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Sept. 28, 1937.
Filed March 12, 1936
‘ 3 Sheets-Sheet 1
Sept. 28, 1937.
' c. ‘J. JACKSON
- 2,094,071 _
Filed March 12, 1,936
5 Sheets-Sheet~ 2
0. 006O09 0
' 6%
Sept. 28, 1937.
Filed March 12, 1936
3 Sheets-Sheet 3 ‘
dam\/4 v,? ?
éiéRNEY. '
Patented Sept. 28, 1937
Carl Johan Jackson, Superior, Wis.
Application March 12, 1936, Serial No. 68,493
2 Claims.
This invention relates to dual window con
struction, particularly adapted for use in frame
buildings, wherein spaced studding is used in the
Walls thereof; the principal object being to pro
5 vide a simple window unit for installation within
the walls of such a structure.
Another object is to provide such a unit for a
well as inwardly on both sides of the window
Figure 1 is a plan view of my improved dual
window as it would appear from the inside of the
20 building with the top window down and the screen
in place.
For convenience
plishing either a closed or an open window con
Other objects and advantages of the invention
Will appear in the following description thereof.
Referring now to the accompanying drawings,
forming part of this application, and wherein like
reference characters indicate like parts:
as is of course the covering 19.
vide for selective adjustment of same in accom
dition, as desired.
are reduced continuations of the side members ‘I
of the window frame, while the outer covering
of this housing portion is represented at l9, and
corresponds in thickness to the ordinary inch
sheathing boards illustrated at 3, which latter
are nailed directly to the studding of the wall,
of illustration of the unit, this auxiliary sheath
ing or covering 89 projects all around the entire
side and upper portion of the window unit as 10
double sash window, wherein the uppermost sash
is greater in length than the lower sash to pro
(Cl. 20-521)
Figure 2 is a vertical central section of Fig. 1.
Figure 3 is a broken perspective view of my
improved window and frame therefor.
Figure 4 is a somewhat enlarged perspective
view of the completely assembled unit ready for
installation within a building.
A double sash window having the above re
ferred to selectivity is old in the art as disclosed
in my Patent No. 1,502,142, dated July 22, 1924,
so that the instant invention refers only to the
novel form of frame structure therefor.
In the drawings, l and 2 rep-resent spaced studs
in an ordinary wall of a wooden building, 3 the
outside sheathing; and 4 the lath and 5 the plas
ter of the inside ?nish of the wall. 6 represents
the window sill, ‘l the side members of the win
dow frame, and 8 the upper rail of the window
frame, 9 the inside ?nish or trim, I0 the lower
sash, H the upper sash, while i2 is the outside
top rail of the window trim, and 24 the outer side
trim member of the frame.
The elongated double length upper sash H is
illustrated as having a central rail is, below which
it is glazed as at M and above which it is pro
vided with wire screen as at l5. In the preferred
embodiment of the invention it is desirable that
the entire window installation should be in a com
pletely assembled unit, as illustrated in Fig. 4
5 O and to which end, the window frame is fully
assembled, with the upper portion of the sash ll
completely housed in when in the position illus
trated. This housing comprises the relatively
thin wooden covering I6 which is attached at its
5 sides to the upright members or jambs H, which
opening where it forms the outer blind stop for
the upper sash, so that when an opening is pre
pared for same intermediate of the studding in
the wall of a building by properly spacing the
lower transverse member 20, and the uppermost
transverse member 2 I, all that is necessary is to
place the completely assembled unit (excepting
the inner trim) into said opening and fasten it
there. In this event, however, the transverse
member 22, corresponding to those described at
2B and 2 I, is set on its edge in order to make room
for the housing of the upper portion of the win
dow unit, and either one or more uprights 23, as
the case may require, may extend from the cross 25
member 2! to the cross member 22, thus providing
a substantial structure within the wall above the
lower portion of the window frame.
It is thought the advantages of such a unit of
window installation are obvious, as well as the 30
convenience provided in having a window in which
a screen is at all times constantly available.
The principal di?iculty in providing for a unit
of this kind is that the upper transverse rail,
placed intermediate of the side studding for the
two sash window, must be placed on edge and
flush with the inner face of the studding, instead
of on its side, as is common. This then provides
room behind the upper transverse rail for the
installation of my improved dual window unit.
From the above it is apparent that with my
improved dual window installation, the upper
light of the window may be changed from glass
to screen at will, and in this novel construction
wherein the outer facing of the pocket in the 45
unit is made to project from three sides thereof
to abut with the outer sheathing of the building,
the outer side trim members of the unit are made
to overlap and cover such abutting joint, thus
insuring a weather tight union wholly about the
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:
l. A completely pre-assembled double sash win
dow unit for installation Within the wall of a
building, including in combination a Window
window being slidable within said pocket when
frame having side jambs, top rail, sill, said side
jambs extending upwardly and being reduced in
width above said top rail, and said top rail also
being reduced in width, and inner and an outer
covering for the reduced portions of the side
jambs thereby providing a pocket above the top
rail having a bottom opening into the window
frame, said outer covering projecting beyond the
10 side jambs and top rail and downwardly upon
either side of the outer edge of said side jambs
and forming the outer blind stop for the upper
most sash of said Window, a single light and a
double light window sash slidable within said
15 frame, and the upper portion of said double light
2. A pre-assembled double sashed pocket win
dow and frame therefor having side jambs, top
rail, and sill, an inner covering member for said 5
pocket, an outer covering member for said pocket
secured to and extending beyond the side jambs
and top rail, said outerwardly projecting portion
being for cooperative alignment with the sheath
ing of a wall to which the window and frame 10
may be applied, and said outer covering member
acting as the outer blind stop for the upper sash
of the window.
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