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Jan. 11, 1938.‘
Original Filed ‘April 19,v 195s
An|. | u
Harry P. Troend [)1
Patented Jan. 11, 1938
Harry P. Troendly, New York, N. Y., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to Samuel Scrivener, Jr.,
Washington, D. C. '
Application April 19, 1933,‘ Serial No. 666,907
Renewed May 16, 1936
4 Claims. (01.‘ 248-87)
The. present invention relates to lawn sprin
nected, is attached to one of the shells 4, 5 by
kling ‘devices and more particularly tov devices any suitable means such, for example, as the
for supporting a lawn sprinkler.
metal straps 9, Hi which may be bent over the
An object of this invention is to provide a pipe and the ends of which may be attached, as
.5 support for a lawn sprinkler which will include -'by welding, to the stamped shell. An opening is
means for preventing any turning of the sup
formed in the'?ange of each shell near the lower
port due to the reaction of the streams issued portion thereof as at II, and such, openings are
from the sprinkler.
so disposed that when the shells‘ are brought to
Another object of the invention is to provide gether in assembling the support they cooperate
=10 a, support for a sprinkler which will include
to‘ form a port through which the pipe :8 is
means ‘whereby the support and sprinkler may =passed.~ ‘Similar openings are provided in the
be easily. attached to the ground but which will upper part of the ?ang'eof each shell, as at
prevent any undesired movement of the sprinkler 12, inorder to provide a port through which the
with respect to the ground.
upper! portion of’? pipe 8 passes. If desired, the
Another object of the invention is to provide a
device which will insure a rigid and sure support
for a sprinkler.
Another object is,to provide a support for a
sprinkler which may be formed from parts which
20 are easily and cheaply made and quickly as
sembled but which will be strong and durable.
Other objects and features of novelty will be
apparent from the following description and
drawing, it being expressly understood, however,
that the invention is in no way limited by such
description and drawing or otherwise than by
the appended claims.
' Referring to the drawing in which similar
reference numerals denote like parts;
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the subject of
the invention showing the same mounted on the
ground and attached to a hose;
Fig. 2 is a view of parts of the invention, taken
on the line 2-2 of Fig. 3;
Fig. 3 is a view, partly in section, taken on the
shells may be soldered or welded to the pipe at 15
the points where it passes through the same. A
coupling !3 of usual type may be attached to the
lower end of the pipe.
Referring particularly to Fig. 2 it will be seen
that each ?ange is completely cut away as at
Id, I5 at the lower part of the shell and through
out approximately the entire ground-engaging
extent of such lower part. There is thus pro
vided an opening I‘! in the Wall of each shell for
a purpose which will appear hereinafter.
In assembling the support, the two stamped
metal shells, with the pipe 8 attached to the in
terior of one of them, are brought together‘ with
the marginal edges of the ?anges abutting, and
the shells are attached together as by spot-weld 30
ing along the line of abutment ofthe ?anges,
or by bolting, riveting or otherwise. It will thus
be seen that a rigid metal support or cover for
the pipe has been provided, to which the pipe
is rigidly and permanently attached.
Fig. 4 is a view taken on the line 4—4 of Fig. 2.
Means are provided by the invention for se
curing the support to the ground, and such means
Referring particularly to- Fig. 1 of the draw
comprise a U-shaped bracket member l6 having
line ‘3--3 of Fig. 2, and
ing, it will be seen that a supporting device,
a length slightly shorter than the opening I‘!
40 generally designated by the numeral I, has been
provided and which is adapted to support a'
provided in the support by cutting away the
?anges as at I4, I5. The bracket I6 is in
sprinkler head 2 in a position above the ground,
it being noted that such sprinkler head forms
no part of the present invention and that any
" type of sprinkler, whether rotary or stationary,
may be employed. A hose 3 may be connected
through the sprinkler support to the head 2 in a
serted into the opening l‘l between the walls of
the stamped metal shells and. is attached to
manner to be described more fully hereinafter.
The supporting device I, forming the subject
of the present invention, comprises two stamped
such walls by any suitable means such as weld
ing, bolting, riveting, etc., the bolts l8 being
shown in the drawing. Attached to the bottom
of the _U-shaped bracket l6 adjacent the ends
thereof, and so disposed as to be suitable for
engaging the ground, are a plurality of relative
ly short spikes I9, 20. These spikes may be at
metal shells 4, 5 which may be of any desired
shape and each of which comprises a plate-like
in any suitable manner, but are shown as be
portion and an integral marginal ?ange, desig
nated by numerals 6, ‘l. A pipe 8, to‘ the upper
end of which the sprinkler head 2 may be con
ing providedwith reduced portions at the upper
ends thereof, which reduced portions are passed
through holes in the bottom of the bracket and 55
tached to the bottom of the U-shaped bracket
then deformed to provide a rigid and secure fas
tening. Midway of the length of the bracket
there is provided a relatively long spike 2|, the
which reference must be had to the appended
same being provided at its upper end with a col
1. A support for a lawn sprinkler comprising
a plurality of plate-like members having margi
nal flanges thereon, said ?anges being connected
lar 22 and a reduced portion which is passed
through an opening formed in the bottom of
the bracket and then deformed to provide a
rigid and secure fastening. Washers 23, 24 may
be provided between the collar 22 and the bot
10 tom of the bracket and between the deformed
head and the bottom of the bracket in order to
provide a more secure fastening.
The short spikes I9, 20 are provided for the
purpose of preventing turning of the sprinkler
15 support and are therefore placed at the oppo
site extremities of the bracket I6.
The longer
spike 2| is provided for the purpose of attach
ing the support securely to the ground. .The
provision of shorter spikes for preventing turn
ing of the support insures that the entire spike
assembly may be easily inserted into the ground.
It will be seen from the drawing that the
opening I‘! in the bottom of the support is slight
ly longer than the bracket I 6, whereby small
25 openings 25, 2B are provided at each end of the
bracket I6. These openings allow any moisture
or water which may collect within the support
to drain to the ground.
While one modi?cation of my invention has
been illustrated and described in the present ap
plication, it will be apparent to those skilled in
the art that modi?cations and changes may be
made therein without departing in any way from
the spirit of the invention, for the limits of
What is claimed is:
together to form a hollow body, a pipe arranged
within said body and adapted to act as a water
conduit, and ground-engaging means connected
to said body.
‘ 2. A support for a lawn sprinkler comprising
. a plurality of side members, connected marginal
?anges on said ‘side members having openings
therein through which a pipe is adapted to pass,
a bracket having side walls secured to said side 15
members, a plurality of relatively short spikes
attached to said bracket, and a relatively long
spikeattached to said bracket.
3. A support for a lawn sprinkler comprising
two stamped metal members, ?anges on said
members, said ?anges being welded together to
form with said members a hollow body, a pipe
extending interiorly through said body and be
ing attached to one of said members, a bracket
disposed within said body, and ground-engaging 25
means carried by said bracket.
4. A support for a lawn sprinkler comprising
a plate-like member, an integral marginal ?ange
on said member having openings therein, a pipe
extending through certain of said openings, me 30
tallic straps extending across said pipe and
welded to said plate-like member, and a bracket
member disposed in another of said openings,
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