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Aug. 17, 1937.
Filed Feb. 3, 1936
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Aug. 17, 1937.
> F. o. TAUBER
Filed Feb. 3, 1956
3 Sheets-Sheet 3 '
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WV 703a,
Patented Aug. 17, 1937
iJNlTED STATES mm osrics
Fred 0. Tauber, Omaha, Nebr.
Application February 3, 1936, Serial No. 62,105
3 Claims. (01. 110-1)
This invention relates to a steam heating fur
nace, and has for its object, broadly to provide
such a construction that heat derived from coal
as a fuel, when applied to the boiler for generat
:5 ing steam, will be utilized and not become wasted
in a degree heretofore experienced.
One of the speci?c objects is to provide such a
construction for a furnace that ?nely divided inex
pensive coal may be used for steam‘ heating. '
110 . While the invention is designed Particularly
for'heating residences, the features of construc
tion found to be of advantage may be employed
for use generally.
The invention consists of the new and useful
15 construction, combination and arrangement of
parts as described herein and claimed, and as
shown in the drawings, it being understood that I
may make changes in form, size, proportions and
minor details, if desired, said changes being within
20 the scope of the invention as claimed.
In the accompanying drawings, Fig. 1 is a View
of the furnace casing in longitudinal section, the
boiler being added. Fig. 2 is a side View of one
of the grate-supporting bars or rods. Fig. 3 is
25 a view of the same in transverse section, on
‘line S—3 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a view of the casing in vertical section
on line !i~—!i of Fig. 1.
Fig. 5 is a view showing the rear end-portion of
30‘ the casing, the section being on line 5-5 of
Fig. ll.
Fig. 6 is a view of the furnace in transverse
section on line G—5 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 7 is a front view of the casing, and Fig. 8
35 is a View of the hood in transverse section the
scale being enlarged. Fig. 9 is a transverse sec
tion on line 9—9 of Fig. 4.
Referring now to the drawings for a more par
ticular description, the furnace consists, in part,
40 of an upright casing i0, rectangular in plan, pro
vided at its rear end with an upwardly tapered
draft-pipe member li, a rear door opening l2
for a rear door 13 (Figs. 1-5), a front door open
ing Ill for a ?re box 15 (Fig. 1), and a front open
45 ing 16 for an ash pit H, the door therefor being
indicated at 18,
walls engage the sides of said boiler below the
Relative to the horizontal grate for the fur
nace, said grate consists of transversely disposed
rows of ?re-brick 22 (Fig. 6), said rows being 1
disposed in spaced relation, the narrower spaces
23 between the rows being those near to the front
part of the ?re-box, to conserve the consumption
of coal, and the wider spacing 23 further to the
rear part of ‘the fire-box permitting ashes to 1O
more readily fall therethrough into the ashpit H.
The ?re~bricks are adequately supported, and
for this purpose grate-bars 24 and flanges 25
and it are used, the ?anges 25 being disposed
at the ends and the ?anges 25 being disposed at 15
the sides of the casing and preferably being cast
as part thereof. It will be seen that the ends of
the bricks of each row are supported on the grate
bars 24 and upon the ?anges 26, the ends of said
bars resting upon the flanges 25.‘
In order that the rows of ?re-brick will be
maintained in spaced relation the bars 24 are
provided on their faces with spacing-lugs 2'! as
best shown in Fig. 2, and for preventing any
sliding movement of the bars or rods 24 they 25
are provided with heads 28, at their ends, and
each head 28 is provided with a keeper 29 (Figs.
2-3) which engage in suitable apertures (not
shown) which are provided for the end-?anges 25.
The body-portion of each bar 24 is of V-shape 30
in cross-section so that it will not obstruct a move
ment of ashes to the ash-pit.
As shown in Figs. 1, 4 and 6, ?re-brick 30 are '
provided for the opposed sides of the ?re-box 15,
each brick being supported on a flange 26, and 35
the rear end of the fire-box I5 is provided with
?re-brick 31 which are supported on a horizontal
bracket 32, said bracket preferably being integral
with the casing it.
Numeral 33 (Figs. 145-7), indicates a horizontal 40
coal-receiving shelf or apron which projects for
wardly from the opening it, approximately in line
with the bottom of the ?re-box 65 or grate, said
shelf being provided with upright side-?anges 34,
and at 35 is indicated a swingable hood of lesser 45
area than the area of the shelf, said hood being
Numeral l9 indicates a_horizontal, cylindrical ’ provided with side ?anges 36 which project down
boiler mounted on the open top of the casing, wardly and are normally disposed in the vertical
the front end of said casing having a concave plane of the flanges 34 of the shelf.
This hood includes a door 31 which is hinged to
50 recess 28 (Fig. '7) upon which the front end of
the boiler is supported, the rear end of the boiler swing horizontally, and when moved to closed
being supported upon a projection 2| of the rear position it closes all of the opening Hi above the
wall of the casing, the weight of the boiler also flanges 34 of the apron or shelf, and as described,
being supported by the side walls of the casing
55 for the reason that the upper edges of the side
that part of the opening it between the ?anges
34 is open at all times for a movement of air into 55
the furnace except when obstructed by coal which,
I, during operation, is deposited upon said apron or
’ shelf, and by use of a suitable tool may be manu
‘ ally pushed into the ?re-box.
Numeral 38 indicates a slide which is provided
for the door 31 to control amovement of air to
the ?re-box l5.
At 39 is indicated a stop-element for the edges
of the pipe-member II at the upper part of said
10 pipe—member, and when the boiler‘ is mounted on
the casing its. rear end will engage said stop
Since the lower part of the rear opening l2 for
ing steam if desired.
I claim as my invention,
1. In devices for the'purpose described, the
combination with a furnace-casing provided with
door-controlled rear wall-opening, of ‘a shelf pro
vided with side ?anges and projecting outwardly
of the front wall-opening approximately in aline- 10
ment with said grate and rear Wall-opening, and
a hood swingably mounted on the casing normal
ly disposed above with its sides in the vertical
plane of the flanges of the shelf and closing a
.- this opening has a width corresponding to the
2. In devices for the purpose described, the
combination with a furnace-casing provided with
a front wall-opening, a horlzontal grate and a
the ?re-box is disposed approximately in line
15 with the surface of the'?re bricks 22, and since
width of the ?re-box, it is obvious that clinkers,
in the ?re-box may be conveniently reached for
part of said front wall-opening.
a front wall-opening, a horizontal grate and a
door-controlled rear wall-opening, of an out
The object in view in providing the horizontal
row 3! of fire brick is to protect that part of the
casing l0 adjacent to the draft-member ll below
and normally closing a part of the front wall- _
the rear end of the boiler.
a shelf provided with side ?anges disposed ap- .
It will be noted that the shelf 33 and hood
25 35 are of equal lengths, this length being equal
to the width of the ?re-box, and in operation,
coal may be deposited on the shelf and upon the
inclined top of the hood, if desired, and may be
pushed into the ?re~box as above described.
30 It will be seen that, during operation, the sides
and rear end of the boiler will be exposed to the
heat so that steam will be generated by use of
a limited amount of coal. Numeral 40 indicates
a damper for regulating the draft, and at 4|
35 are indicated passageways adjacent to the boiler
at the sides of the projection 2| leading from
contents‘ of the boiler, and therefore I may use
the invention for heating air instead of produc
the ?re-box to the vertical, tapered draft-pipe.
On account of the improved means for heating
as described, it is obvious that operation of the
40 furnace would be the same regardless of the
wardly projecting hood provided with side flanges 20
opening and swingably mounted on the casing,
proximately in alinement with said grate and
rear wall-opening and extending forwardly of 25
the hood with its ?anges in the vertical plane
of the ?anges of said hood.
3. In devices for the purpose described, the
combination with a furnace casing having a
front Wall-opening, of a shelf carried by the cas-. 30
ing projecting forwardly of the wall-opening and
provided with upright side ?anges, and a hood
mounted to permit horizontal swinging move-.
ments on the casing at said wall-opening and
having side ?anges normally disposed parallel, 35
above and closely adjacent to the side ?anges .
of the shelf, the proportion of parts being such I
that the shelf projects forwardly of the hood.
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