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Dec. M, i937.
GAME APPARATUSFiled gan. 25, 195'/
-Äßœemßl Jïahnsamyg,
l 4
wrm/1MM), a
Patented Dec.y 14, 1937
, Loren E. Johnson vand Benedict C_Bordonaro,
Olean, N. Y
Application January 25, 1937, Serial No. 122,282 '
1 Claim.
This invention relates to a gaine apparatus
and, more particularly, relates to a chance con
trolled device for determining the winner of a
prize offered as an inducement to encourage more
frequent patronage for theaters. The game is
(o1. 27s-_142)
theentire face of the disk adjacent the periphery
The standard 2, at a'point above the uppermost
portion of the disk 8, has an arm Il extending
therefrom parallel to the shaft 3. From this
`part of a plan or method which is carried out in arm, flexible spring. fingers l2, suitably spaced,
the form` of a dramatic skit or playlet in which ' extend downwardly, each engaging the pins I0
the audience takes part.
of one of the disks 6, 'I and 8. The device is >
The plan comprises. awarding a, prize to a preferably made inv a large size, about the height
patron of the particular theater or motion pic
of a man, so that it may be viewed on the stage 10
ture house visited,` on the occasion that the plan
is in'operation. `It is an object of the plan to
choose, by means of the appar-atus hereinafter
described, a month and date of the year, and to
15 award a prize tothe person or persons present
in the audience whose birthday, happens to fall
on the date chosen by means of this apparatus.
The apparatus also provides means for deter
mining whether the recipient of the award- shall
20 be male or female.
from all portions of the house.
In use, one or more members of the audience
may be invited up to the stage toroperate the
device. The disks may be rotated by grasping
one of the pins it and giving Ythe wheel a quick 15
spin as will be obvious from the-construction. .
The disks may be rotated simultaneously or inde
pendently, although it will be Vobvious that the
enjoyment of the audience will be enhanced by
the element of suspense present when the disks 20
An embodiment of the invention is illustrated are rotated in series.
in ‘the accompanying drawing, in which like ref
-The plan or method is suitably dramatized at
erence characters refer to| like parts in the sev ` each performance', and the dramatization may
eral figures.
be different for successive performances, as de
VIn this drawing,
sired, or the` same skit may be re-enacted for
Figure 1 is a front elevation of the device;
subsequent Vperformances of the same attraction
Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof, with a since the performers will. not be the same ifV
portion of the base broken away;
Achosen from the audience.
Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional detail along
It will be understood thatrthe choice of a win- '
line 37-3 of Figure 1. ’ .
ner is made when all of the disks have been 130
The apparatus Yconsists of «a suitable Vbase VI
rotated and allowed to come to a stop, the flex
. which supports a vertical standard '2. At a suit
ible fingers l2 exerting a braking influence. The
>able point this standard is transflxed by a bolt name of the month appearing -at the top of the
or shaft 3, secured thereto by any desirable device, and the date and sex indicated on the top
means, such as a nut 4 and collar 5. Rotatably of the adjacent disks and in vertical alignment
mounted on this shaft‘are a series of concentric
Vdiscs or dials 6, 'Land 8 which are spaced from
each other by means of spacing collars 9 which
are suitablypinned to the shaft 3. These dials
increase progressively in diameter in the order
„namedso asV _to leave visible aV marginal portion
of the last two.
are secured in ‘any suitable
around the m-arginalìportions thereof but are
preferably arranged midway between the dividing
' 1». linesfof the parts hereinafter referred to.
marginalportion of the >largest disk 8 is divided
into twelve equal parts which are designated by
50 the names of the months of the year.
The next
smaller and adjacent disk ‘I is likewise divided
into a number of equal parts which bear as visible
indicia the numbers of the days of a month, con
appears, the prize may be duplicated, and if no» 40
claimant-appears for that particular perform
Adjacent the periphery of each Y ance, the prizes maybe permitted to accumulate
'of these dials-a series of equidistantly `spaced
' pins Y l0
with the month designates the winning combi
nation, and the person or persons in the audience
whosebìrthday falls on that date may claim the
prize. In the event that more than one claimant
secutively arranged. The smallestand foremost
disk is also divided into a number of equal por- Y
tions which are Ainscribed with the notation
l“male”, “female” occurring alternately around
for the next performance.
f Having thus described our method and appa
ratus, we claim:
A game apparatus for selecting avprizerwinner
according to date of birth and sex_which com
prises a base, a standard supported thereon, a
shaft projecting therefrom, dials mounted on said
shaft, said dials being individually, independ 50
ently and selectively rotatable thereon, means for
individually and independently'stopping the ro
tation of each dial and indicia carried by said
dials so arranged as to indicate a month, date
and sex adjacent said stopping means when said _
dials comeV to rest.
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