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Jan. 18, 1938.
Filed March 5, 1937
15612261" H?eBerr
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. ‘i
RE ‘5005";
Homer a. me
n 3, 1937,‘ s
' ‘
No. izasn
(oi. iMEt)
The“ invention relates to key receptacles
wherein keys are disposed within a casing and
are projected therefrom when desired for use
' and has for its object to provide a device of this
5 character comprising a casing havinga chamber
open at‘ its ends and pivotallyponnected keys
within the chamber and ‘controlled by a ~?nger
engaging member for projecting either key
hates the casing of the key holder, which casing
hasqa chamber 2 extending longitudinally there
through and terminating in open ends 3, through
1which eitherof the keys ll or 5 is adapted to be
extended when it is desired for use. The casing 5
side walls 6 terminate in shoulders ‘I spaced from
the ends of the casing at opposite sides thereof,
and therefore it will be seen that when either key
through the open end of the casing.
"A further object is to form the openings in the ' is projected through the open ends 3, it may
assume a right angular position as shown in, 10
ends of the casing whereby when a key is pro
1 and 2 with the key shoulders 8 engag
Jected therefrom, the casing may assume an an
gular position in relation to the key, for instance _ . ing the shoulders 7, whereby when the particular
key is drawn into the casing, it will pivot from_
when the key is in a look.
A further object is to provide the keys with the dotted line position shown in Figure 2 to the ‘
line position shown in said ?gure. The-other 15
shoulders cooperating with shoulders carried by full
the casing whereby when a key is drawn into the shoulders 9 oi’ the keys 6 and 5 are positioned
casing, it will pivotally move into longitudinal whereby they will engage the inner sides of the
casing walls d when the keys are within the eas
relation with the casing. Also to provide shoul
'20 ders on the keys at opposite sides of the pivotal ing and will maintain the keys in longitudinal
points of the keys and cooperating with the walls alinement with the casing and against pivotal 20
of the casing for maintaining the keys, when movement whilathey are housed and while being
within the’casing, in alinement and against piv- I ' carried in a pocket, thereby preventing noise
and at the same time preventing constant wear
otal movement.
A further object is to provide the adjacent on the bearing’ apertures It in the overlapped
reduced pivotally connected portions H 01' the
ends of the keys with overlapped reduced por
tions having an expansible ?nger control mem
ber within registering apertures thereof ‘and means of telescopically engaged cup shaped memby
cooperating with recesses in one side of the
so casing for holding the keys in extended or re bare it and it, which are in reverse position and
have disposed therein. an expansion spring l4,
which normally forces the member I3 outwardly
With the above and other objects in view the so
that it can be received in any of the recesses
invention resides in the combination and ar O ltgor
it inside of the casing I, and
rangement of parts as hereinafter set forth, sides of the elongated slot l1, throughonwhich
shown in the drawing, described and claimed, it ?nger eng
understood that changes in the precise engaging member is threaded into the cup
embodimentor the invention maybe made with
shaped members It and when depressed moves
in thesoope of what is claimed without depart V out
of the recesses It or I 6, and at which time
ing from the spirit or the invention.
the operator can longitudinally move the same
for projecting either key from the casing.
tracted positions. _
' When the spring actuated member I 3 is in the
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view
‘through the key receptacle, showing in dotted
lines the positions assumed by the key extended.‘
e 3 is a perspective view of the keys re
moved from the casing. I
Figure 4 is a longitudinal transverse sectional
to view through the receptacle and keys, taken on
line H Figure 5.
I Figure 5 is a side elevation of the key recap»
tacle, showing one of the keys extended and
bei'ore it assumes an angular position.
recesses It, the keys are entirely housed within
the casing I, and it will be noted by referring to
Figure 2, all of the shoulders 8 and 9- are en
gaging the walls 8, and said walls, in combina
tion with the recesses I! in which the cup shaped
member it is disposed, will hold the keys against
pivotal movement, and the keys will be positively
held within the casing.
When it is desired to use a particular key the 50
operator places his ?nger on the ?nger engaging,
member I B and forces the same inwardly. . This
action will compress the spring It and remove
the cup shaped member‘ l3 from the recesses l6; .
'" 5s Referringtothe drawingnhenumeral in then the operator forces the member l8 towards 55
the adjacent ends of said keys being piv
‘ the end of the casing and until it reaches'one her,
connected, a ?nger engaging member ex
of the recesses l5, at which time the operator, otally
through one side of the casing and
removes his ?nger " tom the member l8 and the
key may then be moved to the angular position through an elongated slot therein and carried by
shown in Figure 1 for use.
This particular an- "
gular position is desirable where it is not safe
to have the casing sticking outwardly, for in
stancerwhere it is in the ignition lock of an
automobile. This angular position also allows
v10 the casing to be used as a lever in turning the
key, particularly where the lock is hard to work.
The invention having been set forth what is
the pivotal connection between the keys, an ex
pansible member forming said pivotal connection,
said expansible member cooperating with re
cesses adjacent the casing slot for holding either,
key extended or in retracted positions.
5. A device as set forth in claim 4 wherein the
keys, when extended may assume an angular po-.
sition in relation to the casing and cooperating‘
shoulders carried by the keys and casing whereby ._
key is retracted from its angular position,
1. A key holder and receptacle. comprising a it willa be
pivotally moved into alinement ‘with
15 casing having a chamber extending entirely the casing chamber and the other key.
‘ through the same, reversely positioned keys with?
6. A device as setforth in claim 4 wherein the
in the casing, the adjacent‘ ends of said keys
claimed as new and useful is:
expansible connection between the adjacent key
being pivotally connected together and means ‘ends
is formed by telescopically engaged cup
whereby either key may be projected-through one shaped members and an expansion spring within
20 ofthe open ends of‘ the chamber.;
2. A key holder and receptacle comprising a
combination with a key holder compris
casing having a chamber extending entirety ing'7. a_The
casing having a. chamber extending en
through the same, reversely positioned keys with
through the same with its open ends ex
in the casing, the adjacent ends of said keys being tirely
tending around the ends of the casing and in 25
25 pivotally connected together, a yieldable ?nger wardly to a point spaced from the ends of the
engaging member forming the pivotal connection casing, keys slidably mounted within the cham
between the keys,- said pivotal connection 00'
ber of the casing and adapted to be projected
operating with a plurality of spaced recesses car- ,
ried by the casing for holding either key in err
from the open ends of the chamber, shoulders
cooperating means carried by the casing and keys
for allowing the keys to assume an angular po
sition in relation to’ the casing when extended
and to return-the keys to longitudinal position
when retracted, overlapped reduced ends carried
by the keys and having registering apertures, and
an expansible spring actuated member in said
apertures and forming a combined ‘pivotal con-=
motion between the keys and holding means for
carried by the keys and cooperating with the
30 tended position or in retracted position.
shoulders formed. by the 'open ends of the casing
‘/ 3. YA device as set forth in claim 1 includingv '
whereby when the keys are extended they can
assume an angular position in relation to the
35 casing and when retracted within the casing ‘will
be held against pivotal movement in relation to
each other and to the casing. ,
4. A key holder and receptacle comprising a
casing having a chamber extending entirely
through the same and through'which keys are -
40 projected, axially alined‘ keys within the chem
HOWE, H. DE nmnr. .l
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