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Jan. 25, ‘1938.
,__ M_lwlLEY
Filed March 27, 1937
Patented Jan. 25, 1938 _
` UNITED s'rlsxrlzsy PATENTA »ori-fiele;v _ `>
Lee M. Wiley, Marion, Ina., assignor' to Delta, '
Electric Company, Marion, Ind., a corpora
tion of Indiana
Application March 27, 1937, Serial No.v 133,328
7 Claims. (Cl.- 24o-7.55)
This invention relates to an electric lamp unit
'Fig '7 is a fragmentary plan view taken sub
and particularly relates to electric lamp units stantially along the line 1-1 of Fig. 5;- and
adapted for use on bicycles.
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary top plan View taken
Certain of the features disclosed in the present l substantially along the line- 8_-8 of Fig. 5.
5 application are also disclosed and claimed in the
According to the present invention an inde
copending application of Lee M.l Wiley, Serial No. pendent lamp structure for mounting on bicycles y
80,074 filed May 16, 1936, and the present appli
dispensesl withthe necessity of separated parts
cation is related to said copendingapplication and cumbersome wiring by providing a unitary
to the extent of the common disclosure therebe
supporting‘or mounting means for mounting'the
light reiiector, the dry cells, and the switch which 10
Objects of the present invention are to provide may be assembledand secured to the casing in an improved .unitary lamp structure which may ` an improved manner.
be readily and economically assembled; to pro
vide an improved supportpr mounting member
for a light reflector, battery holder, and an elec
tric lswitch by which the reñector, the dry cells,
and the switch may be secured to the supporting
member for mounting within the lamp casing;
The improved supporting
or mounting means includes an elongated sub
stantially cylindrical main body portion which is
of a resilient material and is slotted throughout
its length for supporting therein dry cells. The
dry cells may be removed from the supporting
member mounted within the casing in the man-.
to provide a lamp structure having an elongated Aner described and claimed in the copending ap-'
casing and an elongated supporting member plication referred to above.
lmounted therein in spaced relation to the Ainner
The supporting member also has formed inte
walls of the casing, the construction of said elon
gral therewith a longitudinal extension adjacent f
gated mounting member being such that it may the inner edge which is provided with an open
be secured to a rivet on said casing adjacent the or U-shaped slot at its edge and which-is pro
innermost ends thereof by a simple. longitudinal lvided with openings therethrough for mounting
movement to secure said rivet within an open thereon an electric switch. An electric switch
slot in the rear edge of said elongated member; may be mounted and secured to the holder or
to provide an improved structure lwhereby the , mounting member before its assembly within the
light reñector may be releasably held in position casing. By providing an open or U-shaped slotl
:[30 while the lens and retainer ring are being as
within the rear edge of the extension, which
‘ sembled to the casing; and to provide a compact cooperates with a shouldered -rivet secured to the
simplified lamp unit attractive in appearance and casing with the shoulder >spaced from the inner
inexpensive ~to manufacture.
walls of the casing, the supporting member with
Other objects 'of the invention will become ap
the _swîtch'mounted thereon maybe assembled
' parent from the following specification, the~ within the casing by slidably engaging the shoul
drawing -relating thereto, and from the claims der- lrivet with the extension within the open slot.
' hereinafter set forth.l
According to the present invention 'means are'
In the drawing, in which like numerals are used also provided whereby the reflector may be held
to designate like parts in . the several» views
40 throughout:
in position on the unitary supporting or >mount- -
ing member while the lens and retainer ring are
Figure 1 is a vertical, longitudinal cross-sec- - being assembled to the casing. This means in
tional view, with parts in elevation, of an em
cludes lugs formed on -the_`reñector for removable
bodiment of the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a front elevational- View taken sub
stantially along the line 2_2 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken substan
tially along the line 3,-3 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken substan-50 tially along the line 4-4 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 5 is a longitudinal side elevational view
of a unitary supporting or mounting means em
bodying features of the present invention;
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary top plan view taken
55 substantially along the line 6_6 of Fig. 5;
reception within slots provided adjacent the front
edge of the mounting member.
For a better understanding of the invention,
reference may be had to the accompanying draw
ing in which an embodiment of the present in
vention is illustrated in detail. An electric .lamp
unit, generally indicated at I1,.comprises a main
body casing or shell which is made up of an upper
section I8 _and a lower section I9, each section
being substantially semi-circular in shape in
transverse section and being joined> along‘their
horizontally disposed edges so that transverse
sections of the assembled sections forming the
main body portion or shell are substantially cir
cular in form. The sections' are extremely long
and are curved longitudinally gradually tapering
toward the rear to give a streamèlined effect and
to close the rear end, the casing terminating in
an opening in the front end. The lower section
has an outwardly and horizontally formed iiange
20 extendingtherearound and the upper section
has an outwardly extending ñange 2l of greater
10 length than the flange 20, the flange 2I being
rolled over and clamped to the flange 20, as best
shown in Fig. 4, to form a horizontal ñn or bead
around the head portion of the lamp unit and
rigidly securing the two sections together. The
15 front edge portion of the sections I8 and I9 are
oifset inwardly around the periphery thereof at provide a seat for the front or retaining
ring portion 28 when the sections are assembled.
As disclosed in the copending application re
20 ferred to, when dry cells become exhausted they
very'often expand, and if they initially ñt their
holder with any degree of tightness, upon ex
pansion they will become more tightly held with
in the holder often freezing therein and making
25 it exceptionally difficult to remove them when
it is desired to insert new batteries.
Since it is
desirable that the dry cells be securely held in
position at all times, a resilient holder which will
securely hold the cells when initially placed
30 therein but' which will permitl their expansion
upon exhaustion and yet permit ready removal
of the exhausted dry cells is provided.
. - It is evident that as the present 4invention is
directed to a lamp unit which is relatively small
85 in size that assembly of the elements making up
the unit is a diñicult problem, as relatively small
spaces are available for the reception and
manipulation of tools for securing the parts rela
tive to each other. The-present invention pro
~40 vides a structure by which the construction and
assembly of the elements to provide the unitary
lamp structure are relatively simple.
According to the present invention a. unitary
mounting or supporting member generally lindi
45 cated at 3D is provided for mounting a lamp re
flector 32, dry cells 34, and an~ electric switch
element 36. The holder or mounting member 30
comprises an elongated substantially cylindrical
resilient sheet metal member 38 having a longi
50 tudinally extending slot 40 throughout its length.
Dry cells 34 are resiliently and removably held
in the cylindrical portion 38; 'and in the illustra
tion shown two dry cells in series are mounted
within the holder, but it is to ,be understood that
55 the holder may be of such a size and length that
any desired number of dry cells may b-e mounted
therein. By constructing the holder of resilient
or readily yieldable material and providing the
slot 40 it can be seen that upon expansion of the
60 exhausted dry cells that they may be removed ‘l
Without undue binding Within the holder.
A longitudinal extension 42 is formed integral
with the cylindrical member 3B adjacent the rear
and lower end thereof, _the extension 42 being
65 formed to conform to the shape of the shell con
tacted by the extension when the parts-are as
The extension member 42 is provided
shoulder of the rivet thus engages the upper
surface of the extension 42 within the'slot 44.
The electric switch element 36. is mounted to
the extension 42 by means of rivets 48, or the
like, which extend through openings 58 provided
in the extension. Another opening 52 is provided
through the extension 42 to receive therethrough
the shiftable button 54 of the switch 36. The
opening 52 is of course of such a length as to
permit shifting- of the button 54 within the open 10
ing. The- switch 36 is thus secured to the exten
sion membertâZ before mounting the holder 30
within the casing which is a relatively simple
operation. When mounted within the casing the
button extends through an opening in the casing 15
corresponding to the opening 52.
In order to removably mount the reflector 32 to
the mounting member 30, a J-shaped slot 56 is
provided in the front edge of the holder 3U with
the edge opening of the slot substantially dia 20
metrically opposed to the front edge opening of
the elongated slot 40. Another slot 51 is provided
in the holder 30adjacent the front edge thereof, `
the slot 51 opening into the elongated slot 40 at
substantially right angles thereto.
These slots 25
thus provide for removably mounting the re
ñector 32 to the holder in a manner to be de
The reflector 32 is preferably. so constructed
that it may be mounted in an oii’set relationship
to the horizontal center line of the casing unit,
so that the light beams reflected therefrom will
be directed downwardly to form a bright spot in
front of the bicycle close to the lamp when the
lamp is mounted on the bicycle. with'its center
line in a substantially horizontal plane. 'I‘his
is accomplished preferably by constructing an
extension 58 on the front of the main parabolic
section BIJ of the reflector, the extension extend
ing around the front periphery of the parabolic 40
section, having its greatest width at the bottom
and gradually diminishing in width to a point
at the top. The reflector 32 is‘ provided with
rearwardly and radially inwardly extending lugs
62 and 64 Which are formed on the reflector 32 45
’in diametrically opposed relation.
The lugs 62
and 64 are of such a- width that they may be re
ceived Within the front edge opening of the slots
56 and 40 respectively, and upon a slight turning '
movement the lugs are held within that portion
of the slot 56 parallel with the front edge of the
member 38 and the slot 51 respectively. The
openings through the front edge formed by the
slots 40 and 56 respectively are preferably of
_different widths, with the lugs 64 and 62 having 55
correspondingly different widths so as to prevent
the userL-or one assemblying the lamp unit, from
getting the offset reflector assembled in place
upside down.
In order to support the holder 30 within the 60
ycasing adjacent the front thereof and to support
the holder in spaced relation to the walls of the
casing, a bracket portion 66 is formed integral
with the holder 30 and downwardly offset there
from. The bracket member- 66 may then bé se 65
cured to the casing by means of the rivet 68 or
the like.
with an open or U-shaped slot 44 in its rear edge
'I‘he details of the switch 3B per se are disclosed
70 for securing the holder 30 to the casing at the
wardly spaced from the inner wall of the casing
in the copending application referred to above,
and the switch is preferably located between, the
batteries and the shell in the ground circuit. The
switch comprises a U-shaped Contact spring ele
member for reception within the open slot 44
ment 'I0 which is rigidly secured at one end to
rear edge. A shouldered rivet 46 is secured to
the casing I9 with the shoulder of the rivet in--,
75 when the holder is 'mounted Within the casing. . one end of a-switch terminal 'I2 in -electrical con
tact therewith and is in resilient engagement kat
the other end of the spring with one of the ter
minals of the rearmost battery 34. The spring'lll
tends to force the batteries forwardly and will
take up any looseness in the assembly by forcing
the batteries forwardly and maintain contact be
tween the circuit elements. .
forming an -open slot secured to said holder for engagement with said rivet.
3. An electric bicycle. lamp unit comprising an
elongated casing, an elongated substantially cy
lindrical dry cell holder mounted within said cas
ing longitudinally thereof, means supporting said
holder in spaced relation to the walls of said cas
ing, said means including a bracket member
The electric circuit may be traced from the bat
teries through one end of the lamp ñlament of the' formed .integral with said holder> and secured to `
10 lamp 33 and out of the other end of the ñlament
said casing adjacent the front thereof and a rear 10
to the lamp base, through the metallic reflector ward extension formed integral with the rear of
unit to the holder 38, and from the holder 38 to ' said holder, said extension having a U-shaped slot
the casing. The circuit `is completed through the adjacent the rear edge thereof, and means se
switch which is also grounded to the casing, and cured> to said casing for engagement with said
15 through the spring contact ‘Ill'to one terminal of extension within said slot.
the batteries.
'4. An electric bicycle lamp unit comprising an
A lens 14, preferably of the unbreakable type, elongated casing, an elongated substantially cy-'
has an inwardly offset edge portion around its lindrical dry cell holder mounted within said c_as
outer periphery which is tightly held between the ing longitudinally thereof, said holder being re
forward edge of the annular ring 28 and the front silient and being slotted longitudinally thereof to 20.`
annular edge of the reflector when the parts are permit expansion and ready removal of exhaustedl
_ assembled.
dry cells held therein, means sllpvûrting said
` Suitable means may be provided to rigidly holder in spaced relation to th'e `walls of said~ cas
mount the lamp casing unit upon the bicycle and ing, said last named means including a rearward- .
25 in the embodiment illustrated a single stud 18 is
1y directed'extension on said holder having a U 25
attached to the lamp casing andis adapted to shaped slot adjacent the rear edge thereof, and>
project through an opening in the -mud guard. A means secured to said casing received within said
nut 80 is provided for engagement with the under slot for securing said holder to said casing.
side of the guard and the stud to securely hold the ' _ 5. An electric bicycle lamp unit comprising an
30 unit in position on the guard. l
elongated casing, an elongated substantially cy
From the above it is evident that the present lindrical supporting member mounted within said
invention provides a simplified structure whereby
the elements providing the unitaryv lamp may be
casing longitudinally thereof, said member being
resilient and being slotted to permit expansion
conveniently and more economically constructed ` and ready removal of exhausted dry cells held
By the provision of the unitary therein, means supporting said supporting mem
mounting or holding, member 30 the switch ele
ber in spaced relation to the walls of said casing,
ment 36 may be secured to the holder before in
said last named means including a longitudinal
sertion within the casing; and by the provision of extension- on said supporting member, an electric
the open slot 44 and therivet 46 the holder may switch secured to said extension, a light reflector,
40 .be mounted within the casing by a simple longi
means removably securing said reflector to said
tudinal sliding movement by which the rivet is en ,supporting member, and means secured to said
gaged within the slot 44. Further the provision of casing securing said extension to said casing.
the removable mounting on the reflector 32 to the
6. A unitary mounting member for a reñector,
holder 30 provides a simplified means for retain
a dry cell, and an electric switch comprising an
ing the _reñector in position while the lens and elongated substantially cylindrical member, said
retainer ring are being assembled tothe case.
member being resilient and being slotted through
Formal changes may be made in the speciñc out its length, a longitudinal extension secured to
, embodiment of the invention illustrated without one end of said member', a J-shaped slot through
departing from the spirit and substance of the in
said member adjacent the other end thereof sub
vention, the scope of which is commensurate with stantially diametrically opposed to said ñrst
35 and assembled.
the appended claims.
Wha-t is claimed is:
1. An electric bicycle lamp unit comprising an
elongated casing, an- elongated substantially cy
named slot, and another slot adjacentsaid last
-named end said last named slot opening intosa'id
first named slot.
7. A unitary mounting member for a reñector, a
lindrical dry cell holder mounted within said cas- ` dry cell, andl a switch, comprising an elongated 55
ing longitudinally thereof, and means support
substantially cylindrical member, said member
ing said dry cell holder in spaced relation to the _ being resilient and being slotted throughout its .
walls of said casing, said last named' means includ
length, a longitudinal extension having mounting
ing .a longitudinal extension on the rear end of openings therethrough forl an electric switch se
60 said holder, said extension having an open slot ad
jacent its rear edge- for engagement with a secur-~ .cured to one end of said holder, a J-shaped slot
ing meanson said casing.
substantially diametrically opposed to said first .
2. An electric bicycle lamp unit comprising- an named slot, the width of said ñrst named slot
elongated casing, _an elongated substantially cy
lindrical dry cell holder mounted within said cas
ing longitudinally thereof, means securing said
-holder to said casing including a shoulder rivet
secured to said casing with the shoulder thereof
spaced from the lwall of said casing, and means
being different from the width of the opening
through the front edge of said last named slot, and 65
another slot adjacent said last named end said
last named slot opening into said ñrst named slot.
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