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Jan. 11, 1938.
1 2,105,282
Filed Oct. 4, 1937
C/zarZes M $02157
Silo’. “My:
Patented Jan. 11, 1938 ‘
Charles M. Dolby,
_ ‘Illf
‘ I.
Q Application October 4, .1937’, Serial No. 167,288
(01. 251-10)
'7 The invention relates to valves of the. general
type having a rock shaft, an'arm secured to said
rock shaft, and a valve secured to said armfor
cooperation with a- valve seat, and while it is’
5 intended primarily for actuation by a gasometer
to control the feeding of natural or_manufactured gas to a gas engine, it is usable also for
various other purposes.
, l
projecting bearing necks t5 and I6 having axially
alined bearing openings I1, the axes of which
are parallel with the ?at face J3. A rock shaft
I8 is mounted in the bearing openings ll‘ and
projects beyond the neck it for connection with 5
suitable operating means, a portion of which is
shown at H). .The outer end of the neck I5 is
provided with a threaded cap 20 to be ?lled with.
The principal object of the invention is to pro- , lubricant, and the outer‘ end of the neck It is
10 videa simple, inexpensive and generally improved
equipped with, astu?ing box 2!. This neck It 10
construction in which the seat and the pipe con-
is' also preferably provided with a grease cup or ,
nectionsi' are carried by one block, and in which
the like 22, for purposes of lubrication.
The rock shaft I8 extends across the recess 14
the rock shaft, arm and‘ valve are carried by a
second block detachably secured to said one block.
and an arm, 231's secured to the recess-spanning
15 Thus, upon release of the securing means,v said
second block and the parts carried thereby are
portion of‘said rock shaft, a set screw 24 being 15
preferably’ employed in securing said arm to said
removable as, a single unit from said one ‘block rock shaft. This arm projects out of the recess
without disturbing the pipe connections, both the - M and beyond the side 53 of the block l2, and
valve and the seat being readily accessible for its projecting end is provided with'a valve 25.
20 making repairs or for replacement when said ,This valve is preferably in the form of a disk of
second block is removed;
A further object is to provide a valve of such
leather‘, rubber or any other suitable material, 20
detachably secured to the arm 23 by means of a.
' simple construction that it may be inexpensively
bolt or the like'26. .
manufactured and marketed, the construction,
25 however, being such'as to be long-lived, e?icient'
and in every way desirable.
detachably secure said block l2 to said block 5
with the flat faces 6 and 83 of the two blocks in
abutting relation. A suitable gasket 29 is, of 30’
course, provided between these two flat faces.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the complete
Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view as indi-
With the two blocks secured in assembled rela
tion, the arm 23 projects into the recess 1 of they
block 5 and the valve 25 is in cooperable relation
35 cated by line 2—2 of Fig, 1.
‘,Fig. 3' is a disassembled perspective view.
with the seat ill, the valve being opened and 35
closed as required; ‘by rocking the shaft i8; Due '
A preferred construction has been shown and
will be speci?cally described, with the, under,
to the facilities for lubrication, there is no danger
of the valve sticking, and the lubricant also pre
standing however, that within the scope of the
40 invention as claimed, variations may be made;
vents corrosion.
‘ r
Whenever repairs are necessary, for instance, 40, '
The numeral 5 on the drawing denotes a onepiece metal block having a ?at side 6 and a recess
i 1 opening through said ?at side, the ends‘ of said
, grinding of the seat l0 .or replacement of the
valve 2-5, the cap screws 28 are removed, where
block being provided with threaded openings 8
are bodily removable as a single unit fromtthe
45 and 9 for engagement with pipes. One-wall of
the recess l is at right angles to the axes of these
openings and is provided with a. valve seat’ l0
surrounding 'one of said openings' At suitable
points, the block 5 is provided with threaded
'7 ' 50 openings H for a purpose to appear.
A second block I2 is provided, preferably in
the nature of a thick plate, said block l2 having
ings Ell-and threaded into said openings l I to
sides in the novel subject. matter hereinafter described and claimed, description being accom30 plished by reference to the ‘accompanying, draw,
cap screws 28 being passed through these open~
With the foregoing in View, the invention re-
The block I2 is provided with openings'Z'I for
alinement'with the openings H of the block 5, 25
upon the block i2 and all parts carried thereby
block 5, leaving the latter connected to the-pipes. 45 '
With the two blocks thus disconnected from each
other, both the valve and the seat are readily
accessible'for inspection, repair, replacement or
the like. '
From the foregoing; taken in connection with’ 50
the accompanying drawing, it will be seen that
,I have made novel provision for carrying out the
a flat side l3 and a recess l4 opening through 1_ objects of the invention, and while the details
said flat‘ side. The block l2 in the'presentdisr , disclosed are preferred, variations may be made
‘55 closure, is formed with two integral outwardly within the scope of the invention as claimed.
55 I
I claim:
a stuffing box threaded on the outer end of the
A valve comprising an elongated block having
its ends shaped for engagement with a Wrench,
other of said necks; a rock shaft permanently
mounted in said tubular necks and projecting
said block having a ?at longitudinal side, a recess
beyond said stu?ing box, an arm having one end
secured to said rock shaft within said recess of
said second block, said arm projecting perma
nently from this recess beyond said ?at side of
said second block and having a valve on its pro
opening through said ?at side, and alined thread
ed pipe-receiving openings in the block ends com
municating with the ends of said recess, one end
Wall of said recess being relatively distant from
the corresponding end of the block and being pro
vided with a valve seat around one of said open
ings; a second elongated and plate-like block
having a ?at longitudinal side, a relatively small
recess opening through said ?at side, and inte
gral outwardly projecting alined tubular bear
15 ing necks at opposite sides of said recess, a cap
threaded on the outer end of one of said necks,
jecting end; and means detachably securing said
second block to the ?rst mentioned block with
the ?at sides of the two blocks in abutting rela~
tion; said arm extending into said recess of said
first mentioned block and having its valve dis
posed in this recess in operative relation with
' said valve seat.
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