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Jan. 18, ‘1938'.
Filed June '20, 1956
L2 Sheets-‘Sheet 1
Jan. 18, 1938.
F, L, DALE ' -
Filed (June 20, .1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Jan. 18,1938
Frank L. Dale, Hartsville, Ind.
Application June 20, 1936, Serial No. 86,380
3 Claims. (cl. 46-118)
This invention relates to an improved automaton merchandising device.
Link I8 has 2. depending lug 20 which works
in slot ll of arm l6. Upon energizing motor l9
1' contemplate in a generic sense the provision 'it is apparent through the connections just de
of a robot-like ?gure which is operated, prefer- scribed, that the tubular member l5 and the head
5 ably, by remote control to simulate certain human and neck- which are ?xed thereto will oscillate. 5
characteristics, such for example as, movement
Upon particular reference to Figs. 1 and 4 of
of the head, smoking, saluting and speaking.
the drawings, it will be seen that a mouthpiece
More speci?cally the invention comprises the 2! is positioned in the mouth 22 and is adapted
. ?gure of a human within the body of which is
to receive a cigarette or the like 23.
Nose 25 has
19 compactly arranged the mechanism for oscillat- an ori?ce 25 at its base, and towards its top and 10
ing the head and simultaneously exhaling smoke extending through head 6, is a small nipple 26.
from a lighted cigarette through the nostrils, The inner terminals of mouthpiece 2| and nipple
raising one arm from the body to the head, as 25 connect with couplings 28 and 29 respectively,
in saluting, and speaking through a loudspeaker, . said couplings being joined by the T 30 disposed
155 all of said mechanism being operable electrically at the upper end of pipe 3| which extends'down
at any desired point removed from the autom- wardly through the tubular member l5. Each ,
coupling 28 and 29 is equipped with a ball valve
To the accomplishment of the recited objects 32 and 33. Within housing H is a depending
and others co-ordinate therewith, the preferred
bracket; 34 which supports a pair of reducing
20 embodiment of my invention resides in the construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter
gears 35, crank-shaft 36 and pulley 3i. The 20
outer end of crank-shaft 35 is pivotally con- '
described, illustrated in the accompanying draw-
nected to piston 38 of pump cylinder 3Q, suitably
ings and embodied within the scope of the ap-
supported by bracket ?ll while a belt El is trained
, pended claims.
In said drawings, Fig. 1 is a front elevation
over ‘pulley 3‘! and is operated by an electric
meter-42. .
of the complete ?gure.
A ?exible tubing 43, in length ample to resist
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken along
lines 2-2 of Fig. 1.
any undue tensile distortion as the head is oscil
lated, serves to connect the bottom of pipe 3i and
Fig. 3 isa transverse sectional view taken along
80 lines a-s of Fig. 2.
the corresponding end of cylinder 39.
In the reference to Figs. 2 and 3 of the'draw- 30
Fig. 4 is a detail vertical section of a portion
of the head, and
Fig. 5 is a schematic view of the electrical wir, ing system employed.
ings, with respect to the mechanism for elevating
the arm. it is noted that shaft 43 extends trans
versely through body 5 and is rigidly ?xed to
arm 1 and the ?gure as at 45-arm 8 remaining
Similar reference characters indicate corre‘spending parts throughout.
stationary. This shaft carries a ?anged pulley 35
46, and below said shaft are a pair of worm gears
Broadly; the ?gure comprises a body 5, head 6, ' 41 and 48, the former having mounted thereon
arms ‘I and 8, legs 9 and Hi, all constructed from a disc 49 and the latter having a pulley 50. _ A
' cylindrical elements, as cans or drums.
?exible wire or cord 5| connects pulley 46 and
The body 5 serves as a housing for the major ‘disc 49, and belt 52 is connected to motor 53.
portion of the operating mechanism, and is ' .
formed of a relatively'large cylinder or drum
having a vertical side wall ll, top plate I! and
bottom- plate l3.
In the front of wall H of body 5 there is pro
vided a circular opening 55. In juxtaposition to
this opening is disposed at loudspeaker 55. To
wards the base of body 5 the various conductors
Head 5 is carried by neck It which latter rests noted generally by the reference numeral 56 enter 45
upon top l2 of body 5, and both the head and through the small opening Ell-being suitably
neck are designed to oscillate with respect to the connected to the motors et cetera.
body, as will now be explained. Extending
‘ In the schematic view shown in Fig. 5, 58 is
through top H of the body'and the-junction of the sound-amplifying unit, 59 is a microphone, 50
50 the head and neck is a tubular member l5, open 60 is a phonographic record turn-table 'and GI
at both ends, and at its lower end having rigidly is a center control out?t. In this showing all
?ned thereto and extending laterally therefrom circuits can be easily traced from any suitable
an arm 16, slotted at ll, said arm cooperating
, with link l8 carried by a small electric motor Hi
55 of the windshield wiper type.
source of current supply as Aand B.-
In practical operation the automaton'?gure is
positioned at any suitable location and the con; 55
' trol with, its accessories is hooked up at a distant
point. By way of example, the ?gure may be set
up in front of a conventional type of gasoline
station and the control positioned within the
‘building which usually comprises a part of 'such
stations. Upon closing cut-out switch 62, motor
I9 is energized resulting in an oscillating move
ment of head 6 and neck l4. When cut-out
switch 63 is closed, motor 42 becomes energized
10 and through the connection hereinbefore de
The various movements of the automaton and
the transmission of sound through the loudspeak
er are controllable either selectively or simul
taneously. For instance, should the occasion re
quire, only the head and arm of the ?gure can
be caused to operate in the simulation of ya salute,
or either the head or the arm can be controlled
independently of each other. If desired, the head
can be oscillated in the absence of a smoking
scribed, piston 38, through suction means, un vimitation. Various combinations can be worked
out to suit the dictates of the particular occa
seats ball valve 32 drawing in smoke from lighted sion.
cigarette 23, and upon its down stroke the said
It should be understood that in its broader
piston unseats valve 33 and forces the smoke
15 through ?exible tube 43, pipe 3|, T 30, and nipple aspects the invention comprises not only the vari
26 out'through ori?ce 25, thereby simulating the ous means described but similar means for per 15
forming the recited functions. ‘It is desired to
act of smoking.
When ‘motor 53 is energized through closing reserve the right to make such changes or modi
?cations as may come fairly within the scope
cut-out switch 64, arm 1 of the automaton is of
the appended claims.
20 raised as shown in Fig. 1 of the drawings, in
imitation of a salute. This result follows through _'
1. An automaton merchandising ‘device includ
connections 44, 45, 46, worm ‘gears 41, ?exible
wireil and the other associated appurtenances. ing a body, a head oscillatablein a horizontal
25 The salute arm 1 is caused to resume a normal
plane, a pair of arms one of which is pivoted at
the shoulder of the body and movable from a
reason of its own weight. The salute may be " point adjacent the lower extremity of the body 25
to a position of salute and motor-actuated means
accentuated ii’ head-oscillating means is actu
ated simultaneously, for then the movement of associated with the body whereby upon a single
movement of said arm from one position to the
30 the arm and head'is synchronized, i. e. as the" other, the head is timed to oscillate from front
movable. arm: 1 starts to move from its normally to pro?le and pro?le to front.
position similar to that of stationary arm ,8, by
lowered position motor [9 is energized which
2. An automaton merchandising device includ
causes head-Q to oscillate in pro?le, and by the
time arm ‘I. is raised to the limit of its swing, ing a body, a. head oscillatable in a horizontal
_ 35 head 6 willgjlave returned to create a mechanical
simulationgfzihfa salute, as illustrated in Fig. 1 of
plane, a pair of arms one of which is pivoted at
the shoulder of the body and ‘movable from a
point adjacent the lower extremity of the body
to a position of salute and means operable. within '
Through the microphone 59 an attendant may ‘the
body whereby upon movement of said arm
greet a customer as‘he drives up‘ to the station,
its lowermost point to salute, the head
or the attendant directed in the service cream
40 by one who may be in charge of the station.‘ The will concurrently oscillate in pro?le and return‘
microphone may be employed in various other to a front view.
the drawings.
Ways which may suggest themselves to the owner
or the operator of the station. _
_ 3. An automaton merchandising device includ
ing a body, a head oscillatable in a horizontal
plane, a pair of arms, one of‘ said arms being
If preferred, on certain occasions a phono
Kraphic record can be placed on tum-table 60 movable from a. point adjacent the lower ex- ~
and the sound emitted therefrom reproduced - tremity of the body to a position of salute, one 45
through-loudspeaker 55. Such record may eni
of said arms being immovable, a mouth-piece
body a song, music, sales talk or the like. In this carried by the head, means operable within ‘the
connection the amplifying unit 58 is provided body whereby upon a single movement of said
50 with the usual input and, output circuits. Micro- ‘ arm from one position to the other, the head is
timed to oscillate from‘front to profile and pro?le
phone .59 and phonographic producer are each
to front, and means adapted to simulate the act 50.
show connectedto the input circuit through the . .of
smoking through the mouth and‘nose of the
leads as and “respectively. The output circuit,
head concurrently with said movements of the
head and the arm.
_" mm: L.‘ DALE.
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