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Jan. 18, 1938.
Fileq Aug. 6, 1935
~ -
M i
M 20
29 ‘
(Ittorneg I
Patented Jan. 18, 1938 I
_ 2,105,529
‘Erwin Gerlach, Berlin Siemensstadt, Germany,
assignor to Klang?lm m. b. H.,
Berlin, Ger
many, a corporation ofG.Germany
' "Application August 6, 1935, Serial No. 34,929
IniGermany September 7, 1934
3 Claims.“ (01. 188-187)
This invention relates to speed control systems
such as are utilized in connection ‘with-sound
recording and reproducing apparatus, and has
‘for its principal object the provision of an im
proved apparatus and method of operation
whereby means are operated in response to the
driving speed of the apparatus to prevent sub
stantial variation in this speed.
between the circumference of the wheel I‘! and .
the two disks l5 and I6 may be reduced in prac
tice‘ to as small a value as 0.05 mm. so that the
governor device will be caused to respond even
in the presence of extremely slight departures 5
from the'normal speed. In the known arrangements, a far greater shift of the sleeve ‘ll along
Arrangements of this kind have been so de- ' the spindle l I is required to obtain any appre
‘signed that a frictional brake is applied to the
_ drive shaft in response to variations in the speed
of rotation or‘, according to the position of cen
ciable change in the pressure of the felt brake
The axis of the small wheel i'l-‘or the journal
trifugal weights. It has been‘ found, however, _ ing thereof is preferably made slightly elastic in
order that unduly great mechanical load or stress
that the brake blocks or shoes which are nor
mally made of felt, are subject to a certain wear _ of this axis may not be occasioned. There may .
and tear which makes it difficult to maintain the be further provided two rolls 20 and 2| which 15
rotational speed sufliciently constant, especially
when slow variations are to be avoided.
spring motor is shown in Fig. 2. This embodi
ment di?ers from that in Fig. 1 in that, on the 20
part of the wheel I1 and a step-down gear (not
it operatesionly to produce a regu
lator action and remains at rest when speed of
The invention will be better understood from
25 the following description when considered in con
Another embodim ent~which is suited for’the
drive of the talking machine by means of a
According to this. invention, anarrangement
20 comprising centrifugal governor weights is so
rotation is constant.
act as stops.
shown) and a worm 22 as well as a worm wheel
23 the pressure of a brake shoe 24 made of felt or
the like is altered. According to this embodi
nection with the accompanying drawing, and its ' ment,,the sleeve I 4 has to be changed in position 25
= scope will be pointed out in the appended claims.
Referring ‘to the drawin
Fig. 1 illustrates an embodiment of the inven
30 tion wherein a centrifugal mec
_ _ in response to vvariation in driving speed is util
izedto regulate ‘the speed of the drive motor,
Fig. 2 illustrates a modi?cation wherein the
regulation is effected through variation in the
35 pressure of the braké, and
e mover or to vary the pressure of the brake.
upon the sleeve ll between two small wheels i1’
and l "I" which are capable ‘of being actuated by
the wheel l5 and operate through the inter- ‘0
mediary of a step-down gear upon wheels 26'v and‘
26" of a differential gear 21. The planetary
wheel 28 of this gear and thus the output spindle
29, according to the departure from the rated
speed of rotation, will be shifted in one sense 45
' weights I 8 are attached through springs I 2. In
a The third embodiment shown in Fig. 3 differs 35
from that of Fig. 1 in that ‘a disk I 5 is secured
Referring to Fig. 1, I0 is an electric motor driv
40 ing shaft or spindle H to which centrifugal
ment of the brake block 24.
Fig. 3 ‘illustrates a further modi?cation which
-is'applicable either to regulate ‘the speedlof the
' '
in the direction of spindle ll only the small
amount which will sunice to cause actuation of
the wheel |1,\whereas in the forms of construc
tion known in the past required a shift which
caused an- appreciable change in frictional action 30
of the brake shoes. The change in the frictional
e?ect which, of course, in the embodiment Fig. 2‘
is likewise necessary, is here insured by an adjust
thisarrangement the ‘springs H are connected
at their left-hand ends to a collar ?xed on the
spindle ll and'at their right-hand end are at
tached to at‘sleeve I 4 shiftable along the spindle
‘I I. With this sleeve it are rigidly connected two or the other, and thereby will work on a resist
disks‘lS and it which are. spaced aparta slightly
ance 19 as shown in Fig. 1 or a brake-shoe 24,
‘greater distance than the diameter of a tiny as
in Fig. -2.
wheel ll: When the speed of rotation of spindle
I claim:
ll varies above or below the rated or nominal
l. The combination of a driven shaft, 8. pair 50
value, the small wheel I1 is caused to ‘revolve
> in ,one direction‘ or the other, and by way of a -of members rotatable with and slidable along
step-down gear l8 adjusts a resistance I liwhich ' and shaft, a brake including a brake shoear
ingknown manner is included in‘ the ?eld or ranged to cooperate with one of said members, a
. armature‘ circuit of the motor l0.
distance roller interposed between said members and con
nected to said brake for controlling the pressure 55
'of said brake on said members and means con
necting said roller and said brake.
2. The combination of a driven‘shaft, a pair
ofv 'centrifugally-controlied members rotatable
with and slidabie along said shaft, a brake in
3. The combination of a driven shaft. 9. pair
of members rotatable with and siidable along said
shaft, ‘a pivoted brake including a brake shoe
arranged to cooperate with one of said members,
a. roller interposed between said members and
connected to said brake for controlling the ‘pres
cluding a-brake shoe arranged to cooperate with * sure of said brake on said members and means
one of said members, a-roller interposed between connecting said roller and said brake for moving
said members and connected to said brake forv said brake on its pivot.
controlling the pre'ssurejof said brake on said
said brake.
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