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Jan. 11, 1938.
s. c. sIMoNSKl
F11ed Aug. 20, 1937
ifon on the face 4. This fesults in the llf1iting
of the labe1 and the baok ln of the fug in a? ?ffn
nlannef, and sinoe the pfojecting poftion of the
label is stiff, the labe1 fnay be easily fead ffolf1
eithef the baok of the ffont of the fI1g, and the
label iS held in an extended position so fha?t one
exafnining the fug fflefely need pI111 on the ex
tended poftionS 5 and 6 of the lajbel to eaLSily ex?
.an1ine the indici9? thefeon.
In order to readily identify certain rugS vvhich
InanufaotufefS deSife to se11 aS “Seconds” of
oloSeoutS, ? have plaoed aJ Sfna11 tfanSvefSely ex?
tending tab 7 betvveen the baoking of the Seo??
tions 5 and 6 of the labe1. By placing the sInan
it iS n1ade neceSSafy by the pfiof aft and the Spifit
of the appended ola?i1T1s.
? claifn as ffly invention=??
1. In oofflbination v??ith a ffoof oovefing, aJ labe1
of unitafy oonStfoofion fofn1ed of textile fnatefia1
and ooInpfising end poftionS connected by an in?
teffflediate poftion, the fafce of said labe1 having
suitable indicia thefeon, a ftlbbef oon1pound ad
heSive on the back of Said labe1, one end poftion
and a?n inteffflediafe poftion having theif backs 10
adhering togethef, the othef end of the label af?
?xed to the fea?f end of the ?oof oovefing, and
ou tfansvefsely eXtended tab intefposed betv7een
fhe oveflapping iflteffflediate poftion and the end
poftion of the labe1 Whefeby Said tfansvefsely
15 tab T in the position indioated? no additiona1 ad? ? ? extending poft?on nlay be feadily vieWed ffoIn the
hesive, Se?ong, of faStening Ineans need be 11sed
to hold the tab ?f in poSition.
T?1e Sffla11 tab T~
betWeen the face f? and the back B of the sectionS
4 and 5 feadily designates to the obsefvef, With
20 011t a? close exan1ination of the Inafkefs, that
that paftioulaf fug is a “Second” of defBotive in
sofne fespeof. This affongen1ent pfevents un?
sofupu1ous dealefS ffon1 se11ing aJ “seoofld” of
danlaged aftic1e aS a? peffect article, and thereby
25 eliIninates inj11fy to the feputation and ?he good?
Wi11 of the ff1an11factufef.
Aftef the
tions 5 and
30 pfesence is
fug of oafpet iS Sold of othefwise
fof use, the extending o_iSp1ay Seo?
6 afe flo longef neoeSSafy and theif
undesifable, henoe it fnay be oon
veniently and eaSily bent along the dotted line
3 So that it is ooncealed ffofn vieW and does not
ffla?f the appeafance of the aftiole.
'?he pfovision of the display Seotiofls in one
35 fnefnbef, attached at a de?nite location to the
fug by the binding fubbef cofnpound obviates
the f1eoessity fof any fnafkS on the ftfg of any
stitohes of othef olipping Ineans of attaohing the
fnafkef that Would be detfinlenta1 bo the appeaf?
anoe of desifability of the aftiole.
Although nly invention has been deScfibed in
conSidefab1e detai1, Suoh desofiption is intended
as i1111Stfative fathef than liff1ifif1g. My inven?
tion, thefefofe, is not to be festfioted exoept as
Side, top, a?nd bottom of the fug.
2. A mafkef adapted to be aSSociated With an
afticle to be nlafked con1pfis?ng a labe1 of unitafy
oonstfootion and divided into Sul)Stantially thfee 2 0
pafts? o fubbef binding coInpoond oofnpfisihg
the baoking of soid. label and adapted to bind
v??ith othef Soffaoes opon the application of hea?t,
an end poftion of said 194be1 0veflapping and ad?
hefing to the inteffnedfate poftion of Said label,
S11itable tfade?fnafkS, vafious sizes, and pfioes
pfinted on the fa?ce of said labeL and a sIf1aj11
tab having indicia thefeon exfending ffofn be?
tWeen the oveflapping end an? infeffnediate
3. A fna?fkef adapted to be aSSooiated ??th an
afticle to be n1aifked con1pfising a label of onitafy
conStfuct?on and divided into subStantially thfee
pafts, au baoking of adhefing fnatefiaL an end
poftion of S?id1abe1 oveflapping and adhefing to
the inteffnediate poftion of said label whefeby it
is felatively sti1f, Suitable tfade-fnaJfks, vafious
sizeS and pficeS of the aftfole to which it is af?
fixed pfinted on the face of Said label, and o?
sfna11 tab having indicia thefeon extending ffofn 40
betvveen alnd adhefing to the oveflapping end
and intefInediote poftionS?
~ SAMo?L o. sIMONsKI.
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