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Jan. 11, 1938.
2,105,299 .
‘Filed Oct. 16, 1936"
61 )W' P/f/PC‘Z
' , £055,417:
mama“ 9,
aim in. ii, i938
2,105,299 -
Glyn Pierce Roberts, Eingham, England, as
signor to Bendix Products Corporation‘, South
nd, limit, a corporation of lnoliana
Application tictober 16, 1936, Serial No. 106,025
lin Great Britain October 18, 1935
1 Claim.
(Cl. 188-195)
This invention relates to an improved device
for limiting the load which can be applied to
a movable, member, such as a member for oper
.able in a sleeve M. The sleeve t2 is in turn axial
ly slidable in a housing it. The Bowden cable it
is connected to the sleeve 42 by a pin it jour
ating the brakes of a vehicle, and more particu
larly to means for rapid adjustment of such a de
vice as is described and claimed in my copending
naled in the rear end of the sleeve.
The rear end of a coiled compression spring
lit engages a washer til abutting a shoulder on
application Serial No. 78,207, filed May 1, 1936.
the plunger ti) and the forward end of the spring
The above mentioned application shows a de
vice which permits equalized application of four
- 10 wheel brakes up to a certain predetermined limit,
beyond which additional applying force is trans
mitted only to the front brakes. This is intended
engages a sleeve
or bushing '52
threaded in the forward end of the sleeve t2.
An arm St or any other suitable means for rota 110
tion of the sleeve 52 is provided thereon and is
preferably made accessible to the driver through
an opening in the ?oor-‘board (not shown) of the
although remote
operating means
mounted, e. g. on the dashboard of the vehicle, M
to prevent skidding of the rear wheels due to the
shifting of the weight of the vehicle during de '
15 celeration. Since the passenger or weight load
of a vehicle often represents a large proportion ‘ might be employed.
The plunger it is held against the pin it by
of the gross weight it has been found that dif
ierent limits of rear wheel braking load are de
the spring t8 so that the plunger til and the sleeve
sirable when a vehicle is loaded and when un~ t2 occupy ?xed relative positions as long as the
spring force is not exceeded.
20 loaded.
An object of the invention is to provide ex
. The rear end of the plunger til is formed with
ternal, easily operable means for varying the ef
a conical surface 56 and engaging this surface
fect of a vehicle brake load limiting device.
are a plurality of rolls 58 loosely held in slots til
a. - Another object of the invention is to provide
25 means, readily accessible to the driver of a ve
in the sleeve t2. In inoperative position these
rolls are’ positioned just out of contact with the 25
hicle, for varying the effect of a vehicle brake housing lit.
load‘ limiting device to correspond to a loaded
In operation, when the brakes are ‘applied, the
or unloaded condition of the vehicle.
movement of the hand lever ill transmits equal
Other objects and desirable particular con _ forces to the tension members-22 and .30. The
30 structions will be apparent by reference to the force in the member-3U is transmitted to the
following detailed description of an illustrative plunger ill and thence through the spring, to the
embodiment of my invention shown in the ac
sleeve t2 and Bowden cable 341 and all these
companying drawing, in which:
members move together to apply the rear brakes
Figure 1 is a partially diagrammatic view of equally with the front brakes. But if the brakes
35 a vehicle brake system. employing my invention; are applied very hard, the forces transmitted
will exceed the force of the spring and the plung
Figure 2 is a longitudinal section through
er til will move forwardly relatively to the sleeve
the load limiting device employed in the sys
t2, compressing the spring, forcing the rolls 58
tem of Figure 1.
into contact with the housing ill and locking the
The illustrated brake system may be operated plunger against further movement.
by any desirable means such as a hand lever it
Additional force on the hand lever ill swings
having extending therefrom a tension member l2 the equalizer bar it and effects only the front
engaging an equalizer bar It. The equalizer bar brakes 20.
is, adapted to rotate a pair of coaxial cross-shafts
‘As above stated, it is desirable to vary the
45 it and i8. Shaft it operates the front brakes limit of the amount of force transmitted to the
20 through a tension member 22, a vertical shaft rear brakes when the vehicle is diiierently loaded
24 and tension members 26. The shaft l8 oper
and it may be desirable also to change the limit
ates the rear brakes 28 through a tension mem
for diiierent road surfaces or during wet weather.
ber 30, the novel load limiting device 32, a These variations are accomplished by rotating
50 Bowden cable and conduit 3t operatively engag
the threaded sleeve 52 by means of the handle
ing a vertical shaft 36, and tension members 38. 54 and thus increasing or decreasing the com
Referring to Figure 2 illustrating in detail one pression of the spring 48.
When it is desired only to vary the spring
form of my invention, the tension member 30
from the cross-shaft i8 is connected to the for~ force between two limits corresponding to com
65 ward end of a plunger 40 which is axially slide pletely loaded and unloaded conditions of vthe
vehicle, it is desirable to provide a stop such as
the tongue 02 secured to the housing 44 which,
by engaging the lever 54, prevents the sleeve
I! from being rotated more than approximately
one revolution. By properly proportioning the
pitch or the thread on the sleeve 62 the range of
adjustment maybe adapted to any particular
.vehicle. It may also be desirable to employ some
form of spring detent capable of holding the
10 sleeve 52 and lever 54 in any one of several
intermediate positions.
While only one embodiment of my invention
has been described in detail it is to be under
stood that many variations of form and arrange
16 ment might be made within the scope of the
inventive idea, and consequently, it is not my
intention to be limited by that embodiment or
otherwise than by the terms oi’ the appended
I claim:
A load limiting device ‘for a vehicle brake com
prising a plunger, a sleeve, a housing, a second
sleeve adjustably threaded in the ?rst sleeve, a
spring effectively interposed between the plunger
and the second sleeve, wedging elements, said
plunger having means operated by relative move
ment between‘said plunger and said sleeves for
engaging said wedging elements with said hous
ing to lock the plunger thereto, said second sleeve 10
having means for shifting it to either of two
positions giving different spring actions, and said
housing being provided with a projection form
ing a stop for said last named means permitting
it to be moved between said two positions cor 15
responding to loaded and unloaded condition of
the vehicle.
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