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Dec. 28, 1937.
Filed Sept. 22, 1956
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Dec. 28, 1937.
Filed Sept. 22, 1956
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Patented Dec. 28', 1937
Elmore E. Buskirk, Adrian, Mich.
Application September 22, 1936, Serial No. 101,981
3 Claims. (01. 183-36)
This'invention relates to atmosphere clarifying , 23, for motor shaft 24 extending through open
This invention has utility, especially in' dental
laboratory portable quiet units, more particularly
in conjunction with power tools for grinding,
brushing, polishing, and burnishing.
Referring to the drawings:
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary view, with parts broken
away, of an embodiment of the invention in the
10 position for use;
Fig. 2 is a view of the device from the left of
Fig. 1, the abrading wheel being removed;
3 is a plan view of the device of Fig. '1;
4 is a section on the line IV-IV, Fig. 2;
5 is a section on the line V--V, Fig. 3; and
6 is a detail on a reduced scale, showing
ing 25 in the disk I8 and the opening I5 in the
housing wall I4, there to have set screw 26 mount
hub 21 of fan disk 28, carrying an annular series
of blades 29 in this multi-blade rotary pump 5
which has overhang 30 for rotary clearance as
to ?ange 3| adjacent the sleeve I2. This sleeve
I2 provides intake port terminus 32 into which
may be ?tted cylindrical end 33 of nozzle 34,
adapted to conform to the work being given at- 10
tention, as this power tool having the abrading
wheel 4. Accordingly, this multi-blade pump ef
fects the suction through this intake port termi
nus 32 for drawing air and particles from about
the working wheel 4 into this housing to be dis- 15
persed by the blades into the material I3 of the
a volute for the fan or pump.
chamber II. v Back pressure in this chamber is
Dental bench I may have mounted thereon by
bracket 2 power shaft 3 operating abrading wheel
4, against which the dentist may hold work, as
arti?cial gums and other parts for ?nishing at
tention. The particles thus ‘removed are unusual
ly ?ne and have a tendency to contaminate the
atmosphere of the laboratory and adjacent dental
oflice. To keep away from dust and air impur
ities from such source, it is important to take
away these worked off particles by equipment re
quiring a minimum of space and which is quiet
in operation as well as effective to really keep
avoided by considerable area of discharge ports.
To this end circular openings 35 are formed in
the wall 8 and opening 36 in the wall 9. At these 20
respective circular openings are placed screens
the atmosphere clear.
Under the invention herein the work bench I
may have mounted thereon by means of cushions
or rubber feet 5, base 6 of a chambered housing
unit having wall 1 rising therefrom with slant~
ing side walls 8 merging toward each other, with
31, 38, having therebetween foraminous or ?brous
mass 39 as supplemental ?lter beyond the ?lter
action of the ?brous material I3. Ring 40 has
friction snap coaction with the housing serv- 25
ing as a grip in assembling this supplemental
?lter. There is accordingly resulting free flow
of the ?ltered air from the chamber II.
Under desired practice herein, the opening 36
is located for direction of draft of air from the 3(
chamber II toward and about the motor housing
2|, thereby being an effective factor to keep this
motor 2| from excessive heating: ' Operation of
the motor is effected by throwing switch 4| in
the motor housing from “oil” to “on” position 35
intermediate side wall 9 extending toward the ' aft-er electric supply cords 42, 43, and conduit 44
side wall 1 and spaced therefrom by crown wall are connected with wall ?xture 44'. Inasmuch
portion III, thereby completing particle-collecting as this connection may be readily severed and.
chamber II with laterally extending sleeve I2 the unit is light weight, small and compact in
40 therefrom oppositely from the side 9.
its direct connection and set-up, it is readily 40
_ This chamber I I may be effective in assisting placed into position adjacent the location of the
collection of particles when it is charged with working tools and as readily removed therefrom.
?brous material I 3, say excelsior, which may be It is a device which may be readily cared for in
treated or moistened more readily to have par
the cleaning or replacing of ?lter material or
ticles adhere thereto, and there is thus provided masses, whether in the chamber II or at the 45
a ?lter-promotion particle-collection means openings.
which may be replaced or cleansed. Opposite the
The prime purpose is an effective pull at the
sleeve I2 and between the crown I II and the side intake port in which the pump or fan is located.
9 is side wall portion I4 having opening I5 there
Clearance 45 about this fan' is such that the
in, about which may be mounted ?ber washer I6 pulled-in air may be readily dispersed about the 50
to be engaged by ?ange I1 of disk I8. Screws chamber II. However, if it be desired to build
I9 clamp this disk into sealing relation.
up a discharge pressure into the ?lter material
Supplemental bolts 29 through the disk I8 or betterprotect the blades of the fan or pump
mount motor housing 2| outside this chamber from the ?brous mass I3, this is e?lciently done
II. This motor housing 2| provides bearings 22,
by providing scroll housing 46 (Fig. 6) to envelop 55,
the multi-blade drum of the rotary pump having
radial spill, and such radial spill of axially re
ceived material is effected tangentially by way of
spout 41 for pressure ?ow or forcing through‘ the
?brous mass IS in the courses through the various
discharge ports.
The portable unit is readily shifted about, for
at the bolts l8 are recesses 48 to seat ears IQ
of grip or handle 50. This handle is thus ef
10 fectively assembled by the bolts 19 with the hous
ing chamber mounting the motor.
what is claimed and it is desired to secure
by Letters Patent is:
1. An air purifier unit housing embodying a
there being walls rising, from the base to
provide a chamber and a fan housing having an
2. An air puri?er unit housing embodying a
base, there being walls rising from the base to
provide a chamber and upwardly narrowed to
provide a fan housing portion having an opening
toward an inlet port terminus, a multi-blade fan
mounted in the fan housing portion and adapted
for suction action on the inlet port terminus,
there being a shaft for the fan extending outside
the housing, and a motor on the housing over
hanging said base and providing bearing for said
shaft, said housing having ?lter screen discharge
port means from the chamber overhung by said
3. An air puri?er unit housing embodying a
base, there being walls rising from the base to
provide va. chamber having a lateral inlet-port
nozzle, a fan in the chamber of said base later
ally from the nozzle adapted for suction action
opening toward an inlet port terminus, a multi
blade fan mounted in the housing and adapted for , at the inlet port nozzle, there being a shaft for
suction action at the port terminus, there being the ‘fan, a motor supported by the housing and 20
20 a shaft for the fan extending outside the hous
providing bearing for said shaft, and an outlet
ing, a motor on the housing and providing bear
port spaced from the inlet port by said housing,
ing for said shaft, said housing having ‘?lter there being ?lter means in said housing between
screen discharge ports from the chamber, one at
least thereof being directed toward the motor said ports.
25 for cooling draft action therefor.
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