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Brain ring

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Brain ring ?How well do you know Britain??
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(Руденко Н.И., Ильина А.Л., 2003 г.)
Dear friends! Today we are going to make a trip round the British Isles,
remember the history, literature and traditions.
Three teams with take in the contest.
1) Now the teams will choose the cards and listen to their tasks.
1. Listen to the song and guess what country it is about? (a song ?Belfast?
? E.John)
2. Listen to the poem and guess what country it is about.
What country is called Emerald Isle?
3. Listen to the song and say whom this song is dedicated. (My Bonnie ?
Prince Charles)
Now you will see a video film and you?ll hear some additional information
about Ireland.
After watching the film you?ll answer the following questions:
1) Why is the country called the Emerald Isle.
2) What is the other name of Northern Ireland?
3) What is the capital of Ireland and what diff do people receive when they
Kiss the Stone?
After natching the film the members of the team take the cards and
answer them.
Look at the pictures.
What do you associate these pictures with?
Take any of these cards.
1) ?Globe? theatre
2) Halloween
3) A scene from ?Romeo and Juliet?
I?m sure you?ve read a novel by the English writer Robert Louis Stevenson
?Treasure Island?.
One of the pirates whose name Flint had buried (the) treasure. One part of
theature was found by Captain Silver in Treasure Island, as you know from
the book. But the other part of it has not yet been found. I only know that it
is in Great Britain, in its capital.
So let?s do a crossword, if you work it out and read two words from the top
to bottom, you will see where the treasure is hidden in London.
(Tower Bridge)
And the rest listen to the song and relax (?done story?)
Our last round is devofed to famous people. Here are the cards and give
your answers.
Now let?s have some rest and sing the song ?She?ll be coming round the
A poem about Northern Ireland.
You may visit Bonny Scotland.
With Lochs and Glens to find
You may journey throngh old England
And leave your cares beluind
But if you wander through the Emerals Isle
From Derry to Baunty Bay
Then the beauty of (Ireland) this country
Will take your breath away.
Famous people. Who are they?
1. He was English, he was born in 1564. He was a writer and an actor.
2. He was born in London in 1889. Later he lived in the USA. He was a
famous comic actor.
3. He was born in 1859. He was a writer. He wrote stories about Sherlock
4. She was born in 1891. She wrote 75 detective stories. She died in 1976.
5. She was born in Switzerland. Then she lived in Paris at her uncle?s
place. After wards she moved to London with her collection.
6. He glorified the beauty of his motherland. These lines belong to him
?My Heart?s in the Highlands??. Who is he?
7. Nowadays he lives at 10, Downing Street but some years ago he lived in
a different place and in some years he will have to leave this place. Who
is he?
8. She reigns but doesn?t rule. This year she celebrated the 50th anniversary
of her reign.
9. He was born in London in 1882. His father was the headmaster of a
small preporatory school. He wrote a book about a bear, donkey and
little piglet which made him famous.
Do a crossword and read words from top to bottom. You?ll see where the treasure is
in London.
1. The ocean that washes the British Isles.
2. The capital of Britain.
3. The smallest country of Britain.
4. The name of the queen of Britain.
5. The symbol of England.
6. The country that consists of England, Scotland and Wales.
7. One of the colours of the flag of Britain.
8. The language that the English speak.
9. The favourite English domestic animal.
10.The weather in Britain.
11.The widest river in Britain.
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