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July 27,1937.
‘ .
Filed Sept. 4, 1936
’?7 my a M -
Patented July 27, 1937
Jack Hassenfeld, Providence, R. I.
1936, Serial No. 99,439
Application September 4,
1 Claim.
(01. 220-32)
My invention relates to improvements in boxes portions thereof constructed of rigid material in
constructed of rigid material such‘ as stamped accordance with the principles of my invention.
metal, bakelite, or composition as distinguished While I preferably construct the various portions
from softer ?exible materials such ‘as paper, of of my improved box out of sheet metal which '
maybe readily punched, pressed or stamped to
5 a type adapted to serve as‘containers for com
pacts or powder, or for ?rst aid sets, paint sets, . the desired shape, I may, if desired, construct it
drawing out?ts, medicine containers, or as desk of any rigid material such as thermoplastic ma
boxes to hold letter clips or other incidental terial, which may be pressed or otherwise fabri
,o?ice supplies or otherwise, of a preferably shal
cated into the desired shape. My improved box
low shape.
In includes a base it provided with ‘the upstand 10
An object of my invention is to provide a novel ing integral'side walls [4 and also preferably
type of box for this purpose which may be manu
provided with the integral upstanding end walls
factured at a relatively small cost, may be con
l6. As the cover means for said box, I provide
veniently carried in the user’s pocket or pocket the cover sections Isa and !8b hingedly mounted
15 book, and which is preferably provided with sep~
as at 20*‘ and 26b on each side wall M of said 15
arable fastener means to positively lock the over
lapping. ends of the cover sections thereof in
closed, substantially leak-proof condition and
which may be quickly and easily opened when
ilmposed over the free side of the other section
A further object of my invention is to provide
a novel type of such 'a box in which the integral
may be provided for hingedly mounting", said
the cover sections in a simple punching, pressing,
or stamping operation.
A further object of my invention is to provide
a novel type of box which may be initially sold
for any of the aforementioned purposes, such as
for containing a layer of ?at tablets like aspirin,
and which can be retained by the purchaser after
sleeves 24a and 24b. The respective pivot pins
289L and 281' are then inserted through said aligned 30
the merchandise has been disposed of for use
as a utility box either in the o?ice or in the home
for containing any desired other objects, which
feature would tend to increase the sale of the
original merchandise.
These and such other objects of my invention
as may hereinafter appear will be best under
stood from a description of the accompanying
Any suitable type of hinge means Ilila and 20b
cover sections l8a and “3b on said side walls M.
In the embodiment shown, the end portions 22a
and 22b of each side wall l4 of the base H are
provided with the spaced pivot recesses 22% and
22b and the center portions 248* and 24b of the
outer side walls 26a and 26b of each cover are
rolled over to form the central elongated pivot
separable fastener means are fabricated from
n ..
base [2, said cover sections being of such a length
that the free side of one section l 8b may lie super
recesses and sleeves 22a and ‘Ma and 22b and 24‘)
respectively to provide said pivot means 29a and
'28‘) forpivotally mounting said cover sections
I8a and 18b on the respective side walls M of
said base l2. Each cover section is provided with
the downwardly depending integral outer side
wall 26a and 2611 as explained and preferably also
with the downwardly depending end walls 38*‘ and
drawing, which illustrates embodiments thereof.
30b adapted in closed position to overlap the up
In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a perspective. view of
a box constructed in accordance with my in
vention and having the cover sections thereof in
standing end walls I6 of said base l2, said side
walls terminating at a spaced distance from the
free ends of said cover portions !8‘1 and !8b to
permit said cover portions I Be and l8b to be made
of the same size. To prevent the formation of
sharp edges, each side of the free end of each 45
cover portion is preferably rounded as at 29.
I alsoprovide separable fastener means 3! to
detachably secure the free side portions of said
closed position.
Fig. 2 is a plan view thereof with the cover
45 sections pivoted to an open position.
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view taken
along the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4_ is a cross sectional view taken through
a different embodiment of my invention. employ
cover sections Mia and 88b in overlapping rela
tionship in their closed position. While any 50
ing supplemental male and female respective
(separable fastener elements in the overlapping
suitable type of cooperating separable fastener
ends of the cover sections thereof.
means may be provided for this purpose, I pref~
In the drawing, wherein like characters of ref
erence generally indicate like parts throughout,
ID generally indicates a shallow box having the
erably provide a male separable fastener ele-‘
ment 32a on the free side portion of one of said
cover sections, preferably the underneath one
[8a, and a cooperating female separable fasten
chaser afterwards as a utility box with the
er socket element 32Io on the free side portion of
other advantages explained above.
the other cover section, preferably the overlap»
ping cover section l8". In the preferred embodi
If desired, however, as shown in Fig. 4, said re
It is understood that my invention is not lim
ited to the speci?c embodiments shown and that
various deviations may be made therefrom with
out departing from the spirit and scope of the
appended claim.
What I claim is:
A shallow box constructed of metal compris
ing a base having upstanding integral side and 10
end walls and two partial cover ?aps, one
spective male and female cooperating separable
fastener elements may comprise pre-forrned sep
hingedly mounted on one side wall of said base
below the upper surface of said cover and top
arable fastener elements respectively inserted
through respective holes Ma and 34b in said re
mounted on the other side wall of said base be
Cl ment shown, said cooperating male and female
separable fastener elements 32a and 321’ are pref
erably integrally formed of the material of said
cover sections we and i8!’ being suitably
stamped, pressed, punched, spun or otherwise
10 shaped from the integral walls of said material.
spective overlapping cover sections l8a and ltb
and suitably secured within said holes as shown
in Fig. 4 with the male element 322‘ projecting
upwardly from the underlying end of the cover
section i8a into the female separable fastener
socket element 32‘) mounted as aforesaid on the
overlapping end of the cover section [8b, it be
ing obvious however that said cooperating fas~
tener means may be constructed in any suitable
manner known to the art.
It is apparent, therefore, that I have provided
a novel type of preferably shallow box con
structed of rigid material providing an attrac
tive box for initial sale as a container for vari
30 ous kinds of articles which is so attractive in
appearance that it may be also used by the pur
of said base side wall and the other hingedly
low the upper surface of said cover and top of
said base side wall, said partial cover flaps be
ing of such a length that the free side portion
of one may lie superimposed over the free side
portion of the other, each partial cover flap 20
having downwardly depending integral side and
outer end walls, the sum of the lengths of the
outer end walls of the partial cover ?aps being
substantially the length of said box end walls to
form substantially continuous outer cover end 25
walls, and cooperating separable fastener means
on the free ends of the superimposed partial
cover flaps to detachably secure the free portions
of said partial cover flaps in overlapping rela
tionship in closed position.
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