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Nov. 23, 1937.
F. M. cowAN
Filed May 24. 1933
`xm am
ìî‘an?‘ßí Cowan.;
Patented Nev. z3, 1937
_ `_
` AitimArnaiz:son TEMPERATURE :use- _-§,'Í»_
..Frank BL Cowan, PlainfieidfN.
srs'rnagsJ.; a'ssignoi-- to'
American District Telegraph Company,~ New. '
VYork, N.-Y., a corporation oi' NewiJersey- ‘ V - 'I »\
sprachigen» 24,1933. 'segni Noia-_125er .¿ “mf
sclsims. ».(cl. 1v1-»355i
» ì-
' i
The present invention relates to'l an improvement in vent means for air-tube iìre alarm systems in which alarms or signals'are actuated by a
causes the seal to. becompressed and tightened in
the nipple 'seat and againstntheairìtube1,.- thus
sealing and grippingfthetube. firmly. inoperative
heat sensitive, expansive fluid in a tube, in which
6 the alarm system will not f_unction untilasudden;
predetermined rate of' rise `_ in temperature Lis
‘ „
" `
" *
'l ._
,„._`.¿,I.~.~¿.- ¿¿.:-,_, ,l
' At 'the opposite 'fend of` the bored cross llpie_ce__,2iis 5
integrally connected a' second upright 2', the, duct
' i n
'8v or which _communicatesíwith duct "i, _the'lu'pper
yOne object o! the inventio'nf‘is _to provide an' Venlc‘ioffsaid'upright21.beingthreaded. as atht'rto
improved compensating vent" means iorìs'uch a receive' thereon _a 'threáld'ed'nipple 4..v The_lupper
10 tube system, which is adjustable to'varying conditions -of local installations and_su?roundin`gs„'td
compensate pressures produced ',within 'the tube
system by normal temperature changes in the pro-
end otduct‘!" >is tapered-- inwardly toff'orm ajseat 10
upon which is mountedffàïrubber, sealingjplugril.
In the'centenoi the sealing'plug .illismounted'
avent 'plug'i _l , shown enlarged, in section, in Figs.~
tected area, and to prevent the operation_‘óf-the-
4 andlß.; '
apredetennined amount.` ' _ 1
f . ‘
bore of larger ,diameter` thanthe' vent plug ,vii ,--. is
Still other objects ofthe invention will appear
as the kdescription proceeds:` an'd while the details
provided _within1 bre'atherÍvent hole i5. and‘at its
lower ‘end _is provided with ya flared pressure flange
15 system until the rate o! temperature'rise exceeds
A' p‘rotectin'g breather cap AIl, having animiert~ 16
ci the herein invention are described and claimed,
Il'. ` l Thefunc'tion of this‘cap ‘iQ is to permit air
20 many and various changes may be made without
departing from the scope of'l tbe‘inventionï as
from the duct system'
to expand to atrrios-l 20
phere,'whi1e sufilcientlyfprotecting the ,ventïplug
claimed in the broader claims.
‘l '
‘ '
il _from dust and the like.' _so as to rriair_1t_al_nI said,
The present improvement _is shown in_"connec- - ventplug'athigh efilciency.
¿17455. .i
tion with a detector alarm system."
, 'n' '
` Whenjlthis latterï'described assembly is~ ini‘t‘hel
In the drawing.
‘ì ‘_
, ' "
position noted in Fig. 1, the'threaded nipple _com
Fig. l is a plan view oi.' a detector system utilized
in conjunction with my imp‘rovement;-`~`u
pressesy the rubber. seal ‘i2 into its seats andüthe
-' g Y ' _'
detormation‘thereof causes _it to, firmly‘surround
Fig. 2 is a section_al elevation thereof taken' on“- ` andgrip‘ the ventplugí in atight operative posi-`the line 2'--2, Fig. l.- looking in the direction ofylthe'v tion‘. " The tunctio’nfotlth'e flared illang'e-Í Il( sthe
30 arrows, with a diagrammaticillustratlon ci'ùpart
of an alarm system:
" l
same as for thejcbnëd@ l'fier I0'.."`_t__ha't: il's'îto
"'.M' " ` " -`~
to'holdjthe uppefr"end"ot'the- enlarged portion-pt;
m. 'sin 's‘framentß'ry ,sectional fviewfòr'thq therubber‘gnp'gsearzizgin'nrm grip asaiiist‘çnije
vent member and its sealing/means with `the: com- tapered seatgljan’dì'to prevent" twistingr therubber
pression locking 'means removed; EN" ’fj?ï
v seal whenamzdng orremovinethe thr'eg' ed evs
ne. 4 u anenlarged‘sectionn‘viewßin'eievstipn'
¿w ‘
of the improved'vent'element:'and
'f Àt‘ the*` center __of'th 'cross or base' pleegt-_IL
ll‘igräis‘an-eniarged'tran- 'erse's'ectionaljviem ' Fig.' .41, .there is,_’lociítteclff,a> threaded..boss§into_
taken on the line B-lßl'lgger'" ~’ ‘f ‘fill’ fïf'fî“
which lis'rn`ç,>uhted.'_aÍiitf’g'reigL’threalieçi plugílß 1_the‘ In Il‘ig.~ 2' there is shown‘rim',informative*pur‘ffA -upper‘en‘d og'jwhich has aihead 28, betweengwhich
40 poses, an alarm actuatingmeans 'for an'jairìtubef- andf‘theîtop“ "o‘fQthe.'bcìss'.,4 with washers' l‘21, ¿ism
'protective :syst/sm.' in which'- a -portionioilah‘ air
clamped'a bored'brachetfarm 2B. ' The upper en_d
tube I. having a bore I' therein','-is'_entered at its
oftarmlgl ‘supportïab'ylgscrewszm an-insluiating,
terminal end intoia seal= generallyfdenotedrby. IllY ar'mNIIL‘ en__fth‘ej outer end .ot'whiçh is threadedly
and having an intermediate bulbous' portion.' "Thai mounted‘an"ad,i_ustable;`headed contact. screwïgli.;
45 bulbous portion ,of the leal which is made‘chhigh" Ai ,"rllthejlscrew «lilhasbeeaadjusted ,by _its head 145
grade. so_!t_,-rubber; restlíixra taperediaeatiimthe, ‘ ligïthe'f-„lock'f-f?ut‘zfìij, ' _i'.iirriedto` holdvthescrew;
upper endj'i', of., a threaded fnippiœ I'gfgithe .-lowerig ixî ‘.adiusted-i' position. 21nd,! l'simultaneouslyfhclds .
hstubel communicatinnwitnthe - an' outstanding jáolderingiconnector2,21 in» position y
50 which
Wm? “91.1 "-"f fitbsädectfl-Qfr
@P9-.upper 9.0m »um
tion .or> 'the‘rubber seal,il_r„seata1„'a',coned metal` iixedlylmou‘nted fa single bellowsÀ diaphragm, il.
washer |l'.":and-this .washer 'il'inturn
the. interior. otv‘wnichf'opens into the-bored! of.
upon by a 'threaded sealing. cap‘ 3, wherebyltl'ie‘` plug It, 'and _thusïthe'ïinte'rior of the-diaphragm
es bulb-seal il is compressed, so that ita’deformation
Iis in connection with the ductsystem B-l, 1, I'. 4ius
therein is removed and the plug II set down
and I1, and is therefore a eoted whm the air
pressure in said system is ailected by tempera
ture rises oi a predetermined abnormal rate in
duct system l'.. 'I'he upper tace ofthe diaphragm
carries a central contact I9, which in turn is con~v
lower. The seal and plug- are then restored to
operative pc'iticn. _This new set or adiusted po
sition of the plug will then approximate the set
ting A of Fig.-3. and more ‘of the external surface
area will be presentedy to the surrounding` air in
nected to a connector 2l in arm 23, by a ilexible
duct .-6, such "increase" heing' proportional' to the
length of the vertical 'dotted lines shown'at the
connector I9'. The connector.“ is connected _by
a wire 29, toene terminalpfzan electric ,alarm
signal Il. 'the other 'terminal of signal 3| being
connected to current sourceßZ;
top of the plug In Fig..3. ’
_To decrease the rate of flow from the duct 10
As thus described, and [shown int‘rï‘ig.y l the system, the _ventplug Il may be raised'upwardly
alarm circuit is open. *"_Su'dden ¿temperature in its rubber sealing plug I2, and thus'decrease
changes, upwardly, causethe air tol expand‘ in the -amount of external area presented to the
the duct system, cause the diaphragml to expand, surrounding air space’v'in duct l.
closes the alarm circuit, and’causes signal 3l to' mercialicarbon rod lhaving such porosity'that a.
indicate the pressure change _within the duct. suitable, outside _f__diameter' in connection ~ lwith a
system. Slow rises and ~drops in temperatures
- are permitted in the usualiànranner, withoutslg»
breather’s oi’._the-prior,art.v
As previous stated, condit'ià’?s' 'surrounding each
installation of this alarm'fsystem may be unlike,
and with a standard, >uniformly'acting _vent means
at the breather end 4 of thlsfsystem, _some means
must be'îprovided whereby ajïstanda'rdised, system
venting means II, may befscv'aried I_n its opera-_
tivefunction that the variable' slow rate of rise..
of pressures in different installations may be inet,
to lobtain accurate and ‘emcient action.
To- this fend a ventin‘gg-,plug II isI provided,-
Whatlclaim iszt';
__ .
'111- An' (slr, tii'aefflr.,y étwwr- miem- comprising
a detector, tubing, airigid breather oi- dense po
rousjmineralfmaterial; means_.ior securing the
breather to;_sald 'system so .that airmay bainter
changed b'etyv’eefr` thefineide and outside-gif` the
tubingthroughtne _breather_._.¿
;._«.¿_._-,¿~. _.
tive position-)before closingdtover'with the _pro
2.'.1An air tube tirez. _detector systemcornprising
a' detector', tubing, Q_ _a ,porous ,V carbon` breather,
means, for fsecuring `_the breather,u to _saidqsystem
so that _airLmay_.be_. interchan'ged betweenïthelin
side and. out'sid :_o lt.h_e._.tubing throughfùthe
tection cap Il, the vent pl‘ug' may be set to cou-l
bre'áthé_l°_.„ff¢_ ».f.`,-.~«. I
trol the emission of air fromthe duct systemlat
` 3;
ub'e nre _detector system;comprising
a detector", tubing, 'a rigidbreather ,otdense poe 35
wherein by 'manual adjustment only', in its opera#
' the desired rate of now.'
- ,.cfpfîqily’iir-i",
rous material means__forsecurlngthe_breathento
saidfs'ystem sc_ígtlhatg,v _alrlmay he interchangedgbe:
ternal bore, which isl blind, i._e.,_isjopen only at tween` thefln'sideßndoutside ci thetubin'gthrough
As will be _noted in Figs. _1, 3,'_4`,'
_5, the vent
plug' is‘crlindrical and is'provided"with an'in'
oneend preferablyits' upperl__end.`j.The plug II
itself is made of a‘_sultable material‘jof porous
the breathènsaid system also including means for
adjustlngltheecapaçit i' .the breather' forrthe
sumciently open and interconnected as to `permit
4- An `fli4l’ .tubefflrê
air. `.ileiestersyßtemccmprisins
_ ,-_.
" 'gg-w
nature,` the internal physical poresfof'whlchfare
air to pass therethrough in eitherdirection, .and `a detector, t'ubi'rig,-«,ja porous` carbong._breather.
thus control the slow rate of air iiow into (inoutA means for securing the breather _to _said-¿system so
thatv zair may beI interchanged _between_- _theg inside
Many 'porous materialsmay be ‘advantage6usly~ and outsid‘e_-of„¿the _tubing‘through the breather,
utilized 'for-¿tins purpose, and someo! these’are » said -. system also'~ includingjmeans lor". adjusting
45 of the'duct system. __ `_,
i ' _"4
brick,_ unglazed vitriiiable' _ materiah, __carbon, un
balred porcelain and carborimdumïçlfïf
' the capacityh
.-'iîlì‘lrìï'g-„i _.,ïri‘g'
0f these, carbon has'been i'ormd'to have many ' 5. An air tubelre'detector
adyantages in that lt is of lowcost, '_stable,_uni'-`_
form in porosity, easy to manufacture I4andina-fv extending '_therethrough‘, _means for tightly.- con
chine 'and extremely lasting', wlthoutîloss' of-"eilif" necting the tubingio', one end oi~_.said~_§duct, .a
ciency over long periods of time,'in'installation. porous y_carbon breather,__ means _for ¿_ removably
In action, the air passes through _the porous securing said breather._gto the _othereend-„pf said
walls ‘and bottom into -the interior ‘herel Il and
from thence tof_atmosphere__tl'irou’gh'I vent.l Il in .
' b_e noted thatthe lower end ofthefvent r_>li1g‘II_,"'.l
extends below, the ‘rubber~ seal {_I lf., '_a'fcertainfdisg`
3,1m.’ a. i when 'ia this' posiuonfiïcenain; jeg-_1re
rounding'~ airspace within"_c‘.uct"l‘,"'_thus’permitr _
ting _'a certain' now oi' airl therethrough,"in’ direct ,
proportien to' the
memberl .in ,_air î_.tight_ _'¿relationmto „ saidf;duct to
permit theÍinterchange-_of airbetweenzthe duct
cap- |_a',-wh¢p a temperature rise' 'expands'theì'air f ßnd-»tfieeimoßpherarsaid meensslsofin'cludins
in'the'duct system. ‘When the temperature `drops`_í_ means, f_or~„varyingsthe__ exposed surface_,.oi,_ `.the
the air movement through the' plug i's‘freversed. ' breatherìto
the, capacity of thebreather. for
In operative position, as shown in ll’ig.Í2,"-'it_'will_"l-.
tance'fwhich distance is> disclosed"
V detector, 'means_¿iorming
a ductffa ,gheatfconductive « detectorf'tubej..‘a.n¢ì-'_`fl a
pressureäs'ensitiveprótectivermeans ‘communicat-l
disposed rover' _location's'ïitó _protected a?d?hav
"metterla :basierendes bri-'case
geroilsf' heatïtoloperate?said _protective‘fmeansj and
um@ ,esther onirica-'muovermi eens@
' ‘ ' material _maintes airfugnex In; ¿sia _duct
' ¿merendine capisci"rlalrrnovçm?ôâia , ,porous
theA vent?plug'; iand thus alter.' the _' rate ‘_oifrise of. aan-amies?meenemen“.19:
pressure .within‘the duotsystem-íöver
1 ' oist_air_throughthdèbreather’infbpposite direc- _
plug‘setting jot B. the' cap 4 isjloosenedand re
moved with csp Il. the seal-‘wituitheïplug li
` for-mim
a duct: a heat-conductive detector tube and a
delay in protective-means operation by danger
pressure-sensitive protective means communi-l ous heat at any oi said locations.
cating with said duct: and a rigid breather of
non-hygroscopic rigid dense porous granular
material mounted air-tight in- said duct and
adapted for the passage of dry or highly moist
nir through the breather in opposite directions
during warm or cold weather: said'tube being
disposed over location?. to be protected and having
10 air therein adapted to be expanded by dangerous
heat at .said location, thereby to operate said
protective means: said breather being adapted
during warm and cold weather to exhale highly
moist air fast enough to prevent operation of the
protective means by harmless rise.of tempera
ture at such locations and to inhale fast enough
during falling temperature to prevent harmful
8. In combination, a threaded member> having
a longitudinal duct flared to form an outer end
seat; a compressible rubber seal member resting
in said seat andhaving a bore; an‘.el_cngated
cylindrical porous vent plug in said boi‘re and duct
and smaller in diameter than the duct having an
end projecting from the seal member, said vent
plug having a longitudinal bore therein closed at
the projecting end and open at theother; a per
foratedcap over said vent plug and having a
iiange resting on the threads of said seal; and a
threaded nipple screwed on said member and
having a ñange engaged over said flange of the
cap for pressing said seal member against the
plug and seat.
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