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Aug. 31, 1937.
Filed Jan. 2, 1937
Patented Aug. 31, 1937
TAPE,“ l2, 5;
Marcus P. Exline and William lF. Eeale, Dallas,
Tex, assignors of one-third to Lily Morgan
Lowrie, Houston, Tex; one-third to Kath
arine Morgan iixline, Dallas, Tex; and one
third to said Beale
Application January 2,
5 Claims.
This invention relates to advertising devices
and it has particular reference to wind propelled
The principal object of the invention is to pro
5 vide an animated advertising sign having a major
element capable of rotating movement on a dia
metrical axis for adjustment to changes in wind
direction and a plurality of minor elements each
rotatable on a central axis and grouped about
10 said major element for collective operation as
an attraction.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an advertising sign of the character speci?ed,
in which said minor elements are preferably
15 coated with aluminum or luminous paint, in or
der to obtain a scintillating effect at night when
light reflections are caught thereby, hence to at
tract the attention of passersby to the advertis
ing matter carried by the central portion of the
20 major element.
With the foregoing objects as paramount, the
invention has other and lesser objects, as Well
as certain salient features of construction, to
become manifest as the description proceeds,
25 taken in connection with the accompanying
drawing, wherein:
Figure l is a front elevation of the invention.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary detail view in per
spective of one of the frames supporting a minor
30 element.
Figure 3 is a detail front elevation of the inner
point of securement of the radial arms consti
tuting the frames shown in Figure 2 and rein
forcing members, and
Figure 4 is a side elevation of one of the minor
elements of the assembly.
Continuing with a more detailed description
of the drawing, reference is primarily made
to Figure l in which the reference numeral des
40 ignates a circular frame, mounted rigidly on a
post or standard 2, suitably anchored in the
ground or pavement. Within this frame is a
similarly shaped member 3, having pivots 51, dia
metrically opposed to afford an axis through the
45 vertical plane of the said member 3. Within this
member 3 is a still smaller ring 5, to which is
welded or otherwise suitably secured the inner
ends of a series of radially disposed reinforcing
rods 5, as well as the inner ends of a similar
50 series of frames 1, arranged alternately with the
rods 6, as shown.
In the center of the circular member 3 is dis
posed a pair of discs 8, arranged back to back
and between which the structure shown in Fig—
55 ure 3 is interposed so that it might be concealed
1937, Serial N0. 118,757
(oi. 40-425)
by these discs. Suitable or desirable advertising
copy 9 is intended to be carried by the discs 8,
which may be made interchangeable or replace
able if the occasion so requires.
The centrally pivoted and therefore rotatable
element 3, which is herein referred to as the
major element of the assembly is caused to fol—
low the direction of the wind, as a vane or the
like. In being thus displaced, the series of minor
elements or wind wheels B5 are always facing the 10
direction from which the wind travels and are
accordingly always in motion.
The minor elements ii], of course, may be of
any design or shape to suit their requirements
or the conditions under which they operate.
They are mounted upon ferrules or tubular mem
bers H, the latter receiving a pin l2 which is
rigid with the members H. The ends of this pin
enter apertures is in the frame member ‘I, which,
obviously, is comprised of a strip of material,
bent to de?ne an area to receive the rotary ele-
ment ill and to provide parallel ends, lying
against each other as a means of securement to
the inner ring 5 and for rigid securement to the
outer ring 3.
From the foregoing it is immediately appar
ent that the sign, properly mounted will be sta
tionary but that the major element will rotate
on its vertical axis with the wind and that the
minor elements, regardless of the position of the
major element, will rotate constantly when there
is sufficient wind to effect their operation, it be
ing understood that very little air movement is
necessary to start and maintain the elements ID
in operation.
Manifestly, the construction as shown and de
scribed is capable of some modi?cation and such
modi?cation as may be construed within the scope
and meaning of the appended claims is also con
sidered to be within the spirit and intent of the 40
What is claimed is:
l. A wind actuated advertising sign compris
ing a stationary frame, a conforming rotary
frame mounted in said stationary frame for rota
tion about a vertical axis carrying plates bearing
advertising media and a series of wind wheels
having relatively parallel axes radially disposed
about and within the con?nes of said rotary
frame about said plates.
2. A wind actuated sign comprising a standard,
a stationary open frame mounted on said stand
ard, a rotary frame mounted in said open frame
on a vertical axis for rotation, plates disposed in
said rotary frame and a plurality of Wind Wheels 55
having relatively parallel axes and arranged in
said rotary frame about said plates for independ
ent rotation.
3. An advertising sign comprising
a body
mounted for rotation on a vertical axis and a
series of independently rotatable wind wheels
mounted on relatively parallel axes and arranged
radially in said body about its center and means
on said body spaced inwardly from said Wind
wheels to receive advertising matter.
4. An advertising sign comprising a stationary
open frame having a rotatable frame mounted
therein on a diametrical axis and a series of
?utter mills arranged in spaced relationship in
15 said rotatable frame about its central point for
independent rotation on relatively parallel axes,
and a sign receiving means carried by said rotat
able frame and spaced inwardly from said ?utter
5. An advertising apparatus comprising a sta
tionary', open frame, a rotatable frame having a
plurality of radially disposed arms embraced at
their ends by a circular element, the latter being
pivoted at diametrically opposed points in said
frame, plates for the reception of advertising
media affixed centrally to and on either side of
said member and a series of independently 10
mounted and rotatable wind actuated elements
arranged in said member in spaced relation about
said plates and rotatable on relatively parallel
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