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Jan. 25, 1938‘
Filed Jan. 29, 1936
Patented Jan. 25, 1938
Leclare H. Amrine, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Im
perial Molded Products Corporation, Chicago,v
Application January 29, 1936, Serial No. 61,327
5 Claims. (G1. 91'—67.4)
My invention relates to applicators and par
ticularly to those serving the combined purpose
of an applicator and cover for the container with
which they are used.
The object of my invention is to provide a com
bined cover and applicator in which the cover has
a protruding ?nger grip which isfuseful both in
turning the cover to release it from the container
and in manipulating the applicator itself.
Another object is to provide in a combined
cover and applicator for jars containing mustard
or the like a ?nger grip for the cover which has
inserted in it a flat sided applicator in the same
direction as the grip so that the grip gives the
impression of being an extension of the appli
cator, which, being rigid with the cover, serves to
loosen up the contents of the container, when
the cover portion is turned oif or on.
Further objects and advantages will appear, as
20 the description proceeds, taken in connection
with the accompanying drawing which forms a
part of this speci?cation.
In the drawing Fig. 1 shows the application
of my device to a conventional jar.
Fig. 2 is a side view of the combined cover and
Fig. 3 is a bottom view of the cover portion
with the applicator removed.
Fig. 4. is a top view of the device.
While my invention is susceptible of embodi
ment in many different forms I have shown in
the drawing and will describe in detail one such
embodiment with the understanding that the
present disclosure is to be considered as an exem
pli?cation of the principle of the invention and
is not intended to limit the invention to the em
bodiment illustrated. The scope of the invention
will be pointed out in the appended claims.
Applicators combined with jar tops have been
cover portion is to be used with other condiment
is an added bene?t.
The illustration shows a transparent jar I hav
ing a screw thread top on which is mounted the
cover portion 2 of my device.' A ?at spoon-like
applicator 3 is mounted in the cover.
On the
cover portion 2 is a wedge-shaped ?nger grip 5, . ‘
higher at one end 6 than at the other and wider
at the same high end 6 than at the other. The‘
generous grip furnishes a ?rm cormnodious eX-‘
tension which can be solidly grasped by the
thumb and fore?nger much as the user would
lift a fork, spoon or other utensil. In using the
wedge-shaped grip herein shown, there is a
marked advantage. Ordinarily there is a tend
ency for the ?ngers. to slip when picking up an
article having a smooth thin, perfectly ?at handle
and the tendency is greatly multiplied when'the
handle is greasy and slippery. By making the
grip of unequal width it has been found that a 20
?rmer hold can be taken of it with the'tendency
to slip greatly minimized. When the grip is
taken hold of, the thumb of the user lays! along
one side with the wide part of the wedge prefer
ably at the base of the ?rst joint. The index 25
?nger will ordinarily be doubled back on the
other side and the wide portion of the wedge
will fall in or near the base of the ?rst joint of "
the ?nger so that the ?rst joint partially squeezes
the. base of the wedge and the second joint 30
squeezes the side. Grasped in this manner,
which is natural to the average person, a secure
hold will be had on the cover which will greatly
facilitate its use. The utility of this feature of
the device is of marked bene?t when it is used 35
in restaurants and other public eating places
where carelessness takes precedence over clean
In the under side of the cover portion 2 is a
40 used but the use has been largely con?ned to
narrow slot 1 made in a size to ?t the handle 8 40
brushes and other applicators for ?uids where
the direction of application is immaterial and
of the applicator 3. The applicator itself is pref
erably shaped at the bottom like a ?at spoon
or spatula 9 and the handle 8, which ?ts tightly
into the slot 1 is made long enough so that the
end of the spoon almost reaches the bottom of the 45
jar with which it is to be used. Making the ap-v
wherein the contents of the container or jar ?ow
to the applicator to replace the supply removed
thereby. The applicator herein described is de
signed to work with pastes having more body
than will permit them to how freely, such as
mustard, paste, marmalade and the like, or with
substances which need occasionally to be stirred
or loosened up. It is also extremely useful where
it is desired to butter or spread the contents of
the jar on the food or where it is desired to scoop
up a quantity of the contents to remove them
from the jar. The replaceability of the rigid
55 applicator when it becomes dirty or when the
plicator thus, of wood, ?ber or other similar ma
terials allows it to be freely replaced by another
when occasion requires. It should be noted that
the applicator 3 and the grip 5 are positioned in 50
the same direction flatwise so that the user when
clasping the grip for buttering the condiment is
holding the applicator in the same general di
rection as the handle. The sensation given is
similar to that of clasping the applicator itself 55
by the handle. The applicator, being rigidly fas
tened to the cover portion is turned when the
cover portion is screwed on or 01f to the end that
some of the contents may be picked up by a twist
of the cover when the level gets so low that the
laterally extending cover portion would prevent
spooning them out otherwise.
Having thus described my invention what I
claim and seek to secure by Letters Patent is:10
1. A combination cover and applicator com
prising a cover attachable to a jar, a substantially
?at elongated grip molded integral with and ex
tending diametrically across the top of the cover
operable to be conveniently gripped with the ?n
15 gers at the flat sides thereof for placing the cover
upon and removing it from the jar and for ma
nipulating it in accordance with its intended use,
said cover having therein an elongated aperture
extending in a diametrical direction, and a flat
20 spatula-like applicator comprising a rigid ma-_
terial having a correspondingly ?at handle
adapted to reception into the aperture so that the
plane of the handle and applicator is maintained
in a ?xed de?nite relation with the plane of the
25 grip, said applicator being movable simultane
ously with said cover and grip and removable
3. A combination cover and applicator com
prising a cover attachable to a jar, a grip‘ molded
integrally therewith formed with opposed ?at
sides spaced so as to be grasped by the ?ngers,
said cover having formed therein an aperture
with sides disposed in a direction predetermined
with respect to the direction of the sides of the
grip, and an applicator constructed for use when
turned in a speci?c direction having a handle
formed for reception into the aperture so that 10
when inserted therein the position of the appli
ca'tor with respect to a lateral direction is main
tained in a?xed relation to the position of the grip.
4. A combination cover and applicator com
prising a rotatable cover attachable to a contain
er, an elongated grip integral with the cover and
shorter in length than the diameter of said cover
having a thickness progressively increasing from
one end to the other and a height in excess of
the maximum thickness and extending across the 20
top of said cover in a position operable to be
gripped by the ?ngers for rotating and manipu
lating said cover, and a ?at, separable spoon-like
applicator, said cover having an aperture there
in extending in the same lateral direction as said 25
grip, adapted to‘ the reception of said applicator
from the aperture for replacement.
in the same ?atwise position laterally as said
2. A combination cover and applicator com
prising a cover attachable to a jar, an elongated
5. A combination cover and applicator com
prising a cover attachable to a receptacle, an 30
30 grip molded integrally with the cover operable
to be conveniently gripped with the ?ngers at
the sides thereof for placing the cover on and
removing it from the jar, said cover having an
elongated aperture therein, and a detachable
35 applicator having a laterally elongated handle
corresponding in shape to the aperture and
adapted to be snugly received therein so that it
may be detached at will for cleaning and there
after be replaced.
elongated ?nger grip of unequal Width extending
across the top of the cover having a heighth in
excess of the maximum width operable to be
grasped at the sides by the ?ngers for manipu
lating said cover, and a long ?at applicator, said 35
cover having an elongated aperture therein
adapted to the reception of said applicator in the
same position laterally as said grip.
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