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Nov. 30, v1937.
m Mgg/M2322.
NOV. 30, 1937.
|_. w, VALENT|NE
Filed April 29, 1955
2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Nov. 30, 1937
` Y Leonard W. Valentine, Baltimore, Md.
Application April 29, 1035, serial No. 18,901
1 Claim.
The invention relates to a liquid dispensing
apparatus and more especially to a beer dispens
ing attachment for bottles.
the drawings.
nates generally a vessel, in this instance in the Y
form of a glass bottle, having the contracted neck
I0 forming a mouth rim having externally there
a vessel or container, such as a bottle, can be
of a mutilated bead or rib I I which extends cir
readily dispensed at the will of the user of such
apparatus or attachment.
Another object of the invention is the provision
of an attachment of this character, wherein the
manner of fastening it to the mouth oi the bottle
is novel in kind, the attachment in its entirety
cumferentially of said rim. This rim I9 exter
nally thereof is also provided with a lug i2 rising
from the bead or rib II to the top edge of the 10
rim. Adapted to be placed upon the neck I0 of
the bottle is a skirted cover I3 of disk form, its
skirt I4 being telescoped over the neck _I0 and
being novel.
A further object of the invention is the provi
has in the inner face thereof a notch I5 for re
sion of an attachment of this character, wherein
through the instrumentality of an air pump the
container can be charged with pressure for the
cover I3 upon the neck of the bottle A. Embrac
ing the neck I0 of the bottleA below the bead or
rib I I is aY clamp ring including half circular
parts I6v which Vare formed with an inwardly _di
dispensing of such contents, the pump being hand
20 operable and is conveniently located for the opl-_
eration of the same.
A still further object of the invention is the
provision of an attachment of .this character,
which is comparatively Vsimple in construction,
25 thoroughly reliable and efficient in its operation,
substantial to afford durability and inexpensive
to manufacture.
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the features of construction,
30 combination and arrangement of parts as will be
hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in
the accompanying> drawings,;which disclose the
preferred embodiment of the invention and
pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure l is a side elevation of the attachment
constructed in accordance with the invention
showing the same applied to a bottle, the bottle
being broken away to a considerable extent.
Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view
through the attachment, portions of the same
being in side elevation.
Figure 3 is a top plan view.
Figure 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4 of
45 Figure 2.
Figure 5 is an exploded perspective view of a
clamp ring.
Figure 6 is a fragmentary perspective View of
the open mouth end of the bottle.
Figure ’7 is a side elevation of the attachment.
Figure 8 is an exploded perspective view of a
delivery hose and faucet coupling therefor.
vFigure 9 is an enlarged sectional View of ra.
modiiied inlet port.
sponding parts throughout the several views in
Referring to the drawings in detail, A desig
The primary object of the invention is the pro~
5 vision of an attachment of this character, where
in liquid, such as beer or other beverages, within
(o1. 215-4)
Similar reference characters indicate corre
ceiving the lug I2 to prevent the turning of this 15
rected bottom flange I1 this lying beneath the
bead or rib II on the neck Ill and .affords a seat
for a resilient gasket I8 to prevent the ring from
damaging the bottle neck `III when wearing such .
ring. These parts I6 at their ends carry external
ears I9 accommodating adjusting screwsA 29,
these being in threaded engagement with the
ears on one part and loosely engaged with the
ears on the other part of said ring so that in this
manner the ring can be made secure about the
neck I0 of the bottle A. Swingingly connected
with the adjusting screws'Zll> are binding posts 2l
having threaded thereon winged nuts 22, the
posts being received in seats 23 provided in the
periphery of the cover I3 and in thismanner by
a tightening of the nuts 22 against the cover I3
it can be firmly sealed upon the mouth end of
the bottle, there being provided in this cover I3 a
sealing gasket 24 which rests upon the upper edge
of the neck Ill of the bottle A and thus a seal can
be had between the neck I0 and the cover I3 to 40
avoid any leakage at such point.
Secured to the cover I3 is a spigot or faucet
like body 25 having a flow passage 26 there
through to a discharge nipple 21, this being a
part of the body 25 and in this passage 26 is a
valve seat 28 engageable by a valve 29 having a
feed screw stem 30 so that the valve 29 can be
moved to or away from the seat. The stem 30
extends without the body 25 and is fitted ex
ternally of the latter with a handle 3| for manual 50
manipulation thereof. The valve 29 controls
the ñow of liquid through the passage 26 in the
dispensing of such liquid from the bottle A.
There is ñtted in the passage 26 a tube 32 which
extends downwardly into thebottle A close to its
bottom for directing the flow of liquid within the
corresponds to the nipple 44 serves as an inlet
bottle to the passage 26 in the body 25.
The nipple 21 carries a separable coupling 33
for a supply hose 34 of ñexible kind. The hose
at its outer end has fitted therewith a dual cou
nipple containing an inlet port 52 and a com
pressor coupling tip 53, the latter being equipped
with a return check valve 54 so that air from a
compressor (not shown) can be drawn into the
pling including the parts 35 and 36, respectively.
nipple 5I to place the contents of the bottle A
'I‘his coupling including the parts 35 and 36 is
under pressure and in the use of the compressor
serviceable for the attachment of the hose to a
dispensing faucet (not shown) of a bar fixture
the operation of the pump is> entirely dispensed
with, this being the oase when the capacity of
the equipment is increased.
The vacancies as provided by the mutilated
or to a container from which the liquid is dis
pensed into the bottle A.
Mounted upon the cover I3 is an air pumpof
the hand operated piston type, its barrel 31 be- '
ing connected with a union 38 which is made se
15 cure in the cover I3 and the piston 39 operates
within said barrel 31.
The stem 46 of the piston
outside of the barrel 31 carries a handhold 4|
so that the pump can be manually operated.
The barrel 31 of the pump is built with an air
20 feed «nozzle 42 which extends into the union 38
and is equipped with a return check valve 43 so
that air from the pump will enter the bottle A
through the union 38 and will be checked against
return ñow. In this manner the contents of the
25 bottle A can be placed under pressure for the
dispensing of such liquid.
bead or rib II
ances for the
I3 to the said
The liquid
on the bottle neck l0 affords clear
post 2| when fastening the cover
bottle neck.
contained within the bottle A is
dispensed therefrom through the spout 55 and
the 'flow 0f such liquid is controlled by the valve
29 as herein before described. This spout 55 is
applied when the hose 34 is removed.
What is claimed is:
Means for mounting a pump and faucet pres,
sure-tight upon a container, including a cylin
drical neck integral with the container, an an
nular bead extending circumferentially around
the neck about midway between the container ~
The union 38 has
and the rim of the neck, said bead having a pair
formed therewith a pressure release extension
of gaps disposed diametrically opposite each other
or nipple 44l having an outlet port 45 whichis
controlled by an adjustable needle valve 46 the
same being manually regulated and this valve
engages a seat 41 provided within the nipple 44.
On engagement of the Valve 46 with the seat 41
the outlet port 45 is closed so that pressure can
not escape therethrough. The nipple 44 is
equipped with a pressure gage 48 of any stand
ard type so that the pressure within the bottle
A can be readily determined therefrom. The air
passing through the nipple 44 will escape through
the port 45 to the atmosphere. In the union `38
40 concentrically of the nozzle 42 and formed in the
bore of said nipple is a chamber 56 so that air
under pressure within the bottle A can make
its escape about the nozzle 42 to the atmosphere
through the port 45. It is, of course, under
45 stood that the pressure within the bottle A can
be relieved on the opening of the port 45 and
in doing this the bottle A can be readily filled
to the desired level therein.
' '
Vv'hen the pump is operated it places the con
50 tents of the bottle A under pressure. The at
tachment is serviceable in the dispensing of beer
or other liquid beverages.
therein, a lug on the neck rising from the bead
midway between the gaps and extending to the
top of the neck, a disc cover for supporting the 30
pump and faucet on the neck having a skirt tele
scopioally receiving the neck, there being a notch
formed in the skirt receiving the lug'and an
choring the cover against rotation, a clamp ring
having a pair of half circular sections encircling
the neck and having inwardly directed bottom
ñanges disposed beneath the bead, a resilient
gasket on the flanges engaging underneath rand
embracing the bead and preventing the clamp
ring from damaging the neck, the clamp ring
sections having perforated ears disposed at the
gaps in the bead, adjusting screws for drawing
the` ears together to tighten the clamp ring,
binding posts pivoted at the lower ends on said
adjusting screws, the cover having a peripheral
flange provided withv seats receiving theupper
ends of the binding posts, nuts on the binding
posts engaged with the cover to hold the cover
tightly down upon the neck, and a gasket be
tween the cover and the rim of the neck com
pressed by the cover to prevent pressure leakage
from the container.
In Figure 9 of the drawings there is shown a
slight modification wherein the nipple 5| which
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