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Aug. 17, 1937.
Filed Aug. 25, 1936
Patented Aug. 17, 1937
Alan Batey, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Application August 25, 1936, Serial No. 97,817
3 Claims.
The present invention'relates to an extension
switch operating apparatus for automobiles and
the like.
An object of the invention is the provision of
5 an apparatus adapted to be mounted on the
(01. 74-484).
provision of a member to be mounted above the
steering wheel and relative to the switch actuat
ing button l3, so that depression of the edge or
rim of the member at any point thereof will cause
depression of the button I3 and operation of the 5
steering wheel of a vehicle to enable convenient horn or other electric circuit. Furthermore, the
operation of a switch element without removal operating member is to form an extension which
of the hands from the rim of the steering wheel. will enable convenient operation by the thumb or
Another object of the invention is the pro
a ?nger of the operator, while the hand thereof
10 vision of an extension operating apparatus of is retained in a steering wheel gripping position. 10
the above character designed so as to enable
The extension operating member, in the pres
quick and easy installation on steering wheels ent example, embodies a device in the form of an
of many different makes of automobiles.
auxiliary wheel embodying a central metallic disc
Another object of the invention is the provision i5 formed at its centre with an interiorly thread
15 of an operating apparatus of the aforesaid char
ed axially extending socket l 6 in which is thread
acter which is reliable in operation.
' edly ?tted a screw I‘! having a groove inrthe
A still ‘further object of the invention is the upper end. The screw may be secured in ad
provision of an operating apparatus of the above justed position in the socket by means of a lock
character which is relatively simple and inex
20 pensive in construction.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent as the description pro
In the accompanying drawing forming a part
25 of this speci?cation and in which like reference
characters are employed to designate correspond
ing parts throughout the same:
Figure l is a side perspective view of the ap
paratus installed on a steering wheel,
Figure 2 is a rear perspective view of the same,
Figure 3 is a top plan view of the same,
Figure 4 is a section taken on the line H of
Figure 3,
Figure 5 is an enlarged section through the op
35 crating apparatus, and
Figure 6 is a perspective view, partly in section,
showing the apparatus in detached arrangement.
Referring to the drawing, wherein for the
purpose of illustration is shown a preferred em
.u) bodiment of the invention, P designates the steer
ing post of an automobile equipped at the upper
end with a conventional steering wheel embody
ing a plurality of, in the present instance three,
spokes in extending radially from an enlarged
45 hub forming portion I i at the top of the steering
post P and connecting with an annular steering
wheel rim II. In the upper central portion of
the enlarged part of the steering post P is mount
ed a resiliently depressible button I! operable,
50 when depressed, to close a switch for operation
of the vehicle horn which is connected in circuit
therewith. As noted at Figures 4 and 6, this but
ton projects above the relatively ?at top surface
of the steering post.
An important feature of my invention is the
nut l8 ?tted on the outer portion and bearing
against the upper end of the socket.
On the disc l5 are formed a plurality of, in
the present instance three, radial spoke elements
20 protecting beyond the edge of the disc and in
the present instance curved slightly upward.
The outer ends of the spokes 20 are rigidly se
cured to an annular rim 2i.
Below the steering wheel is positioned a fas
tening ring 22, normally contacting with the
underside of the steering wheel spokes ID at
points spaced from the hub portion of the steer
ing wheel. To the fastening ring 22 are con
nected a plurality of, in the present instance six,
rods or wires 24 bent at the lower ends to project
through holes in the fastening ring and formed
with knobs on the bent ends. A plurality of in
teriorly threaded sleeves 25 are formed to engage
the upper threaded portions of the rods 24 and
extend through holes 26 arranged at spaced in
tervals in the disc and are preferably formed
with enlarged heads which hold the sleeves in
place. This provides a fastener which may be
quickly and easily assembled or detached and
which may be readily adjusted for mounting the
auxiliary operating wheel in proper position rela
tive to the horn button.
Between the extension wheel and the hub por
tion of the steering wheel is positioned a resilient
spacer element 28 preferably a circular pad of
sponge rubber or the like. This element is dis
posed beneath the disc I5 of the extension wheel. 50
A plurality of bent up prongs 30 are struck from
the disc ii for engaging the inturned edge por
tion of a dome-shaped cover cap 3i which is to be
removably ?tted on the auxiliary wheel to nor
mally conceal the socket I6 and the screw i1. 55
The apertures formed as a result of (striking out
the prongs 30 serve to engage bulging port-ions of
of the resilient spacer pad 28 and to retain the
same in proper concentric position.
The extension structure is assembled on the
steering wheel by disposing the auxiliary frame
or wheel above the steering wheel and positioning
the spacer pad between the centre or hub por
tions of the two wheels. The fastening ring 22 is
10 arranged concentrically about the hub and be
neath the spokes of the steering wheel so that
the fastening elements may be connected so as
to mount the extension wheel in a position ap
proximately parallel with the steering wheel.
The contact screw I‘! is thereafteradjusted so
that it ‘lightly contacts with the top of the 'horn
switch button l3. When thus arranged, the rim
of the switch operating wheel will assume a posi
tion somewhat above and inwardly of the steering
wheel rim and will be conveniently accessible for
depression by the thumbs of the driver. A rela—
tively slight depression of any part of the exten
sion wheel will cause circuit closing depression
of the switch button and operation of the horn.
The resilient pad 28 will automatically restore
the extension wheel to its normal non-operating
position‘when released, while the switch button
is raised to break the switch contact by independ
ent resilient means.
This construction will provide an operating ex
tension which may be ?tted on the steering wheels
of practically all well-known makes of cars and
will enable rapid and convenient operation of the
horn while maintaining complete control of the
vehicle, inasmuch as the extension structure may
tension attached to the said plate, a switch but- ‘
ton engaging element mounted on the plate, a
continuous annular member of resilient material
interposed between the plate and the steering
wheel arranged concentrically about the switch
button, the said annular member being adapted
to normally support the plate in a non-operating
position and yieldable to allow tiltable movement‘
for operation of the button by the operating‘elea
ment, a plurality of fastening elements detach
ably connected to the plate, and a ring disposed
below the steering wheel connected with the said
fastening elements for tiltably mounting the oper
ating plate on the steering wheel.
2. In a device for operating the depressible
switch button on a vehicle steering wheel, a plate
adapted to be disposed over the central portion 01’
the steering wheel, a concentric operating rim
attached to the plate, an interiorly threaded sock
et formed axially on the plate, a screw ?tted in '
the socket and adapted to engage the switch but
ton,‘a lock nut threaded, on the screw and en
gageable with the socket to lock the screw in ad
justed position, an annular member'of resilient
rubber interposed between the plate and the ‘
steering wheel to yieldingly hold the plate in
tiltable position thereon, and means for detach
ably fastening the, plate on the steering wheel
whereby the plate may be tilted to operate the
switch button.
3. A device for operating thedepressible switch
button on a vehicle steering wheel comprising
a disc adapted to be mounted above the central
portion of the steering wheel, an axially adjust- _
able contact member in the centre of the disc
be operatively depressed by the thumb while the
disposed to engage a switch button, a plurality '
other ?ngers of the hand are retained in clasped
position on the rim of the steering wheel.
It is to be understood that the form of my in~
of spokes extending radially from the disc, an.
annular rim connected'to the outer ends of the
spokes, the said rim being adapted to assume a
position inwardly of and in a plane oiTset above
the rim of the steering wheel, an annular pad of 40
resilient material disposed between the disc and
the central portion of the steering wheel adapted
to yieldingly support the disc so that the ‘contact
member is normally retained in a non-operating
position, and means connecting the marginal por 45
vention herein shown and described is to be taken
‘as a preferred example of the same, and that
various changes as to the shape, size and arrange
ment of partsImay be resorted to without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention or the scope
'of the subjoincd claims.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:-—.
1. In a device for operating the depressible
tions of the disc with the steering wheel so as to
switch button on a vehiclesteering wheel, a plate
allow tilting operative movement of the disc.
adapted to be disposed over the central portion
of the steering wheel, a peripheral operating ex
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