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Jan. 18, 1938.
H. o. N. EVANS, JR
Filed March 5, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet‘ 1
.Zgg. 2.
iq?ature, Siqnature,
Harry O?ZEvanspfr:
’ Jan. 18, 1938.
H. o. N. EVANS, JR
Filed March 5, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Harry Q?QZ’van s, :77:
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
Harry 0. N. Evans, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Application March 5, 1936, Serial No. 67,368
1 Claim.
The invention relates to an announcer and
more especially to an automatic radio program
announcer or indicator.
The primary object of the invention is the pro
5 vision of a device of this character, wherein the
daily published radio programs by newspapers
can be attached to a rotating drum so that pro
gressively the said programs can be displayed
and this drum is driven by an electric clock
10 mechanism so that the program throughout a
given period of time will enable a person to be
cognizant at different intervals of the period of
time of the broadcasting by radio from selected
stations and in this fashion permitting the recep
tion of any particular broadcast.
Another object of the invention is the pro
vision of a device of this character, wherein a
printed program as taken from a daily newspaper
will be displayed on a rotating drum and such
printed matter will be intensi?ed or made clear
20 by a magnifying glass or panel as ?tted in the
device so that easy selection may be had for the
reception of a particular broadcast by radio from
a given station and the rendering of such pro
gram had with dispatch and ease.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a device of this character, wherein the
printed radio program taken from a daily news
paper when within the machine will be caused
to travel for the constant display of such pro
gram synchronously with the time of the day and
for the successive exhibiting of the program in
dicia, in periods of ?fteen minutes in accordance
with those periods of broadcast by a variety of
0.7 CI
broadcasting stations, the device being automatic
in the working thereof and can be a part of a
radio receiving set or independently thereof.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a device of this character, wherein the
printed published program of a daily newspaper
when within said device can be illuminated to
distinguish the indicia thereon and this indicia
is rendered clear and magni?ed by a magnify
ing Window or glass so that a person can discern
45 a particular part of the program as broadcast
by a sending radio station for the tuning of the
radio set for its reception and such daily pub
lished programs can be readily and conveniently
placed within the device from day to day so that
50 the current program will be handy for the read
ing thereof and convenient for service.
A still further object of the invention is ‘the
provision of a device of this character, which is
comparatively simple in its construction, thor
oughly reliable and e?icient in operation, neat
(C1. 40-—33)
in appearance if separate from a radio receiv
ing set, automatic in the working thereof, dura
ble, and inexpensive to manufacture and install.
With these and other objects in View, the in
vention consists in the features of construction, 5
combination and arrangement of parts as will
be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated
in the accompanying drawings, which disclose the
preferred embodiment of the invention and
pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure l is a front elevation of a device con
structed in accordance with the invention.
Figure 2 is a top plan View partly in section.
Figure 3 is a vertical longitudinal sectional 15
view through the device.
Figure 4 is a sectional View on the line 4-4
of Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary vertical detailed sec
tional view taken longitudinally through the de
vice and showing the cylinder or drum for the
radio program released from the electric clock
Similar reference characters indicate corre
sponding parts throughout the several views in
the drawings.
Referring to the drawings in detail, A desig
nates generally a casing which may be that of
a radio receiving set or machine or independent
thereof, in this instance the latter case, and com.. 30
prises a bottom l0, front ll, ends l2, back I3
and a hinged cover or top 14, respectively. Ar
ranged interiorly of the casing A near one end
thereof and carried by its bottom I0 is a frame
l5 of an electric type motor driven clock mech
anism l5 and journaled in this frame is an arbor
ll of a rotatable drum or cylinder I 8, the said
arbor being also journaled in one end l2 of the
casing A. The journaled end i9 of the arbor ll
?tting the frame l5 has ?xed thereto a gear 20 40
releasably meshing with a pinion 2| constituting
the driver of the clock mechanism 16 so that
on operation of this mechanism the drum or
cylinder l8 will be rotated thereby.
The arbor H as journaled is susceptible of 45
longitudinal displacement to move the gear 20
into and out of mesh with the pinion 2|, the
meshing of the gear 20 with the pinion 2| is had
through the use of a coiled tensioning spring 22
about the arbor l1 and working against the drum
or cylinder l8 while such arbor can be shifted
by a hand knob 23 against the resistance of the
spring 22 to bring the gear 20 out of mesh with
the pinion 2i, the gear 20 and the pinion 2| being
the clutch connection between the clock mecha
nism l6 and the arbor H.
Carried externally on the drum or cylinder I8
is a pair of spring clips 24 for the detachable
fastening of a program strip 25 trained about the
said drum or cylinder and this strip is preferably
a printed radio program published by a daily
newspaper having broadcasting indicia of several
3| also illuminates the name plate 30 so as to
make more visible the markings thereon for the
easy reading of such plate.
The bulb 3| and the motor of the clock mecha
nism l5 are connected in an electric circuit 32
adapted for separable plugging in with a house
current in the conventional manner.
The knob 23 is ?tted on the arbor H and is
or a group of radio broadcasting stations sub
10 mitted with a scale indicative of the time of day
located exteriorly of the casing A at one end
thereof preferably at the right hand end of the 10
and periods of ?fteen minutes, the indicia an
nouncing broadcasting from the stations being
indicated at 26 while the time scale is indicated
at 21. This scale 2'! appears at the left marginal
15 column and printed in ?gures giving the time
of the day in intervals of ?fteen minutes each
throughout a consecutive twenty-four hour
period if desired.
Formed in the front I l of the casing A is a
said casing.
The progressive travel of the program strip 25
20 horizontally disposed elongated window 28 hav
ing a magnifying glass 29 for the reading of the
program strip 25 detachably ?tted about the
drum or cylinder i8 while formed in the facing
piece for the window 28 and above the latter is
25 a suitable slot covered by a name plate 3!! which
is of transparent material and bears markings
when carried by the drum or cylinder I8 syn
chronizes with a twenty-four hour period of time
scaled in periods of ?fteen minutes for radio
broadcasting within the twenty-four hour range.
The drum will accommodate twenty-four hours
of programs but advertising may be used to ?ll
up the remaining space if only eighteen to
twenty hours of programs is desired.
Access is had interiorly of the casing A by
opening the hinged top or lid 14 so that the
program strip 25 can be removed from and at
tached to the drum or cylinder [8 in a convenient
The clock mechanism l6 includes a starting
button or knob 33 which is conventional to the
identifying a determined group of radio broad
casting stations so that selectively a special pro
gram may be discerned at a particular period of
30 time on a reading of the indicia upon the strip
25 on or carried by the drum or cylinder l8, the
attached to this device by means of a small ribbon
for conveniently clipping the uniform size pro
grams from the newspapers. The programs may
magnifying glass 29 being for the purpose of
be located in the newspaper page so as to leave
rendering clear the indicia upon said strip 25 as
such indicia will be magni?ed by such glass.
When it is desired to change the strip 25 or
place a new strip on the drum or cylinder [8
it is convenient to unclutch the arbor I? from
the clock mechanism it and this is effected by
pulling outwardly upon the knob 23 which dis
40 engages the gear 25 from the pinion 2i whereupon
the said drum or cylinder 18 can be turned man
ually and free from the clock mechanism to bring
the clips 24 on this drum or cylinder in a posi
tion for the easy application of the strip 25 and
45 the fastening thereof by said clips upon the drum
or cylinder. It is not necessary to stop the elec
tric clock mechanism when changing programs.
The program drum may be revolved manually to
observe programs at a later period other than
50 those appearing in View plate by disengaging
drum from clock mechanism by pulling out knob
and turning. Interiorly of the casing A above the
Window 28 is arranged an electric light bulb 3|,
this being of an elongated showcase type or
55 window display type and when lighted will illumi
nate the interior of the casing so as to render
clearly visible the indicia upon the strip 251 for
the easy reading of such indicia as magni?ed by
the glass 29 from without the casing. The bulb
electric type of clocks. A pair of scissors may be
the page intact after the removal of the radio
Interiorly of the casing are shutters 34, these
being manually controlled from the interior of
said casing so that they may be moved down
wardly into position for the purpose of adapting
the device to programs having a varying number
of stations listed. Each shutter 34 coacts with 40
the name plate identifying a particular station.
What is claimed is:
A device of the character described compris
ing a casing having a lensed window at its front,
a driving unit, supporting means interiorly of said
casing at one end thereof, a driven gear asso
ciated with said supporting means and operated
by the power unit, a driving shaft journaled
interiorly of the casing and shiftable axially, a
drum ?xed to said shaft and having a gear mesh
ing with the ?rst-mentioned gear and disengage
able on axial shifting of the shaft in one direc
tion, spring means active upon the shaft for nor
mally holding the gears intermeshed with each
other, and a strip removably clipped about said 55
drum and having broadcasting indicia visible
through the lensed window.
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