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July 6, 1937.
|-|_ wlLKE
Filed Nov. 30, 1936
3 Sheets-Sheet l
, July 6, 1937.
Filed Nov. 30, 1936
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
July 6,1937.~
_ Filed Nov. 30,
1936 '
3 Sheets-Sheet 3 '
Patented July 6, 1937
iienry Wilke, Cuba City, Wis.
Application November 30, 1936, Serial No. 113,480
li iClaim.
The invention relates to a snow plow and more
especially to the single or double blow type snow
The primary object of the invention is the pro
5 vision of a plow of this character, wherein the
snow is scooped from a road bed or other sur
face and through the action of a blower or blowers
is delivered away from and to one side of such
(Cl. 37-43)
ly Figures 1 to 3 inclusive, which is the preferred
embodiment of the invention, there is shown a
carriage A involving a frame in which is adapted
at its rear end for attachment to a truck or the
like (not shown).
Made secure to the front end of the frame it
and inclined forwardly in divergent relation to
each other are scoop carrying arms H, these
road bed or surface thereby cleaning the road
having front skit ends l2 and upon these arms
bed or surface or clearing it of snow.
is arranged a forwardly inclined scoop l3 which 10
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a plow of this character, wherein the scoop
has an adjustable shovel end and also a hood,
the latter preventing snow from working over
the top of the scoop and causing the directing
thereof to a blower or blowers for the discharge
or delivery of the snow when removed from a
road bed to one side of the latter.
A further object of the invention is the pro
20 vision of a plow of this character, wherein a
motor is supported for the driving of the blower
0r blowers constituting an equipment of such
plow while within the scoop are bladed wheels
which function to direct the snow from the said
scoop into the blowers for the deposit of such
snow to one side of the path from which the
snow is gathered by the scoop.
A still further object of the invention is the
provision of a plow of this character, which is
at the rear end thereof opens into a blower cas
ing M which is supported on and rises from the
frame to while interiorly of this casing I4 is a
bladed blower fan l5 rotated by a center axle I6
driven from the power shaft I‘! of an internal 15
combustion motor or engine I8 of any approved
type, the latter being ?xed or stationary held
upon the frame I!) rearwardly of the casing M.
The scoop i3 has at the front open end thereof
a plate-like shovel l9 which by the hinges 20 con- 20
nected thereto ‘and to the scoop at opposite sides
of the same can be raised and lowered and when
in lowered position forms a continuation of the
front open end of the said scoop. The bottom
of the shovel l9 carries the skid ends l2 which 25
are adapted for separable inter?tting with the
arms II when the shovel is in lowered working
Interposed between the axle l6 and the power
30 simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and
ef?cient in operation, motivated, readily and eas
ily handled, and inexpensive to manufacture.
‘With these and other objects in view, the in
shaft I‘! of the motor or engine I8 is the usual
transmission mechanism as held within a trans
ven ion consists in the features of construction,
indicated at 22 and in this fashion the speed and
direction of rotation of the axle I6 is regulated.
Bridging the scoop [3 at the inner end thereof
35 con bination and arrangement of parts as will be
hereinafter more fully‘ described, illustrated in
the accompanying drawings, which disclose the
" preferred embodiment. of the invention and
pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure 1 is a top plan view partly in section
of a plov.r constructed in‘accordance with the in
Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view
45 thereof showing the shovel end in full lines in
working position and by dotted lines in a raised
Figure 3 is a vertical transverse sectional view
through the blower of the plow.
Figure 4'is a view similar to Figure 1 showing
a modi?ed form of plow involving double blowers.
Similar reference characters indicate corre
sponding parts throughout the several views in
the drawings.
Referring to the drawings in detail, particular
mission box or casing 2|, the throw lever for the
control of such transmission mechanism being
and built with the sides of the same is an over
hanging hood 23 to prevent snow gathered by
the scoop l3 from ?owing over the ‘blower casing
l4 and at the same time directing such snow
into the blower for discharge thereby at one
side of the path from which the snow will be
gathered by the scoop in the working of the
plow. Fitted at a convenient location on the
frame I0 is a stationary toothed rack segment
24 with which is associated an adjusting lever
25, it having a hand release spring active latch
26 engageable with the segment 24 so that the
lever 25 can be locked or latched in adjusted
position. The lever 25 operates a turning shaft
21 suitably journaled crosswise of the frame Ill
and through connections 28 therewith operates
the shovel IQ for the raising and lowering of the
. "aoeacsr
The frame I0 .is supported upon wheeled casters through openings 41. The fans“ ‘are reversely
23 which travel uponla road bed.
driven through gear and shaft connections 43
The casing I 4 has the upstanding peripheral. and 43, respectively, and the power shaft 50 of
outlet 30 to which is detachably and adjustably the motor or engine if.
connected 9. laterally directed discharge spout
Arranged at. the inner end of the scoop next
or delivery elbow 3i so that the snow collected to the casings 44 is a centrally located spreader
by the scoop l3 when directed by the blower or divider 52 which functions to divert the quan
will be delivered or discharged through the spout tity of‘snow collected within the ‘scoop 46' into
' or elbow 3| beyond and at one side of a road two paths for the feeding of the snow in these
10 bed from which the snow is collected.
Within the scoop next to the inner end thereof
' are bladed beater shafts 32, the .blades thereof
being indicated at 33 and said shafts at their
ends next to each other are coupled by a uni
versal joint 34, there being a forked bearing
35 for the shafts 33 at the joint 34 therebetween.
This bearing 35 is ?xed imposition and held by
a cross bar 33 which at opposite ends is fas
_ tened to the sides of the scoop. i3 to be disposed
20 transversely within said scoop. The outer ends
of the shafts 32 are equipped with universal joint
paths into the casings 44 and thus burdening
the blowers with approximately equal loads to
effect the discharge of the snow from the scoop
43 to opposite sides of a road bed where the
snow has been collected by the scoop.
What is claimed is:
A snow plow comprising a carriage involving
a frame adapted at its rear end for attachment
to a truck, forwardly inclined and divergent scoop
carrying arms‘ made secure to the front end of
the frame and having front skid ends, a scoop
superimposed upon said arms, a blower casing
?ttings 31, these having‘ mounting in the sides
on said frame next to the rear end of the scoop
of the scoop l3 and one of said ?ttings has gear
and endless chain connections 33 and 33, respec
25 tively, with a driven shaft 40 which through-the
worm pinion 4i and worm gear 42 is operated
and having an eccentric opening communicative
with the latter, a motor driven blower fan within
said blower casing, a discharge elbow swingingly
from the axle IQ of the fan ii, the shaft 40
?tted with the blower casing at its periphery
for discharge therefrom laterally with respect
being suitably journaled in bracketed bearings
43 stationarily carried by the casing l4.‘ Thus
to the scoop, across bar ?xed transversely in
the scoop close to its rear end and above- the
30 the shaft 32 will be driven from the motor or
engine l3 and-when operating will act upon the
snow collected by the scoop I 3 for the feeding
of the same into the casing l4 to be blown by
the fan l5 therefrom through the spout or elbow
35 3i and disposed to one side of the path from
which the snow has been collected by the scoop.
In Figure 4 of the drawings there is shown
opening between said blower casing and said 30
scoop, a forked bearing ?xed centrally to the
bar, a pair of bladed beater shafts arranged in
forwardly convergent relation to each other and
?tting the said forked bearing, a universal joint
connecting said shafts within the forked bearing,
universal joints supporting the said shafts‘ jour- .
rialed in the sides of the scoop, and a driven
a modi?ed form of snow plow, wherein there is - connection between the fan and. one vof said
provided a pair of blower casings 44 each hav
40 ing within the bladed blower fans 45 and these
casings have communication with the scoop 43
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