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Jan. 11, 1938.
F‘ile'd- March 17, 1957
?zve?t’ar '
61% V. W
_ 139 WW 6. M
Patented Jan. ‘11 , 1938
Elio V. Francescon, Boston, ‘Mass.
Application" March 11, 1937, Serial No. 131,426
scams. (01. 292-76)
This invention relates to‘ a device to prevent the window is. The window jamb or frame iii in
‘rattling. or involuntary motion of windows and ‘which the ‘window is movably mounted and which
embodies the usual retaining strip, has an inner
I am' well aware thatanti-rattler devices for face i6 which is adjacent said inner face ll. Be
5 this-purpose have been made by others, and it is , tween said window sash i3 and said window 5
one object of my invention to provide a superior jamb l5 my anti-rattlerv device I‘! is mounted,
device of this type, which is always reliable when preferably clinging to the said front face ll of
once ?xed in position for use. Other devices slip said window sash l3 and bearing against the
sidewiseland ultimately fall out of their place inner face l6 of the window jamb i5, whereby it
10 between the window sash and the window jamb
because of this side-‘slippage, and it has been a
particular object to provide a device that over
comes this fault. Another object is to make a
device together with means to fasten it in place
15 at both ends, in a single unit from an integral
piece of material. Recognizing that such devices
must be sold for a small sum it has been my
object to create one of such simple construction
that it, can be economically produced on a quan
serves as a. ?ller in the space between the said 10
window jamb and window sash, and prevents any
rattling movement of said window sash.
As will be noted from Figure 1 of the drawing
said device I‘! is‘so relatively small that it is out
of sight when in position, being obscured from 15
view by said window jamb I5. The mounting
of my device ll could be reversed, of course. to
have it cling to the said window iamb inner face
Said anti-rattler device is made in one piece, 20
vit) tity production basis, and, therefore, meet the
price competition of inferior devices of this type
preferably of metal spring material, consisting of
and ‘can be placed in position for use between the
window‘sash and jamb by one simple and obvious
outwardly thereby resiliently bearing against said
The foregoing and other objects which will ap
pear as the nature of the invention is better un
derstood, may be accomplished by a construction
and arrangement of parts such as is disclosed
by the drawing and speci?cation. The nature of
30 the invention is such as to render it susceptible to
various changes and modi?cations, and, there
fore, I am not to be limited to said disclosure;
but am entitled to all such changes therefrom as
fall Within the scope of my claims.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a front elevational view showing my
device, by dotted lines, in its position between
a window sash and a window jamb viewed from
inside a house or building, in which position it
40 will prevent rattling or involuntary motion of the
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a perspective view of my anti-rattler
Figure 4 is a sectional view of an end portion
of my device taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 3.
Figure 5 is a sectional view of my device taken
on the line 5--5 of Figure 3.
Figure 6 is a bottom view of my device, broken
away, showing an end portion viewed from the
under side.
I have illustrated a portion of a window pane
I2, set in a window sash I3 which has a front or
66 inner face 14 as viewed from inside a room where
a main body portion l8 which protrudes or bows
window jamb inner face l6, as shown in Figures 2
and 3 of the drawing. Said body portion 18 will 25
yield or move su?iciently to permit sliding of the
window up or down; and it takes up the normal
play space between the window sash and window
jamb and thereby prevents rattling.
At each end of my device I‘! and integral there- 30
with securing means are formed consisting of
spurs IS on each side thereof, the material form
ing said device ll being turned downwardly and
extending inwardly, as illustrated in the draw
ing, said spurs l9 being inset from the outside 35
edges of my said device 11. Said spurs i9 pene
trate into the wood of said window sash l3 and
my device clings to its position thereon. It is a
feature of my invention to form said spurs I9
so that they are inset from the ouslde edges of my 40
device I1, thereby eliminating practically all pos
sibility of having it fall from its position on said
window sash by an outside comer thereof striking
against said window jamb as the window is
moved, which will occasionally happen if the said 45
spurs I9 are not inset, as shown. To more per
manently secure my devices I‘! in position I pro
vide spur means 22 at the end which are prefer
ably made double as shown, and which are locat
ed intermediate said spurs i9, being integral with 50
said device 11. These intermediate spurs 22 like
wise protrude into said window sash l3 and are so
shaped that they slant diagonally downward from
the said body portion l8 to the end as at 23, form
ing a sharp corner,‘as best illustrated in Figure 5 55
oi! the drawing. ‘Inasmuch as a window will be
slidup and down hundreds or thousands of times,
said spurs 22 are an important feature of my in
‘vention, reinforcing, as they do, the grip of said
outer spurs I9. Inasmuch as vertical movement
spurs, and with a slit intermediate said spurs
with portions adjacent to such‘ slit turned in- .
ward to form other spurs, all said spurs coopera
tive to hold the device from displacement with
respect to a window sash.
2. An anti-rattler device for windows and the
of the window temporarily ?attens out the body
oi! my device I‘! somewhat, said spurs I9 and 22 like comprising a bowed sheet spring with op
move slightly in the paths they cut in the window .“posite side edges turned to project normally to
sash l3 as the window moves; yet the spurs are
10 so formed that they retain their grip on said
windowsash and do not fall out despite this oft
said bowed sheet to provide spurs.
1-3. An anti-rattler device for windows and the 10
like ‘comprising a spring body portion bowing out
wardly, two spurs at each end thereof at the outer
It is highly desirable to have said device‘ I] re-,._> ‘side edges extending downwardly and being in
main inde?nitely in position between said window ' set from the outer side edges of said body por
15 sash Bidifiamb u, and in order to further ‘at
tain this end I preferably provide said spu'rsl Band
22 in both ends of my device l1, although my in
vention is not necessarily limited to this particu
lar construction.
Said side spurs is are purposely made longer
} than said intermediate spurs 22, to more surely
_ overcome the effect of any sidev thrust; of said
a window. sash which otherwisemight tend to force
my device out of its position.
What I claim is:
vtion, said spurs extending in a substantially
straight line‘ from the point of beginning at». said '
body portion to said ends, and two spurs at each
'said‘end thereof at a point intermediate said
spurs at said outer side edges spaced from each
other and ?aring outwardly from a common point 20
of beginning in said body portion towards said
end,-‘said‘spurs atsaid outer side edge beinglonger
than said spurs at said intermediate point, and
of substantially the same depth throughout, the
spurs extending ' diagonally 25
1. An antierattler device for windows and the ' downward towards said end and being of greatest
like comprising a bowed sheet spring with oppo
depth‘ at the end' of said device. '
site edges at an end turned inward to’ provide
~ 7'
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