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Jan. 25, 1938.
w. c. HIERING'
' 2,106,403
Original Filed'June 7, 1935
25, 1938
William G. Hiering, Newark, N. J., assignor to
The J. E. Mergott Company, Newark, N. 1., a
corporation ‘of Delaware
Application June "I, 1935, Serial No.‘ 25,362
Renewed August 10, 1937
_4Claims. (Cl. 113-116)
This invention relates to frames for, ladies’hand
method for conveniently and eifectively covering
over and covering‘a portion of the other side of _
the blank. The fabric 5, as shown in Fig. 4, has
one side thereof provided with adhesive tape 6 _
frames with fabric, leather or similar material.
or a similar cementitious material which is pro
bags and the like, and more particularly to a
Heretofore, hand bag frames, for example of
the channel type, have been ?rst formed of metal
blanks and bent generally into a U-shape, after
which the fabric or leather was applied thereto.
In applying the material to the frame, it was the
'10 practice to cut the material into strips and coat
one side thereof with a liquid adhesive, and then
vided substantially integral with the fabric, Fr. 5
The adhesive tape 6 obviously facilitates the ap- '
plication of .the fabric to the blank 4, as it is
only necessary to press the adhesive tape on to
the blank in the proper position and thereby ob
viating the necessity of using glue or other liquid 10
adhesives‘ as heretofore has been necessary in
attach the strips to the completely formed frame. _ applying fabric to metal hand bag fra'mes.
' After the blank 4 has been covered as above
This method obviously was tedious and incon
described, it is placed in amachine and formed
into a. channel 1 as shown in Fig. 2, after which 15
tionable to such an extent that many bag manu
facturers would send the frames out to other the channel 1 is bent into a U-shaped frame8
establishments especially for the purpose of hav ' as disclosed in Fig. 3.
Due to the ability of the adhesive tape to stretch
ing the frames covered with fabric, leather or
slightly, without material deformation, when the
other material.
‘ It is, therefore, an object of this invention to ‘ channel 1 is bent into the U-shape as shownin '2
be no puckering of the fabric
provide a method for e?ectively and conveniently ‘Fig. 3, there
covering metal hand bag frames with fabric and at the corners 9, and the fabric will’ lie smoothly
venient, requiring considerable time, and objec
other materials during the formation of the hand. on all parts of the frame and have a pleasing ap
bag frame itself.
- pearance.
A further object is the provision of a fabric
having adhesive tape attached to one side thereof
to enable the ready application of the fabric to
that by using a fabric 5 having a coating '6 of ’
a hand bag frame without necessitating the ap
plication of liquid adhesive to the strip as here
30 tofore has been the case.
In some instances it may be desirable to. ?rst
form the metal blank into the channel ‘I before
applying the fabric. In such cases, it is apparent
adhesive tape or the like attached thereto, the
applying of the fabric to the channel ‘I is greatly 30
A further object is the provision of a method facilitated.
From the above description, it will be seen that _
whereby a metal blank can be readily covered with
by employing a fabric having a strip of adhesive
a fabric or other material, and the blank- sub
sequently bent into a channelled U-shaped hand— , tape attached thereto, it is possible to conven
bag frame which is in condition for immediate iently and eifectivelycover hand bag frames of 35. ,
vuse in the manufacture of a hand bag.
any shape. Obviously the methods herein de
scribed greatly facilitates the attaching of fabrics‘
will laterappear, are accomplished by the sim- - and similar material to frames, and obviates the
ple and practical construction and arrangement. necessity of using liquid adhesives, which are
40 of parts hereinafter described and exhibited in generally objectionable and messy, in the covering 40
These and other advantageous objects, which
the accompanying drawing, forming part hereof,
of articles with fabric.
The foregoing disclosure is to be regarded as
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a metal blank which _descriptive and illustrative only and not as re
. and in which:
is for forming a channelled U-shaped handbag
strictive or limitative of the invention, of which
obviously an embodiment maybe constructed in- 45
Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing the blank -cluding many modi?cations without departing
from the spirit and scope of ‘the invention as de
formed into a channel, ‘
' Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the channel
noted in the appended claims.
in Fig. 2 subsequently bent into a U-shape, and
Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a portion of fab
ric having adhesive tape or the like attached to
claim as new and ‘desire to secure by Letters 3?:-5
Having thus described my invention, what I
_‘ent, is: -
1. The method of‘ providing a U-shaped ha:
bag frame with a fabric covering, comprising cov
as shown in Fig. 1', has one side thereof com-. ering a metal blank with the ‘fabric, attaching said
one side thereof.
In accordance with my invention, a blank 4,
pletely covered with fabric 5, the fabric extending
fabric to the blank by means of an adhesive then 55 v
,bending the coveredblankintoachannelled memH'benjand then bending said member into a U
"sha?ed frame member.
vided with an adhesive substance on one side‘
thereof, then bending the blank into a chan
nelled member, and then bending the member into
2. The method of making a hand bag frame
a U-shaped frame.
4. The method of making a hand bag frame
with a covering of fabric or similar material,
comprising forming a metal blank into a chan
nelled member, covering the channelled member
with a covering of fabric or similar material, com
prising covering a metal blank with a fabric hav
ing adhesive tape attached to one side thereof,
then bending the blank into a channelled mem
ber, and then bending said member intoa U-V
shaped frame.
3. The method of making a hand bag frame
with a covering of fabric or similar material,
comprising covering a blank with a fabric pro
with a fabric having an adhesive substance on
one side thereof, and then bending the channelled 10
member into a U-shaped frame.
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