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Jan. 18, 1938.
w. c. PURDY
Filed Jan. 14, 1936
lb‘ ine’sses
ZUZZZZam O’. Pura‘ly
M W“
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
William C. Purdy, Tallulah, La.
Application January 14, 1936, Serial No. 59,045
3 Claims. (Cl. 299-24)
This invention relates to fumigating devices,
and particularly to improved devices adapted to
sup-ply desired fumigation to bags, boxes, or other
containers of any size.
An object of the invention is to provide an
improved fiunigating device which may be ap
plied to boxes, bags, or other large or small arti~
cles in such a way that the fumigating material
may be supplied at any time.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
fumigating device in the nature of a cap adapted
to be more or less permanently mounted and
coacting with a removable cartridge which is
designed to carry the fumigating material.
An additional object is to provide a fumigating
device which may use a cartridge for supplying
the fumigating material.
An additional and further object is to provide
a fumigating device wherein a cap is presented
which may be quickly and easily applied to a
‘ paper bag, a box, or other object, and when so
applied will present a substantially air tight con_
nection with the bag or other article.
In the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view
TD vi through a bag having an embodiment of the
invention applied thereto;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional
view through the center of the cap and certain
associated parts shown in Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing
a fumigating carrying cartridge;
Fig. 4 is a bottom plan View of the cap shown
in Fig. 1;
Fig. 5 is an edge view of a foraminous plate
which may be used in connection with the cap
shown in Fig. 2;
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view some
what similar to Fig. 2 but showing a modi?ed
4 O form of the invention.
Referring to the accompanying drawing by
numerals, I indicates a bag which may be an
ordinary paper bag of any size or shape. This
bag may have a fumigating device embodying the
invention applied directly thereto, or the bag may
be placed in a crate or box and the device applied
to the bag and box as a unit. This sometimes is
desirable as boxes quite often become broken
more or less during handling, with the result
that fumigating gases will escape. Where a
paper bag lines the box, a slight breaking of the
box would not break the bag, and consequently
a fumigating gas in the bag would remain and
perform its desired function. However, regardless
of how the container is formed, the cap and
associated parts forming the invention will func
tion properly to give off gas or to supply gas to
the contents of containers for fumigating pur
As shown in Fig. 1, bag I is an ordinary paper U
bag and is supplied with a reinforcing bottom 2.
rThis bottom may be corrugated paper, ordinary
pasteboard, laminated wood, or other material
which will provide means whereby the device may
be connected to the bag. As shown in Fig. 6, a 10
slightly modi?ed structure is provided wherein
a rather small ring 3 of corrugated paper or
other material is secured to the bottom of the
bag by adhesive and thereby presents ample
thickness and ample strength for receiving the
cap 4. The cap 4, as shown in Fig. 2, is formed
in two parts, namely the inner part or section 5
and the outer part or section 6. Section 5 is pro
vided with a bottom ‘I having an aperture 8,
and radiating from this aperture is a number of
slits 9 as shown particularly in Fig. 4.
The bottom 7 is bent back upon itself to pre
sent a ?ange l6 which merges into a tubular
threaded portion H. The threaded portion H
is adapted to receive the threaded portion l2
of section 6, which section at the lower end as
shown in Fig. 2 is provided with a ?aring edge
i3 which extends outwardly radially almost as
far as ?ange Hi. When the sections 5 and ii
are screwed tightly together the flange ii] and 0 ID
edge l3 will tightly pinch the reinforcing bot
tom 2 and also the bottom of bag 1. If desired,
glue or other sealing means may be provided
near the edge of the aperture or hole M of mem—
ber 2 into which the ?ange Ill and edge 3 ex
tend when these parts are permanently posi
tioned. This provides a gas tight connection
at this point.
Section 6 is provided with an inturned ?ange l5
which in effect produces an aperture 16 through 4 i
which the cartridge ll loosely extends. The car
tridge ll is preferably made from one piece of
sheet metal and is formed with a bottom I8
bent back at 19 to produce a ?ange, and said
?ange merges into a tubular body 20. The body
20 has a threaded end 2| onto which the threaded
cap 22 is screwed; The cartridge l‘! is adapted
to carry the disinfectant and may be supplied
with loose cotton or waste 23, and to this Waste
is poured the liquid disinfectant. For an ordinary 50
size container, as for instance a bushel bag, ap
proximately one tablespoonful of the disinfectant
is ample, and as cap 22 is gas tight the disin
fectant will remain in the cartridge l‘l until cap
22 has been removed. As shown in Fig. 3, the
diameter of body 26 is larger than the aperture 8,
and consequently the parts or prongs are bent up
Wardly as indicated at 25. When the cartridge is
forced into position, this produces a certain fric
tion which holds the cartridge in place.
Most disinfecting material is more or less
dangerous and consequently railroads will not
ordinarily transport the same with nuts, vege
tables, and other articles which need fumigation.
10 For this reason the cap ll‘is formed as just de
scribed, and if desired may be ?lled with loose
cotton or Waste, and then the article is shipped to
the desired point. The various cartridges I‘! are
?lled by experienced Workers and then sealed by
screwing cap 22 in place, after which a desired
supply of these ?lled cartridges are shipped under
proper authority to the same person receiving the
bags and other articles. This person then un
screws cap- 22 from the respective cartridges and
forces the cartridges? into the caps 4 as shown in
Fig. 3, whereupon the gas from the disinfectant
will ?ll the bag or other container and secure the
desired fumigating and disinfecting action. If
desired, instead of having a screw cap 22 a stop
per of any kind which will be substantially gas
tight would‘be satisfactory.
In all forms of the invention it will be observed
that the container is substantially sealed at all
times both before and after the gas or other fumi
comply with all the rules and regulations of the
railroad companies and insurance companies.
After the goods have arrived the fumigation may
take place as above described.
I claim:
1. A fumigating structure for a container, com
prising a pair of interlocking sections, and means
for holding a fumigating material in place, one
of said sections presenting a bottom member hav
ing an aperture, a radiating flange and a threaded
tubular body, the other of said members present
ing a threaded tubular body adapted to be screwed
onto the ?rst mentioned body, said second men
tioned section having a ?aring edge coacting with
said flange for pinching the bottom of a bag or
other article.
2. In a device of the character described, a cap
comprising a tubular body threaded substantially
for its entire length, said body at one end merging
into an annular radiating ?ange, said ?ange 1
merging into a body having a centrally posi
tioned aperture, and a plurality of slits radiating
from said aperture, said capbeing formed with an
outside section having an innerextending ?ange,
a tubular body screwed onto the ?rst mentioned
body, and a ?aring edge coacting with said ?ange
for pinching the bottom of a bag or other article.
3. In a device of the character described, a. cap
formed with a body adapted to extend through
30 gating‘. material has been supplied. For instance,
the cap 4 is adapted to be ?lled with loose cotton,
and, if desired, a pastel’ of paper or other material
ing part of the cap for clamping the same in place,
said cap having an apertured bottom formed'with
could be placed over opening 8. Bag l with its
contents is then shipped to its desired point and
radiating slits, and a iumigating materialcarry
ing cartridge extending through said apertured
35 at the desired point someone could insert the
cartridge H after cap 22 has been removed.
this way the articles being shipped are shipped in
a substantially sealed condition without an
fumigating material therein. This will readily
the bottom of a bag or other article, means form- ‘
bottom, said cartridge being of a size greater 5'1
in diameter than said aperture whereby portions
of said threaded body are moved out of the way
when the cartridge is forced into position.
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