with the shell l3 throughv
the conductor strip I3 andthe solder 23.
Due to the inclined shape of the. ways and the
U‘-shaped conductor strips i3, and the beveled
faces of the lugs 23, a wedging action will be
had, which will effectively couple the plug and '
socket together. This wedging action or in
clined plane principle will take up any play caused 40
by wear, and will always keep the contacts tight
and prevent sparking and heating. This type
of coupling positively prevents the accidental un
coupling of the plug and socket.
Obviously, the plug can be quickly and easily 45
removed by grasping the handle 34 and rotating
the same in a reverse direction until the terminals
of thelconductor rod again aline with the longi
tudinal grooves l3 of the bayonet slots, at which
time the outward pull on the plug will uncouple 50
the plug from the socket.
In Figures 6, '7, and 8, I have illustrated a
?ush type of receptacle, or socket, and, as shown, ,
the same includes the porcelain or other insulat
ing body 43. The opposite sides of the body are 55
conductor strip 21 is electrically connected with ' cut away to form parallel fiat faces 4i to permit
the convenient anchoring thereof in the base
the conductor rod 24, as is clearly shown in Fig
ure 1 of the drawings. The forward end of the board and cover plates.
Molded in the bottom. of the plug P are con
55 ductor strips 21 and23. The forward end of the
conductor strip 23 is extended exterlorly of‘ the _ The body 43 is provided with the axially ex
tending opening 42, the outer end of which is
plug projection'22 at its axial center, as indi
curved to provide the ?aring entrance mouth,
cated by the reference character 23, for engage- ‘
vor guide throat, 43. The side walls of the open
ment with the central contact, or‘ button, l3.
The inner ends of the conductor strips Hand ing are provided with the bayonet slots 44, and
23 are extended laterally to provide attaching anchored in one or both of the curved portions 65
33 and 3i respectively, and, the plug body of the slots is the U-shaped conductor 45. '
Attached to the inner face of the body is a con- _'
is formed with openings 32 to permit access to
be had to said feet. Binding screws 33 are
threaded through the feet and auto the plug body
. _
ductor plate 43 which is adapted to be engaged ‘
by the central contact of the plug. As shown, a.
binding screw 41 is carried by the plate 43 to per-,
to permit the attaching of_ conductor wires
mit one of the house line wires to be connected 70
The inner end of the plug .body is formed with therewith. vl'i- similar ‘binding screw 43 is pro
a transversely extending hand grip 34 which can vided for the other house line wire, and this screw
have its opposite sides corrugated or otherwise 'Iis carrled by the conductor strip 43, which. can
be molded in_ the socket, and which is'electrically
treated, as at 35, to facilitate the gripping there
ubshaped conductor strip". 76
of. This hand grip 34 is provided with a cen
_ 9,082,458
‘ ~
55 is formed on the inner face of the
-- between the conductors 48 and 49, so as to
w‘ pvent the contacting of the line wires when the
same are secured to the binding screws.
This ‘socket is very similar to the socket shown
in Figures 1, 3, and 5, and the plug? is inserted
therein in the same manner.
With my type of plug and socket, no shock can
be received by inserting a ?nger or tool in: the
10V receptacle, or socket, even when standing on a
peri'ect ground, due to the fact that the neutral
wire goes to the central terminal, and live wire
to the contact in the arcuate way ill, and the
iace of this contact is covered by insulating ma
Obviously, the principles of my invention apply
to all types of receptacles, or sockets, with which
the plug can belused, and the sockets, or re
ceptacles, can be made in multiple without de
20 parting fronrthe invention.
mit the convenient ‘and quick coupling of these
members together.
Changes in details may be made without de
parting from the spirit or the scope’of my in
vention, but what I claim as new is:—
1. In a separable electrical connectcr, a socket.
or receptacle, including a body of insulation
having a central opening therein,- a central con
_ tact for the body,the.opposite sides of the wall 10
of the opening being provided with bayonet slots,
a threaded metallic shell ?tted on the outer face
of the body, a lirshaped conductor strip em
bedded in one of the bayonet slots and having
electrical connection with the shell, a plug for 15.
movement into and out of the opening at the will
of the operator, an axially disposed contact on
the plug for engagement with the axial contact
of the body, and a conductor bar extending di
ametrically through the plug having its terminals
protruding beyond the plug'for detachable recep
Particular attention is invited to the fact that
there are no moving parts in either the plug or
tion in the bayonet slots and in electrical en
socket with the exception of the terminal screws;
and that the connection between the plug and
25 the socket, or receptacle, is not dependent upon
springs and the like.
durable form of plug and socket, which will per- I
gagement with the U-shaped conductor strip.
2. In an electrical connector, a socket, 'or re- '
ceptacle, including a body of insulation having
a central opening therein, an axial contact for
The entire assembly of both the plug and
socket, or receptacle, are of one piece molded,
and are not various stampings pressed together
30 and inserted in insulated cores,
the body, the opposite sides of the wall of the
opening__being provided with bayonet slots, a
threaded metallic shell ?tted on the outer face
of- the body, a U-shaped conductor strip em
Stress is again laid on the novel means em
bedded in one of the bayonet slots and having
ployed for uniting the socket, or receptacle, and electrical connection with the shell, a plug for
the plug together. The pitch of the inclined ways
movement into'the opening, an axially disposed
ii and the tapered terminals ‘of the conductor
contact on the plug for engagement with the
axial contact of the body, and a conductor bar
bar 26 form, substantially, a, screw thread con
nection which holds the parts tight and takes up
anyplay due to wear and the like. Obviously,
as the plug is inserted and turned, the same is fed
inwardly, insuring proper contact between the
$0 axial conductors i8 and 29.
From the foregoing description, it can be seen
that I have provided an exceptionally simple and
extending diametrically through the plug having
its terminals protruding beyond the plug for re
ception in the bayonet slots and in electrical en
easement with the U-shaped conductor strip,
the U-shaped conductor strip and the terminals
of the conductor bar being of a wedge shape.
HOWARD C. 15c: 88%.
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