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Jan. 18, 1938.
Filed July 12, 1937
BY ?/m /7' Womf
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
Philip- Zelezno?’, Philadelphia, Pa.
Application July 12, 1937, Serial No. 153,165
'1 Claim. (01. 46—70)
My invention relates to whipping tops and has
particular reference to toy tops which are set in
rotation by a piece of string.
My invention has for its object to provide a top
which has a relatively large rotational inertia sov
that it can maintain its rotation for a long time
once it is set in motion, having at the same time
a low center of gravity in order to. render the
top more stable and more readily to maintain its
II axis in the vertical position. For this purpose
I make my top in the form of a short cylinder of
a, relatively large diameter, comparable to its
height, with a short rounded leg on which the
top rests during its rotation.
Another object of my invention is to provide
a top which can be set in rotation by a piece of
may be provided with‘ ornamental lines or stripes
5.‘ The top is preferably made of a moderately
heavy and inexpensive substance, such as wood
or a composition. For spinning the top a whip
is used consisting of a string 6 attached at one Cl
end to the end of a rod or handle ‘I. The other
end of the string is placed on thermiddle por
tion of the top as shown in Fig. 1 and is held
by subsequent turns as the string is being wound.
The top is then held in. the left hand as shown
in dotted lines in Fig. 1, the handle being held
in the right hand (or vice versa for a left handed
player) .' The handle is then quickly moved away '
from the top while the latter is still held be
tween the ?ngers, permitting it however to start 1-3
its rotation. The top is then released and con
string wound around the middle portion of the, tinues accelerating its rotation as the string is
top and quickly pulled o?' the top while the latter I completely unwound when the top is in the .air
is being-held in a player's ?ngers. To facilitate or dropped on the ?oor.
‘the holding of the top while it is being started
When properly handled, the top makes but a
on its rotation, the upper and lower ends of the‘ » few ?rst revolutions while it is held between the
top are rounded oif, the top being retained in its
upper portion by the thumb of the player, the
bottom being supported by two ?ngers, passing
the leg of the top between them.
In order to provide for the greater speed of
movement of the string in spinning the top, I at
tach one end of the ‘string to the end of a rod
whose other end is held in the player’s hand.
Another object of my invention is to provide
means to maintain the rotation of the top after
it has been started. For this purpose I make the
rod with the string in the form of a whip which‘
can be used not only for starting the top but also
for continually maintaining its rotation by whip
ping the top from time to time.
While the top is of a substantially cylindrical
form, its sides may be somewhat modi?ed by mak
ing them slightly bulging so as to resemble a
40 barrel, or concave, of an hour glass shape.
My invention is more fully described in the
settled on the floor.
With a little practice the
top can be spun very quickly and effectively by
this method. The top, because of its relatively
large diameter and massive construction, has a
relatively large inertia and continues to turn
for a long time after having been started. Its
rotation can be accelerated, however, or main
tained by periodically whipping the top with the
string 6, giving the handle ‘I a snappy swinging
motion. Such an acceleration by whipping action
is effective when the string touches the middle
portion of the top, which must be for that purpose
of a relatively large diameter, preferably ap
proaching the cylindrical shape and having the
accompanying speci?cation and drawing in
upper and lower ends of the same diameter.
leg 4 must be relatively short to avoid hitting it by
Fig. 1 is a side View of my top ready to be started
and held in the player’s left hand, the latter be
the whip.
ing shown in dotted lines.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the same.
Fig. 3 is a side view of a modi?cation.
My top represents a barrel-shaped body I
of a relatively large diameter comparable to its
height. It has convex upper portion 2 and similar
bottom portion 3, the latter having a rounded or
sharp-pointed leg 4. The main body is substan
tially symmetrical in the vertical direction, the
55 diameters at the top and bottom being equal. It
?ngers and is quickly pulled ‘out of the hand.
The string is usually completely unwound during
the time the top is dropping from the hand to
the ?oor, although with a very long string 6 the.
last turns may be unwound after the top has N) 5
A modi?cation is shown in Fig. 3, the middle
portion being of a reduced diameter approaching
an hour glass shape, and‘ also having circular
ribs 8 on top and bottom‘. _
The shape of my top can be further mddi?eGrW
provided it is substantially of the same diameter 50
at the top and bottom and there is a space in
the middle for winding the cord.
It is understood that my top can be used not
only on the floor in living quarters, but also out
doors, in schoolyards, on the pavement, and 55
even on the ground if it is suf?ciently ?rm and
I claim as my invention:
A whipping top comprising an approximately
cylindrical main body of relatively large diameter
having an arcuate convex upper surface and an
arcuate convex lower surface, and a relatively thin
cylindrical leg extending from the lower surface,
the top being adapted to be set in rotation by
a cord wound around its body portion, the lower
10 surface around the leg forming an annular shoul
?er adapted to be supported on the player's
?ngers with the leg extending therebetween and
therethrough, the upper surface of the top being
adapted to be centrally held by the player’s thumb,
the top being adapted to be set in rotation by
pulling the string, and the leg being adapted to
guide the top in its initial rotation between the
?ngers, the top to be then dropped to the ground
where the initial rotation keeps it in motion until
the whip, can be used to prolong the rotation
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