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June 8., 1937.
Filed Oct. 4, 1935
3%., éLWé’M
"Patented June 8, 1937
' Q
Snelling, Allentown, Pa., assignur to
Troian Powder Company, a corporation of
New York
Application October 4, 1935, Serial No. 43,590
(01. 86-1’)
6 Claims.
This invention relates to the manufacture of
cordeau, a form of instantaneous detonating fuse
made by ?lling a short length of heavy walled
Another object is the provision of a method of
manufacturing cordeau having superimposed
concentric sheathing or tubing surrounding a det
onatable core, the sheathing or tubing being
separately formed and applied to produce the 5
lead pipe with some explosive material such as
5 trinitrotoluene, known as T. N. T., permitting this
to solidify and then increasing the length and
decreasing the diameter of the ?lled lead either
by rolling, drawing, or swaging operations. The
relatively short ?lled tube having a large diam
?nished product.
‘ 10 eter is thus elongated by pulling out to provide
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional illustration of a
simpleform of apparatus for carrying out certain
steps in the manufacturing methods of this in
15 desirable that ‘a continuous length of cordeau
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the apparatus.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of a
section of cordeau as produced by the method of
Under present methods of manufacture it has
been found that as the lead tube is lengthened
small holes or cracks develop, the average being
“20 one or two such imperfections to every thousand
feet of cordeau. This is believed to be due to
the formation of small spots of oxide or' the
existence of impurities in the lead of the orig
inal tube, which impurities'or imperfections are
this invention.
The apparatus as shown in Figures 1 and 2 20
constitutes an illustrated embodiment of the
means by-which the method may be practiced.
In the form of apparatus as shown, there is pro- .
vided a lead extrusion press having a body 4
arranged with a ‘circular port in one side wall 25
thereof and through which extends a concentric
25 normally too small to be detected in any way now
known to the art. However, under the present
methods of rolling out or drawing out the lead
mandrel 5, the mandrel cooperating with the
tube these small- imperfections become greatly
magni?ed with respect to the thickness _of_the
port to form a tube or sheath of lead 6 thereon
as the lead is extruded through the port over the
mandrel under the action of a piston 1 operating
30 ‘?nished ‘tube wall, and their presence causes ‘a
rupture in the wall which is, of course, detrimen
tal to the use of the product and renders the same
unsatisfactory and un?t for service.
in the art.
In the drawing:--- _
a long tube having thin walls, the explosive
charge being similarly extended and drawn‘ out.
Cordeau is marketed generally on spools of ?ve
hundred foot lengths and it is, of course. highly
should be free of imperfections.
A still further object of the invention is the
provision of a novel construction of cordeau.
‘Other objects will be, apparent to those skilled
>While this invention is particularly applicable
35 to the manufacture of cordeau as above described,
in the press 4 through the agency of any suitable
means. Closely associated with the press '4 is a
second press 8 having also a piston 9 working
therein. This second press 8 is provided with
transversely aligned ports through its opposite 3
it is also applicable to the manufacture of any , sidewalls and the mandrel 5 extends axially
metallic sheathing or tubing irrespective of ‘ through these ports and entirely throughv the
whether or not the sheathing or tubing is subse
quently ?lled in the manufacture of 'a-?nished
40 product.‘ It is to be understood, therefore, that
- the details of the present disclosure are for pur
poses of illustration of a concrete embodiment of
the principles of my invention and thatthe de
tails disclosed may be varied as desired,‘ and in
'45 any respect not inconsistent with the scope of
the invention as claimed.
An object of this invention is the provision of
' _ anovel method of manufacturing ‘malleable metal
sheathing'or tubing of hollow form.v
Another object is the provision of a novel
method of manufacturing hollow lead tubing for
rolling, swaglng err-drawing, in a manner to
eliminate the possibility of ruptures due to the
presence of impurities or imperfections in the
I 65 body of the metal.
press 8, the wall port on the side adjacent the
press 4 being of a diameter equal to the diameter
of the extrusion port in the wall of the press 4 40
while the port in the opposite wall‘ of the press 8
is of a greater diameter. The press .8 contains
also a charge of lead l0 which'is extruded‘
through its discharge port in concentric super
imposed relation with respect to the previously 45
' formed tube' or sheathing 6 that is forced over
and valong the mandrel 5 and through the 'press '8
under the action of the piston in the initial
In the practice of this invention the two as- 50
sociated presses 4 and 8, which may if desired be
embodied in a unitary structure, are ?lled with a
charge of lead and-~- the press 4 is- operated in
the usual manner to extrude a tube or sheath 6
of lead through its outlet ports along the mandrel 55
5 whence it travels along the mandrel into‘and
through the body of the press 8 and over the
mandrel where it projects from the the opposite
side of the press 8. While the initially formed
sheath or tube 6 is traveling through the press
8 this second press is operated to cause the ex
trusion of a superimposed outer sheath or tube
ll] of the lead directly upon the initially formed
sheath or tube 6, the combined superimposed
concentric layers traveling outwardly along the
mandrel 5 to their point of take-off.
The entire structural assembly of the as
sociated presses may be disposed out of contact
with the air either in an evacuated space or in
15 the presence of an atmosphere of a neutral gas
so that there will be no possibility of any oxi
Where desired, after the extrusion step, the .
double walled tube may be ?lled with the ex
plosive core and the composite ?lled tube drawn.
rolled or swaged whereby simultaneously to unite
the walls while very greatly increasing the length
and reducing the diameter of [the composite
It will be understood that the invention is not
restricted to the manufacture of double walled
sheathing. or tubing of lead, it being equally 10
applicable to the manufacture of sheathing or
tubing ‘of double walled construction formed of
any malleable metal or of any metal capable of
working in a manner to produce superimposed
concentric sheaths or tubes.
I claim:
dizing coating forming on the initially formed
sheath or tube prior to the application thereover
1. The method of manufacturing cordeau
which consists vin forming a lead tube, su
of the second sheath or tube. This elimination
of oxidization insures a complete bond between
the concentric lead surfaces so that the two
perimposing directly thereupon in concentric
surfaces may be united by fusing or any desired
‘subsequent operation in order to effect a direct
Figure 3 illustrates a section of cordeau man
~ ufactured in accordance with this process and
which comprises a detonating core ll of a suit
able explosive ?lled in a ‘sheath or tube of malle
able metal such as lead, consisting of an inner
30 wall 6 having a concentric superimposed outer
wall l0 closely bonded or united therewith. In
a manner well known to the art the ?lled tube is
subsequently drawn, rolled, or swaged into a
greatly elongated form, the elongating action
relation a second lead tube, ?lling the inner tube
with a core of detonating material, and draw
ing out the ?lled tube to provide the completed
2. The method of forming a malleable metal
cordeau tube which consists in providing an inner
tube of malleable metal, superimposing directly
thereon in concentric relation an outer tube of
the same malleable metal, and uniting the inner
and outer tubes into a ?nished sheath.
3. A cordeau comprising a detonatable core, a
malleable metal sheath surrounding said core,
and a second malleable sheath of the same metal
surrounding said ?rst sheath in superimposed
concentric relation and autogenously united with
35 drawing out the sheath or walls 6 and I0 to such
an extent that the thickness of these wall sec
said ?rst sheath after being superimposed
- v tions is greatly reduced.
4. The method of manufacturing detonating
fuse which consists in forming a tube of a mal
By providing a tubing
or sheathing as constructed in this manner of
concentrically arranged superimposed sections, it - leable metal, superimposing thereupon in con
40' will
be apparent that any impurity or defect ex
isting in one or the other of the sections will be
centric relationship a second tube of the same
out of registry with any possible defect or im
purity existing in the other of the sections so that
in the ?nished'product there will be no rupture
malleable metal, ?lling the inner tube with acore
of detonatable material, and drawing out the
?lled tube to provide the completed product.
5. The method of manufacturing cordeau
45 of the tube or sheath. By this means it is im
material whether or not any imperfections or
which comprises covering a lead tube with a
impurities exist in either of the two sections so
inner tube with a core of detonatable material,
long as they do not register in the ?nished prod
uct. By the separate formation and superim
tightly ?tting concentric lead ‘tube, ?lling the
and drawing out the composite ?lled tube to
bond same and increase ‘very greatly its length
50 position of the outer and inner sheath the pos- _. while reducing very greatly its diameter.
sibtility of a registry is in?nitely small, the,
6. The , method of manufacturing cordeau
chances under the present average occurrence of
which comprises covering a-lead tube with a tight
imperfection being, in fact, about one in one mil
1y‘ ?tting concentric lead tube in a non-oxidizing
As previously stated, after the double walled atmosphere, ?lling the inner tube with a core of
tube or sheath has been formed in the extruding‘ detonatable material, and drawing out the com
operation, the two walls' are united by suitable posite ?lled tube to unite the same while very
fusing or welding and the tube is ?lled with the greatly increasing its length and reducing its
explosive core, being then drawn out and ‘elon
gated by the usual means known to the art for
the manufacture of cordeau.
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