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July 6, 1937.
Filed July 11, 1935
Patented July 6, 1937
Nathan Frankel, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application July 11, 1935, Serial No. 30,779
1 Claim. (01. 2-84)
This invention relates to new and useful im
- along'the collar portion
A line > of slide
provements in a- detachable and adjustable cap fastener elements l3 are mounted upon the collar
for garments.
. portion and is adapted to cooperate with a line of
The invention has for an object the association complementary slide fastener elements l3’ mount
5 of a cap with a lumber jacket, Windbreaker, coat ed upon the back edge of the cap. A control slide
‘ and the like in a fashion characterized by the
I4 is associated with the slide fastener elements
fact that the collar portio of the coat is con ' in such a manner that when drawn in one direc
tion the elements are engaged, and when drawn
in the other direction they are disengaged.
lo poses th provision of a slide fastener for con
The cap I2 is formed with an opening [6 ex‘ necting these adjacent parts together.
tended in from one side thereof, preferably the
Another one of the objects'of this invention is front side, and extending" to the top center of
the arrangement of several lines of slide fastener vthe cap. This opening is equipped with a slide
elements upon the cap so that it may be attached fastener l'l so that it may be opened and closed as
1:, at various levels to control its operative size.
desired. It is proposed to open the slide fastener
Still further, in order to better control the size ' ll to any desired degree to loosen or open the cap
of the cap it is proposed to arrange the cap with when worn.
The garment i0 is shown with a front opening
an opening extended in from one edge thereof
which may be closed'to various degrees by the \ 18 which is closeable by a slide fastener I9. The
slide fasteners l3 and 13’ are arranged so that
20 provision of a slide fastener thereon.
the elements thereof may be completely disen
‘\ Another object of the invention is the construc
tion of an article as described which is simple and gaged so that the cap is removable when desired.
This is accomplished by constructing the end
durable and which may be manufactured and sold
\ at a reasonable cost.
of the line of slide fastener elements IS with an
For further comprehensionof the invention, enlarged portion l3a so that the control slide l4
cannot become displaced therefrom. The corre
and of the objects and advantages thereof, ref
erence will be had to the following description and sponding end of the line of slide fasteners i3’ is
accompanying drawing, and to the appended formed with a stud element l3b adapted to be
claim in which the various novel features of the drawn out from its co-action with the element
l3a when the slide fastener is completely open.
30 invention are more particularly set forth.
This permits the free removal of the cap and its
In the accompanying drawing forming a ma
replacement when desired.
terial part of this disclosure:
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of a garment
' Another line of slide fastener elements 20 is
with a detachable and adjustable cap constructed mounted upon the lining of the cap I2 spaced in
3;, according to this invengon.
from the back edge thereof so as to be parallel
Fig. 2\'i_s an elevational view of' the inner side with the line of fasteners l3’. The slide fastener
of the cap after it has been detached-from the elements 20 terminate at one end in a stud ele
ment I3” which is adapted to cooperate with the
~ Fig. 3 is a side elevational view of Fig. 1.'
element l3a to permit the control slide I4 to at
40 Fig. 4 is a fragmentary enlarged sectional view tach the slide fastener elements together. Thus,
taken'on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3. t
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary elevational view look
ing in the direction of the line 5-5 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a different type
45 of separable garment and cap which may be
' if the cap is attached with the slide fastener ele
ments iii in such a manner that the slide fastener
elements 20 are connected with the slide fastener ;
elements l3, then the cap is' mounted relatively
lower down on the garment. Thus, it is possible 45
to adjust the .cap to several different positions.
worn separately when the detachable cap is re
Additional lines of fastener elements may be used
' Fig. '7 is a front elevational view of the cap " if desired to increase the degree of adjustment.
illustrated in Fig. 6, removed from the garment. Attaching the cap by its lining to the garment
‘ 50 Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the garment illus
also distributes the strain of the attaching so 50'
that relatively few wrinkles result, and those ,
trated in Fig. 6, with the cap removed.
wrinkles which do occur are in the lining rather
The detachable and adjustable cap for gar
ments, according to this invention, is associated
than on the outside of the cap.
In Figs. 6 and 7, a cap 25 is illustrated which
with a garment l0 which has a collar portion‘
- II. The cap I! has its back edge i2’ extending may be substituted for the cap I 2 when the latter 55
cap is removed.
This cap 25 is a standard cap
?ned in the appended claim.
the inner side for the purpose of engaging corre
sponding snap fastener members 21 of the con
ventional ear muffs 28'. The ear muffs are joined
Having thus described my invention,‘ what I '
claim as new, and desire to secure by United
States Letters Patent is:—
with elastic bands 29 which may be placed under
the chin or within the cap as illustrated in dot
A detachable cap for garments having innen
and outer plies, said inner ply comprising a lining
for said cap, said lining having a row of fastening
elements thereon, said garment having means 10
cooperating with said fastening elements for at
taching said cap to said garment, said row of
fastening elements being substantially set back
from the lower edge of said cap and directly sup
ported only by said lining whereby said cap is 15
held to said garment by the lining of said cap.
and‘ dash lines.
The style of the garment l0’ shown in Figs. 6.
and 8, is different from that illustrated in Fig. 1,
but both the style of the garment as well as of
the cap may be changed as desired and may be
right is reserved to all changes and modi?cations '
coming within the scope of the invention as de
without the front slide fastener I1. The cap
is provided with snap fastener members 26 at
of any suitable material.
While I have illustrated and described the pre
ferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be
understood that I do not limit myself to the
precise construction herein disclosed and the
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