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Patented Oct. 19, 1937
Harvey G. Klttredge, Dayton, and Sylvester J.
Broderick, Yellow Springs, Ohio, assignors to
Foil?lm, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, a corporation of
No Drawing. Application August 21, 1935,
Serial N0. 37,210
1 Claim. (Cl. 134-233)
It'is the object of this invention to provide an tion of the solid chlorinated diphenyl can vary
adhesive compound which can be applied either from 5% to 70% and the proportion of para
hot or cold, and which, when applied, dries rap
coumarone-indene resin can vary from 5% to
idly, providing an air-tight bond which is sum
35%. The function of the viscous chlorinated
5 ciently resilient to permit of the expansion and diphenyl is to act as an adhesive agent, the func- 5
contraction of materials to which it is attached, tion of the solid chlorinated diphenyl is to act
such as metal, paper and the like.
both as an adhesive and as a strengthening
It is an object to provide an adhesive that is agent, and the function of the paracoumarone
air-tight and gas-proof, that is not affected by indene resin is to render both strength and tacki
10 moisture and which has a marked a?lnity for ness, in order to facilitate the initial adhesion. 10
metal, so that it is particularly adaptable for seal
The heating should take place until there is a
ing packages of metal foil.
mixture. The exact temperaturevof the heating
This new article of manufacture consists of an will depend upon the percentages. of the elements
adhesive comprising chlorinated diphenyls of
15 varying viscosity and a syntheic resin, such as
paracoumarone-indene resin. For instance, a‘
mixture of a viscous chlorinated diphenyl, a solid
forming the compound. . '
It will be understood that we desire to com- 15
prehend within our invention such modi?cations
as may be necessary to adapt it to varying con
chlorinated diphenyl and a paracoumarone
ditions and uses.
indene resin can be e?'ected by heating to ap
Having thus fully described our invention, what
2 0 proximately ‘100° C. and stirring. The composi- ' we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters 20
tion of the chlorinated diphenyls as to the amount Patent, is:
of viscosity can be regulated by varying the
In combination, in an adhesive, of approxi
amount'of chlorination. The preferred percent
age of the elements of the combination is 25%
iv Cl of viscous chlorinated diphenyl, 50% of solid
chlorinated diphenyl, and 25% of paracouma
rone-indene resin.
The proportion of the viscous chlorinated di
phenyl can vary from 5% vtoy35%, the propor
mately 25% of viscous chlorinated diphenyl, ap
proximately 50% of solid chlorinated diphenyl
and approximately 25% of paracoumarone-in- 25
dene resin.
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