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June 15, 1937.
Filed 001:. 29,‘ 1935
A florney
Patented June 15, 1937
John Ervin Bowman, Buchanan, Mich.
Application October 29, 1935, Serial No. 47,337
1 Claim.
This invention relates to a-device for supply
ing moisture to internal combustion motors, the
general object of the invention being to provide
means for connecting the inlet manifold to the
5 radiator so that moist air will be drawn into the
manifold, with means for preventing too much of
the moisture to be carried into the manifold.
This invention also consists in certain other
features of construction and in the combination
10 and arrangement of the several parts to be here
inafter fully described, illustrated in the accom
panying drawing and speci?cally pointed out in
the appended claim.
In describing the invention in detail, refer
(Cl. 123-25)
An opening I9 is, located in the top of the re
ceptacle I and is enclosed by a cage 20 which con
tains a ball valve 2i which closes the opening I9
under the action of gravity but which will open
said opening if the receptacle I is turned over,
this arrangement being used when the device is
placed on an aeroplane. When the vehicle is in
upright position the valve 2| will close the open
ing I9 and thus prevent the entrance of air into
the receptacle.
The lower part of the receptacle I contains wa
ter which, of course, can never pass above the
level shown by the dotted line 22.
When the motor is in operation moist air will
15 ence will be had to the accompanying drawing be drawn from the radiator through the member
I 2 which acts to take out some of the moisture
wherein like characters denote like or corre
sponding parts throughout the several views, and from the air when the air will pass through the
hose II and the pipe 9 into the member 5 and
in which:will also pass upwardly by the baffle 6 which pre
Figure 1 is a sectional view of the device.
Figure 2 is a detail section on the line 2-—2 of vents too much moisture passing from the de
vice, and then the air will pass into the bowl 3
Figure 1 looking downwardly.
In this drawing the numeral I indicates the and through the pipe 2 to the inlet manifold so
receptacle which is supported in any suitable that this moist air will enter the cylinder and
manner adjacent the motor and which has its top promote the e?iciency of the motor.
It is thought from the foregoing description
25 connected with the inlet of the manifold by a
pipe 2. A bowl 3 is connected to the top of the that the advantages and novel features of the
receptacle and surrounds the outlet to the tube invention will be readily apparent.
2, the lower part of the bowl having the perfora
It is to be understood that changes may be
tions 4 therein for admitting air from the recep
made in the construction and in the combina
30 tacle into the bowl from which it passes through tion and arrangement of the several parts pro
the tube 2 to the manifold. A downwardly ta
vided that such changes fall within the scope of
pered member 5 depends from the top of the re
the appended claim.
ceptacle and has its upper part surrounding the
What is claimed is:—
bowl, and a substantially cup-shaped ba?le 6 is
The herein described device for supplying
35 located in the member 5 below the bowl and has
the recesses ‘I in its side for the passage of air.v moisture to motors, comprising essentially an up
right receptacle, an outlet in the top of the re
The lower part of the member 5 is open, and
above the open end said member is provided with ceptacle, a bowl pendent from the top of the re
the perforations 8, and a pipe 9 extends through ceptacle and disposedtherein and surrounding
40 the bottom of the receptacle and passes up said outlet opening and having a closed lower end
through the lower portion of the member 5 to a and a perforated side Wall, a shell pendent in the
point above the upper ends of the tubes I0 which receptacle from the top thereof and having an
apertured lower portion terminating adjacent to
pass through the holes at the bottom of the re
ceptacle and are located exteriorly of the lower the bottom of the receptacle, an upright fluid in
45 part of the member 5. These tubes admitting let pipe extending upwardly through the bottom
air into the receptacle from below the bottom of the receptacle and terminating in said shell at
a point spaced above the apertured portion
thereof, a cup-shaped ba?ie in the shell and sup
A hose I I connects the lower end of the tube 9 ported by the side thereof and having its pe
with one side of a cup-shaped member I2 the ripheral portion engaging the shell side and
50 bottom of which is provided with perforations equipped with spaced indentations de?ning by
I3, and a pad I4 of felt or the like is located in passes between it and the shell side, upstanding
the lower part of this member I2 and is held in tubes in the receptacle and on opposite sides of
position by a compressed part I5 of the cover the lower portion of the shell and extending
I6 of the member I2. This depressed part is through apertures in the bottom of the recep
spaced from the walls of the member I2 so that tacle and terminating in a plane below that of
the moist air ?owing into the member I2 from the upper end of the ?uid inlet pipe and at a
the radiator through the pipe I'I must pass point above the apertured portion of the shell.
around the part I5 to reach the outlet I8 which
60 is connected with the hose II.
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