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Jan. 18, 1938.
’ Filed oct. 2, 1934
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
' 2,105,988' -
' "
~ 2,105.9ss
r- k-ropLjAGrTAToR,
Henri.v A; Ridet,.Paris, France, assignor to Société
>Anonyme:¿Fours et .Appareils Stein, Paris»
. Franceia corporation of France
' »` Application Uciober 2, l1934, Serial No. 746,595
n y `
In‘France October'v 23, 1933
1f claim. ' (ci. 11o-_44)
This invention relates tofurnaces andhasffor _Externally of the furnace, the tubular member
its object to provide an >improvedjfuel,.agitator 5a ofthe agitator andthe conduit III are suitably
designed for use with furnaces in'which the~ connected at 5“ and I0“ respectively in a fluid
fuel is fed from underneath the firebed.A
circuit whereby a fluid cooling medium is circu
lated through the tubular member and conduit
A further object of the invention is the'pro
vision of a fuel agitator andoperating'means and the passages between the latter as well as be
therefor by which an oscillating movement is im tween the branch conduits il and inner surfaces
parted to the agitator to improvethe combus jof the tubular fingers 9.
tion of the fuel.
' ' f V'I'he end of the tubular member äß'of the agi
tator located externally of the furnace is support
ed in a bearing I2 and is provided with a gear lo
medium to the fuel agitator tonpreventthe lat-l. i3 meshing with a second gear Ilñxed to a
ter from becoming overheated; » i '
shaft I5.'> The shaft I5 is mounted in a bearing
In the accompanying drawing „wherein an v9.15--` 116 and is provided with an »arm I1 connected by
A further object of the inventionis the pro
'vision of means foi conducting a- fluid cooling
15 proved embodiment of the' inventionfisqilius
a link I8 with a crank pin I9 on a driving shaft M -
Figure 1 is a view partly inside> Aelfkzvation' and»V « 'I'he shaft. 20 is preferably connected with a .
partly in section showing the invention applied power driven part of the furnace whereby rotary
to an underfeed furnace.
movement is imparted thereto and in operation
Fig. 2 is a fragmentarytop pian- vievirfshowingl .the motion is transmittedto the shaft i5 through
2o the operating mechanism for imparting oscillat-A the crank pin is, link la and arm n, thereby 20
ing movement to the fuel agitator.
‘ producing an oscillating movement of the fuelReferring to the drawing in detail, thefuel . vagitator 5. The-circulation of the cooling fluid
agitator is indicated at 5 and includes a tubular through the inner end of the agitator and the
body member 5a mounted in a bearing 6a sup- ’ tubular fingers 9 ,thereof insures proper cooling ,
25 ported on a spring 5b arranged inthe front wall
6 of the furnace and extending exteriorly ofA
the latter. The inner end of the tubular member
5ß is located immediately above 4the retort ‘l and
so is mounted for oscillating movement about its
longitudinal axis in a bearing 8.
The portion of the agitator located above the
retort is formed with radially projecting tubular
fingers 9 and is situated between the tuyère open
ings 'íß in the -retort.
A conduit I0 for a fluid cooling medium is- lo
of the agitator and prevents damage thereto by 25
exposure to the heat.
What I claim'is:
In con bination, an underfeed furnace includ
ing a ret art, a fuel agitator including a tubular
member extending through a lateral wall of the 30
furnace _and immediately above the Iretort and
mounted for oscillation about its longitudinal
axis, tubular ñngers _carried by and communicat
ing with said member and extending into the re
tort, means conducting a cooling fluid to said ñn- 35
cated in coaxially spaced relation within the gers, a gear on said member exterior to the fur
tubular member of the agitator. 'I'he conduit I0 y nace, a second gear meshing with said iir'st'gear,
is provided with branch conduits i I which extend a crank connected with said second gear so as
into the‘tubuiar fingers 9 ai id terminate in spaced
40 relation to the ends thereof to permit the free
passage of cooling medium.
toimpart an oscillatory motion thereto.
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