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Jan. 18, 1938.-
Filed April 15, 1937
W“ 5
Patented Jan. 18, 1938
John E. Glasscock, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Application April 13, 1937, Serial No. 136,542
1 Claim. (Cl. 292-307)
My invention relates to improvements in look
ing stop valves or stop cooks for use in connec
tion with oil storage tanks.
The principal objects of my invention are to
5 provide a device of this character which is posi
tive in action, simple and inexpensive in con~
struction; new, novel and easily installed; which
is strong, durable, reliable and of evident utility;
which cannot easily get out of order and is e?i
10 cient for the purposes for which it is intended;
to provide an improved dart made in two pieces,
one of said pieces having a catch at its lower end,
the other of said pieces being a follower to pre
vent the removal of the dart from the valve; to
15 provide an enlarged head on the upper ends of
said pieces having shoulders for seating against
the top of the valve and alining holes for sealing
the dart in any desired position and a chain for
securing the said pieces against separation of one
20 from the other.
With these and other objects in view my inven
tion consists of the construction, novel feature
and combination of parts hereinafter more fully
described, illustrated in the accompanying one~
25 sheet drawing and pointed out in the claim here
to‘ appended. Various changes'in the form, pro
portion, size, shape, weight and minor details of
construction, within the scope of my invention
may be resorted to without departing from the
30 spirit or broad principle of my invention or
sacri?cing any of the advantages thereof.
In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a
top or plan view of a valve or stop cock showing
the dart and seal; Fig. 2 is a side view of the
35 same; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view of
an oil tank showing one form of installation. of
stop cock and Fig. 4 is one form of the two piece
The valve or stop cock on the ?ow line from an
40 oil tank is installed in a pit or box as shown in
Fig. 3. At present the dart is inserted from the
top as in my improvement but the seal is secured
at the bottom of the dart on the underside of the
valve. The pit usually ?lls up with crude oil,
45 mud and water and is converted into a sump. It
is a very disagreeable job to reach under the
valve to seal the dart and during cold stormy
weather it is almost impossible to accomplish the
task. With my two piece dart the sealing is
50 done on top of the valve and it is not necessary
to reach down on the under side as at present.
One embodiment of my invention is shown as
follows:—The valve on stop cock I is of standard
construction, having a spigot 2 provided with a
55 wrench head 3 and nut 4. The barrel 5 within
which spigot 2 turns has a ?ange 5 adjacent
the head 3 of spigot 2. A rectangular opening
1 passes vertically downward through barrel 5
inside of ?ange 6. A corresponding rectangular
opening 8 through spigot 2 is in registering aline
ment with the said opening ‘I for holding the
valve in open position. A similar opening 9 is at
right angles to opening 8 through spigot 2 for ,,
holding the valve in closed position when dart Ill 0
and follower II are inserted in said openings.
Dart Ill has a catch I2 vat its lower end. Both
dart It] and follower II have heads I3 at their
upper ends forming shoulders I4. Alining holes 10
45 pass through heads I3 and said heads are
chained together with chain I6. In sealing the
valve, dart ID is inserted in openings ‘I and 8 and
pushed down until shoulders I4 seat on top of
barrel 5. Catch I2 will protrude through hole ‘I 15
at the bottom of barrel 5 and when follower II
is seated behind said dart Ill catch I2 will be
forced over. so as to engage the under side of
barrel 5 and be held in locked position as can best
be seen in Fig. 2. Seal II will be inserted through 20
holes I5 and the valve I will be secured against
unauthorized movement.
A typical installation is shown in Fig. 3.
Valve I is placed in valve pit I9 under the edge
of oil tank I8 on flow line so. Dart I0, follower
I I and seal ll are accessible from the top and it
is not necessary to reach under the valve to seal
and unseal the dart as at present. The rectangu
lar openings 8 and 9 through spigot 2 being at
right angles to each other, allow dart II) and fol- 9
lower I I to seat in opening 'I' through barrel 5 and
seal the valve in either open or closed position.
In this speci?cation, and in the ?gures the dart,
follower and openings are described and shown
as rectangular but they may be made in other
forms. The openings may be drilled holes, the
dart and follower each a half cylinder. I there
fore do not con?ne my invention to the exact
form shown and described but reserve the right
to make changes in the shapes of the dart and
Having thus described my invention what I
claim as new and wish to secure by Letters Pat
ent is:
In a device of the class described in combi 45
nation with a stop cook or valve, a two piece dart
consisting of a dart proper and a follower adapted
to be seated in registering openings in the spigot
and barrel of said valve, heads formed on said
dart members having shoulders for seating on top 50
ofsaid barrel, said heads having alining holes for
inserting a seal therethrough, a catch on the
lower end of said dart member for seating under
said barrel and locking in position against re
moval when backed up by said follower and a 55
chain for securing said dart members against
separation when not in locked position.
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