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Jan. 18, ‘1938.
Filég Sept. 11, 1957
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
‘2,106,072 ‘
Julia A. st; Clair, San Francisco, Calif. '
Application September 11, 1937, Serial No. 163,474
1 Claim._',(Cl. 245-85)",
7 I
This invention relates to holders for lingerie of the upperibar I‘! being caused to engage or abut
and'other garments, and more particularly to'a the body of'said bar, asjshown in the drawing.
means for supporting and. holding the straps
which" support lingerie or other under-garments
5 from the shoulders of the wearer.
It is well known that‘ the shoulder straps for
supporting garments in proper position from the
shoulders of the wearer, have, unless some means
is provided to prevent it, a tendency to slip over
the shoulders or become misplaced, whereby the
garment is unsupported and falls, to the great
discomfort of the wearer. In order to obviate
this condition other devices have been devised, but
so far as known all of such devices have had some
15 di?iculty, either because of their insecure attach
ment to the under-garment, or by reason of
some defect in the portion of the device which
supports the lingerie strap.
It is an important object of the present inven
20 tion to obviate all of the di?iculties heretofore
found to exist, and to overcome the inconven
iences known to be present in devices of the
character referred to, and to the accomplishment
of these results the present invention consists of
25 the device as hereinafter more fully described, the
novel features thereof being pointed out in the
appended claim.
In the accompanying drawing:—
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a lingerie
30 holding or supporting device embodying the pres
ent invention, and
Figure 2 shows the same device in side eleva
Referring to the drawing, the numeral l illus
trates one of the bars of a safety pin wherein the
wire thereof is at one end of the device formed
into a coil 3 having a terminal member 5 pro
vided at its end with a point ‘i. At the opposite
end of the bar I from which the coil 3 is formed,
40 a protecting sheath or guard 9 is provided, made
of suitable metal and provided at its lower por
tion with a return bend H which is adapted to
receive the point ‘I of the pin when said pin has
been inserted in the garment, and it is desired to
45 protect the point and sheath it so as to prevent
injury to the garment or person by accidental
contact with said point.
The bar I of the device, after leaving the coil
3, passes through the upper bent over metal por
By the construction described it will be seen that
the ?nal bar ll of the wire or stock metal is bent
?rst to form’ an enclosingploop portion 2| to re
ceive the strap- of the lingerie, while its terminal
portion is reversely‘bent back upon itself to form
a second loop l9, which latter contacts with the
bar 1 at the point 23, or with the loop 3 at such
a point so as to form a closure of the space be
tween the bars I and H, such enclosed space
effectively serving to receive and house and retain
in position the lingerie shoulder strap, so that
the same is not permitted to escape while having
su?icient lateral play to conform to all of the III 5
necessary movements brought about by changes
in the position of the body of the wearer, etc.
A very valuable feature of the invention re
sides in the return loop portion l9. This loop
not only serves by engagement with the bar I or 20
coil 3 at the left hand end of the device as viewed
in Fig. 1, to securely enclose a space 2| for re
taining the lingerie strap, but also forms a
smooth terminal portion for the bar H‘. The
loop 19 serves thus to e?ectually con?ne the strap
and at the same time does not present an un
?nished or projecting end to the bar for engage
ment with those portions of the garment which
overlie the device, or possible injury to the hand
of the wearer in adjusting the strap within or 30
removing it from the space 2| of the loop, which
would be the case were a safety pin point pres
ent where the loop I9 is located.
It is to be observed that in this device what
may be regarded as the safety pin element, in
cluding the lower bar with pin point 1, shield or
guard 9, and loop 3, is utilized for the purpose of
securing the lingerie holder as an entirety to the
hem or other suitable portion of‘ the under-gar
ment, while the upper portion of the device,
comprising the loop 2i, and the return bend I9,
is utilized entirely in the performance of the
function of retaining the lingerie strap in posi
tion. In the performance of this last-named
function, it will be seen that the lingerie strap 45
may, by a simple lateral movement against the
extreme end portion of the loop l9, be passed
within the space 2!, the bar I‘! ?exing slightly
to permit a suflicient opening of the space be
tween the coil 3 and loop I9 to permit the strap 50
50 tion l2 of the sheath 9, and continues thence, be- 4
ing formed beyond the sheath in a return bend to enter. It will be further seen that by a reverse
movement of the lingerie strap in removing the
l5 which is thence directed as a bar I‘! in sub
stantial parallelism with the bar I, and ?nally same from the device, the strap need be simply
at the end is turned over or doubled in the form pressed against the inside portion of the loop I9,
thereby causing a separation of the loop from
55 of a loop I9, the ?nal terminal end portion 20
2 ,
the coil 3 again, while the strap is being removed,
the parts instantly snapping back into their nor
mal position after such removal. No points,
unguarded ends, or portions of the device which
might cause injury to the ?ngers or garments
are embodied in that portion of the holder which
is used to retain the lingerie strap in position,
and prevent its accidental removal, as the re
siliency of the wire of which the device is made
10 is su?icient to maintain contact between; the loop
I9 and coil‘ 3 during all normal movements, of
the wearer which would have any tendency'to
guard 9 which is secured to the wire, and is in
position to guard the point of the pin ‘I when
said pin is closed, as the device is fastened upon
the garment.
The right is reserved to make such changes in
the details of construction of this device as will
be comprehended by the scope of the invention
as set forth by the following claim.
I claim:
,A lingerie'holder made of a single, piece of 10
wire stock and comprising a bar member having a
terminal point, said member being formed into
cause the strap to be accidentally disengaged [a coil at a suitable distance from the point and
from the holder. At the same time, very slight extending thence in substantial parallelism with
15 pressure against the strap would be sufficient to the bar‘ member to provide a second bar member, 15
cause it to move, either into or out of the spacejl .then reversed upon itself in a single U-bend to
by displacement of the loop I9 from the coil'3', provide a third bar‘member spaced and terminat
by the user.
ing in a closedloop which is resiliently held in
It will also be seen that the device comprises . contact, with said coil, in combination with a sheet
20 but a single, continuous piece of wire, or ‘metal ' metal guard permanently and rigidly attached
stock, which is formed into both the ‘pin; por~ to the second barv member by having portions
tions 5, 1, the'loop 3, and the bar I, which latter doubled over to enclose the wire of said'member
is’ continued to form the bar l1 and loop IS. in proximity to, said bendsand provided with a re
The entire device, accordingly, consists of only
two, pieces, namely, the wire which is bent to. form
the parts, above described, and the sheath or
ceiving-portion for the pin point when the pin is,
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