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Jan. 11, 1938.
Filed Feb. 26, 1937
Patented Jan. 11,1938
Luther 11. Smith,’ Murrells Inlet, s. 0.
‘Application February 26, 1937, Serial‘ No. 128,003
_2 claims.
(01. 273-98)
My invention relates to a device for use as a
toy or game implement.
. ‘An, important object of the invention is to
provide a device of the above mentioned charac
staples I 5 are arranged within the main opening
of the frame I 0 and since the ball receiving re
cess l3 leads into this main opening, the ball l6
may be inserted downwardly into the recess l3
8. suf?clent distance, Figure 5, so that the elastic
band will be arranged entirely within the main
5 ter which is. interesting and amusing to operate‘
or play and which may be played with different
degrees of success, depending upon the skill of
opening of the frame and therecess l3.
the operator.
In the use of the implement, the operator or
A further object of the invention is to provide
means for holding the'ball to the frame of the - player holds the handle II in his hand and the
implement is reciprocated, such as in a vertical
implement when the implement is not in use.
Other objects and advantages of the inven~ direction. This causes the ball II to travel more
or less vertically through the opening of the
tion will be apparent during ‘the course of the fol
lowing description.
frame In and the ball passes to the opposite sides
In the accompanying drawing forming a part
' of the application and in which like numerals
are employed to designate like parts throughout
of the frame. ~By acquired skill, the ball may
thus be made to pass freely through the frame 15
I ll withoutcontacting therewith. However, this
operation cannot be easily effected without con
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a toy or game, siderable practice. In order that the life of the
.the same,
elastic band It may be prolonged, the recess or
pocket I3 is provided, and when the device is not
in use, the ball is forced into the recess or pocket
2-2 of "Figure 3,
l3 and will'be securely held therein against acci
Figure 3 is a plan view of the device,
‘ dental displacement.
A further advantage in
Figure 4 is_ a longitudinal section taken on line
implement embodying my invention,
Figure 2 is a transverse section taken on line
25 4-4 of Figure 3, and,
Figure 5 is a similar view ‘showing the ball
anchored to the frame.
thus securing the ball to the frame, when the
device is not in use, is that such devices may be 25
assembled or stacked in superposed relation, as
In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of ‘ for the purpose of shipment, and may be removed
illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of without liability of the elastic bands becoming
my invention the numeral l0 designates a frame, entangled with each other. This is accom
which is preferably annular and this frame is plished, since when the ball I 6 is held within the
preferably formed integral with a handle H. recess ‘or Docket l3, the positions of the elastic
The frame and handle are preferably formed band upon opposite sides of the ball l6 are held
from a ?at sheet, which may be wood, metal, or substantially taut or free from any substantial
slack,‘ as is clearly shown in Figure 5. The por
Cl: (A composition. At the union of the frame and
handle is an enlarged portion l2, diverging tions of the elastic band upon opposite sides of 35
the ball is are of substantially the same length,
toward the frame; and this enlarged portion has as
clearly indicated in Figure 2.
a recess or pocket i3 formed therein,‘ the open
is to be understood that the form of my in
end of this recess leading into the opening of
vention herewith shown and described is to be
40 the frame I0.
The numeral l4 designates an ‘elastic band, taken as a preferred example of the same and
formed of rubber or other suitable material. The that various changes in the shape, size, and ar
free ends of the elastic element or band II are rangement of parts may be resorted to without
departing from the spirit of my invention or
attached to the frame In at diametrically oppo
' site‘ points by staples IE or any other suitable the scope of the subjoined claims.
Having thus described my invention, what I
means. Attention is called to the fact that the
longitudinal axis of the recess or pocket I3 is in claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
1. An amusement device comprising a frame
alignment with the longitudinal axis of the
handle H and the staples l5 are preferably 90 having a handle and a main opening, said frame
degrees from the longitudinal axis of the pocket being provided with a ball receiving recess having
IS. A ball I5 is provided,.whichris preferably an open side which leads into the main opening, 0
resilient and is preferably formed of rubber and an elastic band secured to the frame at opposed
this ball has an opening extending diametrically
therethrough to receive the elastic band l4. Par~
ticular attention is called to the fact that the
points, said points being spaced substantially
equal distances from the ball receiving recess, a
ball secured to the elastic band with portions of
the elastic band upon‘ opposite sides of the ball
opening of the frame and disposed at substan
tially ‘equal distances from the ball receiving re
being of'substantially the same length, the ar
rangement being such that the ball may be in
serted within the ball receiving recess and the
portions of 'the elastic band upon opposite sides
of the ball will be held substantially taut.
2. An amusement device comprisinga handle,
a wide frame having a. main opening, an enlarged
portion connecting the handle and wide frame,
said enlarged portionhaving a ball receiving re
cess arranged next to the handle, the ball re
ceiving recess having its open side leading into
the main opening of the frame, an elastic band,
' attaching elements arranged within the main
cess and connecting the ends of the band with
the frame, and a ball secured to the elastic band
with- portions of the elastic band’ upon opposite
sides of the ball having substantially equal
lengths, the arrangement being such that the
ball‘ is adapted to be inserted within the ball
receiving recess and held thereby and the por
tions of the elastic band upon opposite sides of 10
the ball will be held substantially taut and with
in the main opening.
LUTHER H. sm'm.
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