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Jan. 18, 1938.
c. .'1_:' IBURDICK
Filed May 12, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Jan. 18, 1938.
(3,. 1__ BURDICK
Filed May 12, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
. l/wmraks
Patented Jan. 118, 1938
Charles Laurence Burdick,.London, England
Application May 12, 1936, Serial No. 79,354
4 Claims. (Cl. 73-51)
This invention comprises-improvements in ap
interstitial air being slowly passed over the hy
paratus vfor determining the moisture content of groscopic element causes the instrument to reg
ister, with a high‘degree of accuracy, the rela
The invention has for its'object the provision tive humidity of the interstitial air.
'5' of a convenient apparatus for determining the,
Cone ?bre, hair, goldbeaters’ skin or other hy- 5
I moisture content of granular substances, such
groscopic substance which reacts to humidity,
as grains, sand, earth and the like, and of bales, may be utilized in the instrument.
bundles and collections of other substances, such
7A second calibration may be made on the same
as paper, cotton, silk, tobacco, vegetable ?bres dial so that the pointer may, at the same time,
10 and the like which have interstices.
indicate the ascertained percentage of moisture 10
By ascertaining the humidity of the air which in a particular substance or class orsubstances, or
is present in such substances, it is possible, by tables may be provided which will indicate“ the
means 'of empirically ascertained data, to deter
moisture content of any particular substance as
mine with a high degree of accuracy the ‘per
ascertained by empirical tests whenthe relative,
1 ,centage by weight of their moisture content.
humidity of the interstitial air is known.
This information is valuable not‘only in com
Further features of my invention'will be un
vmerce, where the quantity of water contained in derstood from the following description and by
the goods commonly has a bearing on their price reference to the accompanying drawings, of
value, but is also very important industrially in which, Figure 1 is a rear sectional elevation,
20 cases in which the moisture‘conte‘nt of materials ‘showing one construction of hygrometer inac 20
, 'aiiects processing methods, and'in other circum
cordance with my invention, the outer casing be
stances where moisture content may cause de
ing removed to show the inner mechanism.
Figure 2 is a side elevation partly in section,
. I construct in accordance with my invention,
Figure 3 is a sectional view of an exhaust air
25 an apparatus for determining the moisture con
tent of substances having interstices, compris
Figures 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are sectional views on
' ing a hygroscopic element, means to penetrate
the lines A--A, 3-3, 0-0, D—-D and E—E re
to‘ said interstices, means to remove air from spectively, of Figure 1, and
, around said element and to lead air from ‘said
Figure 9 is a sectional view corresponding to
interstices to said hygroscopic element, and in
Figure 8 but showing a’ modi?cation.
dicating or recording means associated with said
A circular casing I, has a tubular extension
2, which is further extended by a second tubular
'I'he‘invention further comprises an apparatus piece 3, which has a pointed terminal piece 4.
for determining the moisture content of sub
The front of the casing is provided with a
36 stances having interstices, comprising a tubular glass 5.
member‘ adapted to penetrate said substances to
A disc-like shield ‘6 may be provided if re
said interstices, a hygroscopic element within quired, which will preventythe air at the surface
said tubular member, means to admit air from of the material immediately around the instru
said interstices to said hygroscopic member, in
ment from being drawn in.
40 dicating means carried at one end of said tu
Within the tubular piece 3, I provide an ex 40
bular member and associated with said hygror tended support 1, for one end of an hygroscopic
In Great Britain May 25, 1935
element 8.
interior‘ of said tubular member to a suction
, The inner_end of the piece 8 is secured by
means of a ?ne‘wire 9 to the registering mecha
An instrument which, in accordance with nor
mal practice, is so constructed and operated that
i the air ‘surrounding the hygroscopic element
when it is introduced into the material is left to
mingle with, and to a considerable extent con
5 O dition the interstitial air cannot be very accu
rate. According to my invention I remove this
source of error by providing means for removing
the air which has been introduced into the sub
stance with the instrument and replacing it with
scopic element, and means for connecting the ‘
the interstitial air from the substance itself; this
nism within the casing, the other end is secured
to the piece II), which is square in section, ‘(see
Figure 7) and is adjustable longitudinally by a
screw II in a ?xed support l2.
The support forthe adjustable mechanism may
be a long rod 11, such as is shown in section in 50
Figure 9 or preferably a tubular piece 'I open on
each side, such as is shown in Figures 1, 6, 7 and
8; this piece is secured to the tubular piece 2.
The tubular piece 3 has openings I3, at, or
near the outer end (see Figure 5). Within the 55
tubular piece 3 a chamber may be provided to
receive ?brous or any other suitable ?ltering ma
terial M, as indicated in Figures 1 and 5, to pre
vent solid matter being drawn into the interior
of the tubular piece 3.
The wire 9 passes through a gland IS in a
I partition I1, and is linked up with the registering
tributed among the interstices, or meshes of the
material, will be drawn in to replace it. This air
will contact the hygroscopic element and the in
strument will register the percentage 01' relative
humidity of the air. By comparing this with
tables provided for the particular material being
tested, the percentage of water or moisture con
tent oi the material may .be ascertained with a
mechanism in the casing I.
A small tubular 'air passage 18 connects'the, > high degree of accuracy, or, as before explained,
chamber in the tubular piece 3, with a nipple l9, the percentage of moisture in the substance may 10
designed to receive one end‘oi a ?exible tube 20,
be read direct from the second calibration on the
which provides a connection with the exhaust air '
pump shown in Figure 3.
What I claim is:-~
This pump is of well-known type in whichv '. . 1. An apparatus for determining the moisture
a plunger 2| is moved back and forth in a tubu
content of substances having interstices, compris
lar casing 22; it is provided with a check ‘valve ing ‘a ‘tubular member having‘ a pointed end
at 23.
, adapted to penetrate said substances to said inter
Within the casing I is a dial :5 on which ‘is ' stices, a hygroscopic element within said tubular
mounted a pointer 26.
member, apertures in said tubular member, in
This pointer 26 is actuated by the contraction
and expansionv of the hygroscopic, element by
dicating means carried at the end of said tubular
memberremote from said'pointed end and opera~
‘means of the mechanism'which is mounted on a
tivelyinterconnected with said hygroscopic ele
bracket or support 21, securedto' the back of the
ment, a partition extending across the interior of
said tubular member between said‘ hygroscopic
This bracket carries an adjustable piece 29,
element and said indicating means and means for
which is a support for a piece 29 with extended i connecting the portion of the interior of said
tubular member between said partition and said
.One arm forms a support for, a lever 30 to
which the wire 9 is connected, and the other arm
pointed end to a suction pump.
provides a fastening for aspring 3|.
The piece 29 is adjustable longitudinally in its,
the said connecting means comprise a nipple for :
the attachment of a ?exible tube located between
said partition and said indicating means, and
a tubular air passage leading from said nipple
support on the piece 28 by means of a screw 32.
A bracket 33 mounted on the piece 29 carries
a U-shaped hinged piece 34, to. which one, end
2. An apparatus as claimed in claim 1 in which
and passing through said partition.
35 of the spring 31 is secured; this hinged piece 34
3. .An apparatus for determining the moisture
is provided with a pin or rod 35 which passing
through a slot in the dial 25 enters a slot 36 in
content of substances having interstices, compris
ing atubular member adapted to penetrate said
p the pointer 26.
substances to said interstices, a hygroscopic ele
, The hinged piece 34 has a right angle extension ment within said tubular member, apertures in
31 which is connected by a link 33 with the outer ‘proximity to one end only of said tubular mem 40
end of the lever 30.
v I
ber to admit air from said interstices to said hy
The calibrations on the dial (shown in reverse)
groscopic member, indicating means carried at
havea reading for relative humidity 39 and, as the other end of said tubular member and asso
may be required, a reading 40, which indicates ' ciated with said hygroscopic element, and means
the percentage of moisture in any particular sub 1 for connecting the interior of said tubular mem
ber between said hygroscopic member and said
The tubular extensions 2 and 3 may be round indicating means to a suction pump, together
in cross section, as shown in the drawings, or oval with ?ltering material disposed inside the tubu
or ?attened for convenience in inserting into lar member between the said apertures and the
stacks of paper or other substance.
. .
The instrument being provided with a cali
hygroscopic element.
4. An apparatus for determining the moisture
bration for-relative humidity, can be frequently content of substances having interstices, com
tested and adjusted for correct reading.
_ prising a tubular member adapted to penetrate
The screw ll provides means for setting the said substances to said interstices,‘ a hygroscopic
55 pointer correctly. The adjustment on the support
element within said tubular member, apertures in
v 21 of the piece 28 will provide for variations in proximity to one end only of said tubular mem-'
the amplitude oi the movements orthe pointer, ber to admit air from said interstices to said
I and the adjusting screw 32‘will'provide means for hygroscopic member, indicating means carried at
adjusting the relative amplitude ‘of movement at the other end of said tubular member and asso
60 either end of the calibration, this it does bychang
ciated with said hygroscopic element, and means 60
ing the relative position of‘the pivotal point of for connecting the interior of said tubular mem
the pointer and the pivotal point of the hinged. ber between said hygroscopic member and said
‘ piece 34.
indicating means to a suction pump together with
j The ‘operation of the instrument is as. fol
a partition across the interior of the tubular
65 lowszf-Ha'ving ascertained that, the temperature member adjacent the indicating means, a con
of the tubular chamber corresponds with the nection from the hygroscopic element to the in
temperature of the material to be tested, it is in
dicating means passing through said partition
serted well into the bulk of the material; the air, and a gland at the point at which said connection
exhaust pump is then operated,‘ this will remove passes through said partition.
whichis dis
v70 the air already in the tube and
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