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Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury
Made by Evtushenko
The biggest legend of
Rock music
Freddie Mercury
(Farookh Bulsara)
was born the 5th of
September in 1946 in
Zanzibar (known like
Tanzania). His
parents educated
Farookh in conformity
with Persian culture.
Bomi Bulsara was a
high-paid worker and
the family had their
servants and a high
level of living.
In 1954, Farouk was
sent to English
boarding school St.
Peter's, located in
Panchgani. For friends
and teachers Farooq
became simply
'Freddie', parents also
had not against what.
His first public singing
was held in the school
choir. It was there that
he met his first love.
His first song he wrote
at age 12. It was called
"I'm going to the top,"
and it so happened that
this song has predicted
his whole life.
Beginning of the ascent
Five boys decided to organize
a pop group and called
themselves "The Hectics".
Freddie was happy peck on
the piano. They rehearsed in
the dorm and soon became an
informal school group. But
unfortunately this artist on
boarding never went
After receiving excellent
ratings, the best of which were
rated on art, English and
history, Freddie returned to
his parents. He returned to the
normal quiet life.
In 1969, the idea of their
group became Freddie
fixed idea. One of this
group was Freddy Ibex. The
group moved to London
from Liverpool hope to
them finally come good
luck, but as soon as the
money ran out and
enthusiasm, they're back.
Freddie proposed new
name for the group and as
an alternative offered
Wreckage. But very soon
the band ceased to exist.
Freddie returned to
London, he turned to his
friends, Roger Taylor and
Brian May. And in April
1970, they decided to
become a music group.
Group В«QueenВ» quickly came up.
Very significant place in the
band's career played a charity
concert В«Live AidВ». They
performed on stage with Paul
McCartney, Elton John, Madonna,
Mig Jagger, Sting. After members
of the group said that "all played
well, but Freddie was head and
shoulders above" Their popularity
has spread worldwide. Concerts
collected a record number of
people. They performed immortal
hits В«Bohemian RapsodyВ», В«The
Show Must Co OnВ» and В«We Are
The ChampionsВ». But it ended at
the peak of fame ...
The disease
Data on its natural Mercury
was bisexual. For the life of
Freddie shadow fell when
his manager found that two
former lover Mercury died
of AIDS. At a press
conference in November
1991 in London, the singer
made an official recognition
that he has AIDS. This
terrible diagnosis, he
concealed from the public
for five years. During his
illness, Freddie Mercury
also strengthened worked.
Made records, performed
on stage with concerts,
Writing last album Mercury
suffered from constant pain . All
friends and relatives waited for the
end , but it came suddenly ...
Freddie Mercury died on 24 November 1991. He
died of bronchial pneumonia
caused by AIDS. The last two days
of his life he could not speak ,
almost lost his sight , was very thin
and could not eat. He struggled to
breathe and nobody will recognize.
He died in his house , at the door of
his home fans gathered and waited
for the tragic denouement . On the
death of the great artist was
announced at midnight on
November 24. After his death in his
house sent a huge amount of
flowers and telegrams from rock
stars around the world. The funeral
took place 4 days after the singer's
death .
If I die tomorrow, I will not regret. I really did everything I
could. "
Freddie Mercury
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